Possible American Dreams! Engineer Skip VanZant on Evolving U.S. Housing

When the video interview posted on this page began, I knew Skip VanZant was a smart, experienced and successful housing professional, but I didn’t know that he was an engineer. It was during this video that his degree was discovered.  It is through the lens of engineering a home that we “framed” part of this video, because continuous evolutionary engineering breakthroughs are what makes the American Dream possible for millions today.

Model home outside of Elkhart, IN, one shown in this video.  This video reveals a surprising way to own a home that is often less than rent, and allows buyers to build equity.

No one video covers every topic, especially one as short as those that we do. Typically in 3 to 10 minutes, we can cover one subject, or interview one home owner, or showcase one key aspect of the modern American housing scene that is often overlooked and misunderstood. We hope each video brings at least one ‘aha!’ moment for those who come with an open mind.

Another still from the video on this page.

The solution for the growing American housing crisis is hidden in place sight, in a very unexpected place. It has been proven for years, but it continues to evolve and develop ever better, just as phones have evolved over the years too.

Once you finish this video, do yourself and those you care about who are shopping for a new place to live a favor. Plan to spend more time on this site, to read more articles and watch more videos. We don’t ask you to suspend your common sense, in fact, we are counting on it. We are inviting you to take a fresh look at this subject, because that new perspective may prove to be eye-opening and life changing for you and others that you know and care about.

The engineering of the homes shown in this video are stressed, in another still from the video on this page.

Why? Because when you discover that your housing can cost less, that means you can have more for everything else in your life. It’s evolutionary. Enjoy! ##

Soheyla left, Tony right and son Tamas Kovach in the middle of the two, with Nubble Lighthouse Artist, Bill Thompson. This photo was taken on the same Inside MH road show trip as the video interview with Kim Capen – see this link here.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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