Nine Revolutionary PreCrafted Tips on Home Buying for 2017, and Beyond

With so many choices coming onto the housing market, sometimes you need a bit of help.

Modular? Prefab? Manufactured? Beyond conventional housing options, each of these systems built home options make sense for millions around the world, from those of modest means that desire quality, affordable housing to those who desire sustainability and efficiency to those who are more affluent, or even the wealthy.

In a release to, Revolution PreCrafted Homes talks about nine tips for those who are in the hunt for a home.

Robbie Antonio, founder of Revolution PreCrafted Properties, is correct in saying that factory-built home sales are on the rise globally, one article on that topic, is linked here. Photo credit, LockerDome, MHLivingNews.

The increasing demand for prefab in different parts of the world is solidifying the position of prefabrication in the market,” Revolution CEO Robbie Antonio told MHLivingNews.

This can be associated with the benefits of prefab – easy and fast construction, transportability, and practicality, among others.”

  1. Know which type of house you can afford.

Revolution says that while you may have the budget, your dream home may still be a bit too expensive. Being honest with what you can afford and seeking homes within your budget limit is key.

  1. Ask help from people who have been there

Experts and professionals are your friend. Use them… often. Financial advisors, realtors, industry experts.

  1. Get a pre-approved mortgage

While for cash buyers, this may not always be applicable, being prepared to choose a mortgage lender you can trust is an important consideration.  Once you know how much you are approved for, it can be much easier to shop for your home in a budget that you can be confident in.

  1. Do a financial trial run

Role-playing with the costs of buying and maintaining a home is a great way to catch unexpected expenses. Taxes and insurance are among those items often overlooked in the excitement of buying, especially, for first time shoppers.

The Revolution PreCrafted homes concept is to have top level designers created striking homes, yet do so at a price that the upwardly mobile class could afford. Of course, other prefabricated and factory crafted home builders provide homes that span the range of pricing; see other interviews, articles and features on this website to learn more about the factory-built home alternatives.
  1. Create a list of home features that you can (or can’t) do without

You’ll make better decisions when you choose wisely. Extra fancy features have additional costs, and you don’t have to pay for them if they’re not necessary.

  1. Start house hunting

Think about where you want to live based on your list of preferences. Go back to your list of features and refer to it as you look for prospects.

Revolution suggests that you can do you house hunting during the off-season, as fewer people buy homes during the cold months.

The designers of Revolution, photo credit, Revolution PreCrafted Properties.

 Make your bid

While you may not have to do this in the traditional manner found with site built homes, be prepared to discuss upgrades, additions and other key items that are important to you

If you don’t have an agent, you will have to do the dirty work. Try to negotiate with the seller so you would reach a mutually acceptable price.

  1. Enter the contract

Be ready to review contracts carefully and consult your experts.

  1. Close the deal.

Congratulations! You’re now ready to “close the deal.”

Revolution reminds potential buyers that the closing process usually involves a third-party, and the settlement might be automated. More importantly, you now have a house, and you are ready to move in.

Revolution has ties to the Trump family, to learn more about the company, click the story in the photo linked above.

Revolution Precrafted is optimistic and excited about this worldwide growth” in factory-built homes, said Antonio.

We see more prefab trends emerging, and one of which is designer homes. This is why Revolution Precrafted is collaborating with world-famous architects, designers, and artists to make designer homes accessible to the global market.” ##

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