Manufactured Home Article

Inside MH: a look at Manufactured Home Direct-to-Consumer Purchase, Refi and “Cash Out” Loans with Mountainside Financial’s Anthony Ducharme


The popularity, understanding and appreciation of manufactured homes is growing day by day, but a key topic we’re routinely asked about is financing. As a “specialty product,” often local lenders ‘just don’t know’ enough about manufactured homes and so they can be reluctant to lend on what what they don’t understand. Thus the importance of specialty lenders in manufactured home …

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Joe Stegmayer, Cavco CEO and Chairman, talks about American Dream-Builders, Better Homes and Gardens, Industry Growth plus more…Inside Manufactured Housing Video Interview


Cavco Industries is the second largest consortium of U.S. factory home builders. Cavco, a publicly traded company (CVCO), builds modern manufactured homes, modular homes, vacation and commercial units. They’re a well managed, growing and profitable company, known for quality work. So when Cavco President, CEO and Chairman, Joe Stegmayer speaks, home shoppers, investors and others listen. Inside MH caught up …

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“Drawn Quarters” – Then and Now

most men appear- never- to- have--mhlivingnewsB

“Most men appear never to have considered what a house is, and are actually though needlessly poor all their lives because they think that they must have such a one as their neighbors have.” – Henry David Thoreau. I have been carrying around the article attached below since I first read it in 1984, because it still has a lot …

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Taking a Factory Tour, an Inside Look at the Kit Home Builders West


As our recent features on tours of manufactured housing production facilities taken by U.S. Congressmen revealed, one of the most powerful ways to see the value of today’s factory built homes is seeing first hand how they are built. Concerns about quality, energy efficiency and appeal all melt away during even a one hour factory tour. With over 120 manufacturing …

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U.S. Congressman Matt Salmon Tours Champion Home Builder’s Factory And Factory Expo Home Center In Chandler


On June 3, 2014, U.S. Congressman Matt Salmon toured the Champion Home Builder’s manufacturing plant in Chandler. Rick Boles, General Manager of Champion Home Builders, hosted the Congressman along with his Chief of Staff, Adam Deguire, and Constituent Services Representative, Janet Bosley. The Congressman and his staff were very impressed with today’s manufactured homes and enjoyed the tour. The Congressman commented …

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Mother Earth News embraced Updating a Manufactured Home story for Debt Free, eco-Friendly Living


The Lacefields purchased an older-model manufactured home to save money and lessen their environmental impact, says Mother Earth News. The couple told their own story, some quotes from that story follow. Mother Earth made this part of a larger series on eco-friendly ways to live well, debt free. For less than the price of many used cars, this couple now …

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Greater Accessibility to Manufactured Home Financing in Sight

manufactured home

Recently, the U.S. House Financial Services Committee acted on and passed the Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act (H.R. 1779). This bill would amend the loan amount thresholds under Dodd-Frank that set criteria for manufactured home loans classifying them as “high-cost.” Under current Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) guidelines, many small loan amounts originated for manufactured home purchase are unjustly classified …

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Congressman Bill Flores Tours a Manufactured Home Building Center

“There is no better demonstration of what today’s manufactured home building industry is then walking through a modern production center in full operation!“ exclaimed D. J. Pendleton, Executive Director of the Texas Manufactured Housing Association (TMHA). Pendleton was part of a delegation that included Congressman Bill Flores of Texas, who toured a Fleetwood Homes building center near Waco on June …

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Boston Globe Reports that New Building techniques can avert a Housing Crisis


The Boston Globe published an editorial that began as follows. “THE TERM “manufactured housing” tends to invoke a 65-by-12-foot mobile home plopped down in a trailer park. But the industry has evolved to the point that many housing units assembled in factories are indistinguishable in looks and quality from homes built on site.” We agree. While their recent column seems to …

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CBS News Reports on “Mobile homes: More than just a box on wheels” A look back and the Modern Realities


CBS News’ recent Sunday morning show report on “Mobile homes: More than just a box on wheels” was a remarkably fair look at the past as well as the new realities of the manufactured home industry.   While CBS’ used outdated terminology in most cases – not clearly making the distinction between the mobile homes that have no longer been …

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Georgia Manufactured Housing Association’s Jay Hamilton on Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) May 11, 2014 article, “Mobile Home Sales Rebound”


by Jay Hamilton When reporter Dan Chapman from the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) called and asked would I assist him in writing a business article, I was internally hesitant. Due to our industry receiving a lot of bad newspaper press over the last six months I certainly did not want to assist someone in tormenting us. I was concerned it …

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Eyes on Akron and Today’s Surprising Factory-Built Homes


Tim Williams, the Executive Director of the Ohio Homes Association, requested we consider drawing attention to online newspaper coverage, “Akron Beacon Journal Article entitled “Factory Built Homes…May Just Surprise You”. One of the most positive news articles regarding our industry in some time.” Williams is right, quite so! Williams has told of their vision for advancing the image and …

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Freddie Mac’s move Offers Manufactured Home Buyers Mortgages


Freddie Mac recently announced an initiative allowing the Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) to make mortgages available on manufactured homes. Freddie sees manufactured homes as key to affordable housing. John Cannon, senior vice president, stated: “It broadens our geographic footprint and creates a more balanced approach.” The program will offer loans on manufactured homes sold as real property at conventional mortgage …

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NextStep’s Stacey Epperson’s Vision of Affordable Housing Done Right


One time conventional home builder, Stacey Epperson once hated ‘mobile homes.’ Now in her leadership role at NextStep, Epperson has embraced them – or more specifically – has discovered the many positive realities found in modern manufactured  homes. Epperson learned the difference between the older pre-HUD Code mobile homes of yesteryear – a number of which indeed had serious issues …

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RealtyTrac, Bloomberg & Case-Shiller report on Underwater Mortgages for Conventional Site-Built Houses


Millions of conventional site built houses are still underwater, according to recent reports by RealtyTrac, Bloomberg and the S&P/Case-Shiller index. As the recovery of depressed prices from the housing/mortgage bubble have slowed recently, leaving millions of Americans in homes that are “underwater” on their loans. An “underwater” mortgage is defined as a real estate home with a loan that is …

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