Bridging Gap$, Affordable Housing Solution Yields Higher Pay, More Wealth, But Corrupt, Rigged Billionaire’s Moat is Barrier


America woke up today to division. But perhaps 75 percent (+/-) of the nation’s people could come together on a plan that demonstrably could do the following. Increase the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by some $2 Trillion Annually, without new federal spending. Provide proven, new affordable home ownership opportunities that left and right agree could boost the personal wealth …

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It’s a Wonderful Life, #Christmas #WonderfulLife #DisneySprings, #DisneyChristmasCelebration #Videos #Photos


People are people. Rich, or poor. Small or tall.  Every able bodied person pretty much put our pants on the same way as others do. Christmas and the holidays are “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” as Andy Williams sang, decades ago in this video snippet from a performance. It’s true. “It’s a Wonderful Life,” as this free full-length …

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Dual Inspected


This cartoon is entitled dual inspected, but the reality is that a modern manufactured home has so many more inspections, all to insure quality for the home buyer. There are walk throughs with the home buyer once the home is installed.  The warranty on the home and it’s components are typically the same or sometimes better than conventional housing.  Finally, …

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De-Mystifying Political Magic


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