Video – Inside MH with John and Pam Bostick – President and CEO of Sunshine Homes, Manufactured and Modular Home Builder – Red Bay, AL

Before we share the Inside MH Video interview with Sunshine Homes Inc. President, John and his wife Pam Bostick, we first wanted to show you the home that we did the digital filming in. That’s the first video you see below.

Once you see the kinds of quality homes they build, you’ll naturally want to know more about the people who build them! What you’ll discover in the video home tours above and below is that you don’t sacrifice quality, appeal or energy savings when you invest in a good factory built home. 

Tens of thousands every year are are looking to buy a new multi-sectional home, like the stylish, quality one above. As a quick note, when you watched that video, the Sunshine model shown had a metal roof, not a shingle roof! In many parts of the U.S., high-end builders are using that same kind of metal roofing, and Sunshine very calmly demonstrates they can do the same thing…

…for about half the total initial price on the house. Plus, thanks to the wonder of factory home building, you have more structural strength and energy savings in the manufactured home vs. a similar size conventional house. That’s part of the appealing magic of today’s manufactured homes! 

Millions are starting out, regrouping or downsizing in the coming years. For many, the single sectional home – what we at MHLivingNews like to call the UniSectional © style – provides all the space millions of households may want or need. What was commonly called “single wides” have come into their own when built by a forward-looking company like Sunshine. Notice the home shown has all finished drywall vs. VOG. You’ll find bull nosed corners, or what some like to call ‘California corners.’ Reverse wainscoting, bold-yet-elegant colors that Pam talks about in their interview, dramatic beams and all the qualities of a good conventionally built house are found here.

We have to say, oops – sorry! – on the audio quality of the interview below. Make sure the speakers on the tablet, smartphone or laptop you’re using are cranked up and you’ll hear it well. Pam Bostick is a total delight. She has the keen eye of the lady looking at a home suitable for Southern Living  magazine, and you’ll find her perspective compelling.

Besides decades of success, among the things that are impressive to me about John Bostick is how he puts his team first, and he is just fine with pointing to them and talking about all the good things that they do. The Bostick’s live in a Sunshine factory built home too. I’ve been twisting John’s arm about every other week to get he and Pam to let us do a road trip and film their place. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of that effort, because I’m told their home is very special.


You’ll find links to the two prior videos we did with Sunshine team members below. Each of these videos has been very popular! But if this happens to be your first visit to MHLivingNews, you’ll want to go watch those next. Because together, these will tell you a lot about why today’s factory crafted homes are built strong to last long and are packed with so much appeal.

Manufactured Home Quality Control – Inside MH Video with Brent Bolding at Sunshine 

Dennis Raper – Wood Working Artist at Sunshine Homes – Chain Saw Artist video Interview

You’ll see these homes, as John explains in the video above, are built by craftsmen – women and men – who may have a decade or more experience in their part of the quality production process.

Enjoy! Please do check back soon for more features that we have set to go live, later this week. My thanks to the good guys at ManufacturedHomes for sharing these videos and their production work for our interview, and to John for his graciously giving us such incredible access to his team and customers during our recent Inside MH Road Show.

Happy Fourth to all! ##

L. A. “Tony” Kovach at an educational session during the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show. Tony is one of the most recognized experts on MH today.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach

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