What’s in a Name? The CuBe Home!

Cell phones, TVs, computers and a host of other products and styles have changed significantly in the last 10 years. We will take a look at what could be the next trend in quality, affordable new home living, what one company has named “The CuBe Home!”

 They created a short video that targeted a ‘hip’ or ready to accept new ideas audience.

Clearly, this video was about ‘style’ – as in having a great lifestyle! After all, when you pay less for your home, you obviously have more left over for everything else that you want to do with your life.

Disclosure: since this was first posted, the company that had this video made is no longer in business, or at least the name has changed and so has the ownership of the property where these homes were located. So don’t race to dial their old toll free number shown in this video.

 But clearly the company that made this video struck a nerve with the home buying public in their market. The thousands of views of this video and the dozens of “The CuBe Homes” that were sold at their location clearly indicates that people do care about a name and they do want a good lifestyle.

 You’d likely insult an owner of “The CuBe Home” if you called their house a ‘trailer house’ or ‘mobile home,’ because there was nothing mobile about it! These homes were permanently installed on a foundation in a land lease community and commanded top dollar in their market; but that ‘top dollar’ was still less than half the price of new conventional housing in their same area.

In fact, as one manufactured home owner said, ‘every conventional site built house that is built has their lumber and other parts trucked to a location, where it is assembled over a period of months. Since the lumber, shingles and other parts of the house are hauled by trucks, does that make a conventionally site built house a trailer house too?’

Manufactured Home Living News is told that the name, “The CuBe Home!” was a play on words. People today want to see and be = CuBe. Another meaning is revealed in an article published in the Chicago SunTimes News Group, when Hi-Tech Housing’s then vice president, Ken Giljack said: “In a very real sense, almost all homes are made up of cubes.”

Giljack was quoted as saying, “Oh, we like to round off corners and toss in some angles, but houses have been and may always be made up of three dimensional rectangular shapes, and that’s what a cube is in the dictionary. But more specifically, these CU-BE Homes © are roughly three times the size of an Ikea demo flat. People may accept an Ikea-sized unit in a dense and pricey urban setting because they have to, but we really want more than that as a rule. The CU-BE Home delivers more space for less money, period. This appeals to lots of people today across the home buying spectrum.”

One abbreviation for the name CUBE is “Complete Unit Building Eco-nomically.” The SunTimes NewsGroup article stated:

A CuBe Home Owner

“Our CUBE Home has the same siding, shingles, lumber, insulation, windows and doors, ceilings and flooring with storage galore!” Rich – a recent CUBE home buyer said, with Donna smiling. “Yes, we have double the counters and cabinets of our first apartment!” Donna exclaimed. “We’ve added to the Closet Maid ™ system in the closets the builder provided, and our storage is simply wonderful! The living room is easily double the size of an Ikea display. We have space, 9′ ceilings, Energy Star builder, transom windows and Merillat Cabinetry – all brand new, and we paid under 100 grand.”

In fact, a number of The CuBe Lifestyle Homes were sold starting in the 70s.

some-consider-the-cube-home-lifestyle-chicago-suntimes-news-group- (1).pngIn many parts of the nation, single section manufactured homes can be purchased starting in the 30s and 40s. Buyers can add upgrades, like the ones shown in the video or featured home linked above, and easily come in at a price that is a fraction of what conventional construction would cost for the same size and quality of home.

The CuBe Homes wee built in a number of different styles than was shown on the video. One of those styles is a previously Featured Home here on ManufacturedHomeLivingNews, which you can see at this link or by clicking the news article above.

Those facts easily makes them single section manufactured homes America’s most affordable permanent new home option available.

What’s in a name? Plenty. Odds are that you like the sound of your name, or you’ve given yourself a nick name that you like. Common courtesy suggests that we should never insult someone by calling them a ‘bad name,’ nor should we use in-appropriate names like ‘trailer’ to describe these modern manufactured homes. ##


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