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Manufactured Home Article

Why Not Modular?


The building industry has settled on continuing to provide their products in the same way for generations…all parts and pieces delivered and assembled on site.  As other industries seek to become more efficient and work towards increasing their top and bottom lines, construction continues as it always has. There is an alternative and it has been used successfully all over …

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University Students Advocate Modernizing city code for Manufactured Homes


Southern Oregon University (SOU) students created a plan to provide more affordable housing in Ashland, Oregon by altering the city’s code to make manufactured homes easier to install here. The proposal will be presented to the Ashland Planning Commission on Tuesday, July 24. It would alter regulations on manufactured housing being placed on individual and developments lots. “What our real …

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MHI’s Congress and Expo Video Interviews


Every year near Easter, the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) holds its annual Congress and Expo for manufactured housing professionals.  This video interview with some of the Industry’s leaders, business owners and professionals gives you a quick sense of the sights and sounds of those who help shape manufactured housing, which provides quality affordable homes to millions of Americans. This video …

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Building green in a factory


According to a recent report in Mashable, building a traditional house can create some 8000 pounds of landfill materials. Some factory builders like Connect Homes claim they can reduce that by 75%. They also assert that using energy-efficient technologies and appliances can save home owners an average of $3,383 per year.   Factory building makes a home more precise. It cuts down …

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Dramatic Video of a Manufactured Home Hit by a Tornado and High Winds


This three and a half minute video should be an eye opener for millions of Americans. As you can see in the raw footage, commentary and text in the video above, this manufactured home was first hit by a tornado and then was subjected to high sustained winds for over half an hour. We captured the best parts of that …

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When asked, tell your friends and co-workers that You can Live Better when your Housing costs Less


Sometimes people ‘don’t get it’ when it comes to manufactured home living and its advantages. When you have a family member or friend ask you, why do you like living in a manufactured home? Start with the reason that may blow them away! You can live better when your housing costs le$$. What do you like or want to do? …

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Great Kitchens and Great Homes


Perhaps you like watching TV shows that feature amazing kitchens. Maybe you have toured houses where conventional builders have used an abundance of upscale cabinetry, granite counters, classy flooring and high end appliances. In new construction or remodeling, the kitchen can often be the most expensive room in a house. Consider this thought. In a house with a great kitchen, …

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How can Manufactured Homes Cost Less, but still be Stronger?


Many people naturally ask the question, how can a manufactured home cost less and yet still be stronger than conventional housing using on-site construction? In less than a minute, the video above shows and answers that question. Dramatic visual proof that factory building is stronger, not weaker, than conventional building is found on the page linked below. http://www.MHLivingNews.com/articles/31-dramatic-video-of-a-manufactured-home-hit-by-a-tornado-and-high-winds The video …

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Expert Home Tips


Expert Real Estate Tips interviews Architect Sarah Susanka in this video that follows. Architect Sarah Susanka describes manufactured, modular and prefab housing. She speaks about the quality, how logical it is, but also about the many home design potentials. Manufactured housing is built in a controlled environment by craftspeople. Sus

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Doing a home makeover – Part 1


There has been a quiet trend in housing that deserves study. When times get tough, more people try to find ways to save money. So it is no surprise that the sale of new and pre-owned mobile homes and manufactured housing has been rising. Some of those who are buying bargain homes that were built in a factory are doing …

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When the Wind Blows


Unless you lived in Florida back in 2004, you may never have heard this true story. As you may recall, that year 4 hurricanes hit the state. Some 50 billion dollars in property damage was done. Commercial buildings, schools, conventional residential construction and factory built homes were damaged or destroyed. So when 1600 manufactured homes built to the new Wind …

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Social venture ROC USA featured in NPR broadcast


May 3, 2012 Concord, NH – ROC USA, LLC was profiled during the “All Things Considered” segment of NPR’s (National Public Radio) broadcast Wednesday night. ROC USA Founding President Paul Bradley said that with an audience of more than 12 million, the piece goes a long way toward raising awareness of the Concord, N.H.-based social venture. “We’re already seeing a …

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The Frugal Lifestylist Shares Inexpensive Ways to Make Over Your Home


I love the electronic age! Thanks to the internet and cable offering us hundreds of channels to choose from, there is no end to places we can go and get inspired on how to decorate our homes. If you have ever spent a day or a weekend walking all of the beautifully merchandised model homes in your city, you probably …

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Taking the Agonize Out of Organize – Part 1 – The value of procrastination


The undertaker wanted to hand my friend Jen a receipt for payment of her mom’s funeral arrangement, but Jen declined to take it. She and her husband were captain and cook on a private yacht that sails the Mediterranean and the only storage space they had were the knapsacks she and her husband were wearing. Now that’s traveling light – …

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Overcoming Life’s Challenges and Difficult Times


“The one thing God is after is character.” Oswald Chambers Sooner or later everyone regardless of age, gender, position, nationality, economic status, race or religion experiences some form of adversity or trouble. It is as much a part of life as every other circumstance you will ever experience. Life is a neutral concept. It doesn’t pick on certain people and …

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