Why Are Billionaires Attracted to Manufactured Homes?

The truth is never misguided.

There may be better times or better ways to share the truth.  But those are prudential judgments, that are very much compatible with the truth.

In circumstances where persuasion:

  • among people,
  • in education,
  • marketing
  • political,
  • or other scenarios matters,

there are times when an upward compromise can advance the truth.

Why?  Because truth is always absorbed in stages.

But Downward Compromise with a falsehood ought always to be shunned.

Private Jet. Rolls Royce. Manufactured Home.  Whether or not multi-millionaire Kid Rock runs for Senate, he has had his love for his personal manufactured home spotlighted in his videos and in mainstream media interviews. Learn more, click here or the above.

There are numerous examples of Americans that believe certain seemingly negative things about manufactured homes.

Yet millionaires and billionaires who have studied the manufactured housing industry recognize that this is the future, not the past.

If living or investing in manufactured homes is good enough for the rich, famous, millionaires and billionaires, shouldn’t it be good enough to be embraced by the rest of America too?

When your home costs less, you have more for everything else in your life.

Study the issues on this website, and you’ll see what a number of millionaires and billionaires have already discovered. ## ©

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