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Inflation Roaring, Affordable Housing Needed Spotlight-AARP Report ‘Manufactured Housing as an Affordable Option for Older Adults’ plus ElderGuru’s Look ‘Conservative Alternatives’ to AARP


The AARP Public Policy Institute published a report that merits a closer look, given the fact that inflation is roaring and there is widespread agreement that affordable housing is in great demand. Nearly half of all Americans living in manufactured homes are over 50, said AARP, which cited the sources for their data. AARP’s report below is largely favorable to …

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Puzzling Facts Explored-With 14 Year Highest Production Levels, Why Relatively Few Manufactured Homes Sold? Urban Institute Manufactured Housing Redux – March 2022 Data


During a well-documented affordable housing crisis, manufactured housing has finally risen beyond the 100,000 new homes produced threshold in 2021. The last time the manufactured home industry collectively produced over 100,000 homes was in 2006, when 117,373 new HUD Code manufactured homes were produced. A look at the most recent state and national level manufactured home production and shipment data …

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TANSTAAFL, Inflation and the Looting of the American Dream – Example of Learning How to Think, vs. Learning What to Think – Practical Lessons in Affordable Housing and Beyond


Before getting into TANSTAAFL, Inflation and the Looting of the American Dream, a brief preface is warranted. It is the editorial view of our publications that news is a mix of good things that occur alongside troubling issues that also take place. In a more perfect world, pointing out how to achieve the good is important. But so too is …

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Shock! Trinity Broadcasting Network Owned Lakeside Park Estates Residents Told Community is Being Closed, All Mobile Home, Manufactured Home, and RV Residents Must Move; Shoppers Alert


‘The best argument against Christianity are the bad behavior of Christians,’ so goes an old saying. It is an understandable notion. But it is based on a false premise, as Jesus himself picked 12 apostles, one of who betrayed Jesus and ten more fled the stark scene of his crucifixion. Christians can behave badly, because they and all have free …

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‘MHI [Manufactured Housing Institute] Will Grant Request Via Prayer’ Mayor Pro-Tem Ivory Mewborn on Affordable ‘Plant A Home’ – Millions Are Waking Up to Surprising, Sobering, Yet Hopeful Realities


“Just-released statistics indicate that HUD Code manufacturers produced 9,110 homes in January 2022, a 7.5% increase over the 8,476 new HUD Code homes produced during January 2021.” So said the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), in new statistics released on 3.3.2022. The data for December 2021 revealed the most new HUD Code manufactured homes – wrongly called ‘mobile …

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‘Exploitation Drives Up Prices’ – Politicos Joe Biden, Kim Reynolds – Mobile Home, Manufactured Home Community Residents Seek Protection v Predatory Businesses Say Pending, Existing Laws Don’t Work


While this report is state specific, the issues it describes apply in dozens of states, so it merits this national audience.  Further below this will include some relevant pull-quotes from two politicos – Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Kim Reynolds – who provided comments last night on the ‘state of the union’ that arguably apply to this vexing scenario in …

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Which Is It? Is it a Mobile Home or a Manufactured Home? Visual Guidance Planned by AP Stylebook for Reporters/Journalists Useful to General Public, Public Officials, and Researchers


“The Associated Press Stylebook provides an A-Z guide to issues such as capitalization, abbreviation, punctuation, spelling, numerals and many other questions,” says Perdue University about the AP Stylebook. Wikipedia says: “The AP Stylebook, also known by its full name The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law, is an American English grammar style and usage guide created by American journalists …

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Manufactured Homeowner, Mobile Home Living Promoter Kid Rock Goes FJB Political with “We the People” (Adult Ears, Eyes Only)


Performer Kid Rock has done a music video from on top of what appears to be a pre-HUD Code mobile home. He’s absolutely cool with mobile home and manufactured home living. So much so that he sold a mansion and bought a camo manufactured home not far from Nashville, TN. Born Robert James Richie, his stage name is Kid Rock, …

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“Preliminary Tornado Data 2021 National Weather Service,–Surprising, Hopeful Facts for Affordable Housing Seekers” – Impact on Conventional Housing, Mobile Home, Manufactured Homeowners


The following from our MHProNews sister site, via a news release carried by EIN and others, largely speaks for itself because it cites the latest facts and figures from federal, university, and insurance sources. During an affordable housing crisis, when some experts are concerned that there could be a housing and/or economic bubble burst – different in cause, but similar …

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Warren Buffett, Kevin Clayton “Moat”-Doug Ryan “Time to End Monopoly over Manufactured Housing”–MHI, Clayton Homes, Skyline Champion, Cavco Industries “Conspiracy to Restrain Trade”-Facts + Analysis


Language, markets, and more can be subject to manipulation. There are as a matter of law (federal/state) crimes known as conspiracies. A conspiracy is generally when 2 or more parties enter into an overt act to do something which the law forbids.  When a plot to break a law is actually performed, and an arrest is made, the defendants may …

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Several “Destroyed,” 10 Mobile/Manufactured Homes “Condemned” Stamping Grounds Tornado Videos, Official NWS/FD insights, Dramatic Eye-Witness Info by Local Official – “Miracle” – Facts, Experts, Key Safety Tips


“It would be nice to remove stigma from manufactured homes,” a local official told MHLivingNews about the Stamping Grounds, KY tornado and related destruction. His email added, “but I don’t see it happening as long as they routinely get catastrophic damage from minor incidents.” There is much more to this story from several sources, including from that same on-the ground, …

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Consumer Alert! State Records-“Years” of Negligence, ‘Safety Violations,’ “Greedy, Greedy” – Sun Communities Ripped by Residents, Manufactured Homes Damaged at Manufactured Housing Institute Member Community Owner – Facts and Analysis


With that backdrop, let’s dive into the specifics of several residents stated to media or posted online about Pine Hills community in Middlebury, IN. That will be followed by additional information – good and bad – about Sun Communities (SUI), which for years has had a reasonably good reputation. Mention will be made to other operations that happen to be …

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Why is Manufactured Housing Misunderstood? Follow the Money Report – Bill Gates, Warren Buffett Ally, Huge “Conflicts of Interest” Mammoth Funding Influencing Mainstream Media – Fresh Facts and Analysis


Why is manufactured housing so widely misunderstood? Does anyone with even modest reasoning ability seriously doubt that if some of the richest people in the world wanted manufactured housing’s positive realities and tremendous potential to be better understood, that those with deep pockets and extensive media or tech resources are capable of making the truth better known? Hold those thoughts, …

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Michigan Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) Highlights Three Lesser-Known Advantages of Owning a Manufactured Home, More Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), Affiliates Embarrassment? Analysis  


While there can be regional differences between manufactured homes, the videos and ideas found in this report are generally available in most any part of the U.S. That said, on November 2, 2021 Yahoo News – and now MHLivingNews – picked up a press release provided by the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA).  The MMHA is deemed to be an …

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Clayton Homes GC Thomas “Tom” Hodges, Manufactured Housing Institute Chairman, Slapped by BPR Complaint – Facts, Claims – Why It Matters to Affordable Housing Seekers


On paper, much of what Clayton Homes General Counsel, Thomas “Tom” Hodges, J.D., has said or written over the years may seem fine from the viewpoints of certain quarters involved in the battle for more affordable housing in general, and more manufactured homes in particular. But according to the information, evidence, and reasoning in a complaint with the Tennessee Bar …

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