Video tour with one of Southern California’s largest Manufactured Home retailers

As with conventional housing, manufactured homes can vary in style and price according to the state and market.


California, like much of the U.S., has been through a lot during the mortgage/housing crunch that hit during 2008. Since then, manufactured homes have jumped back in that state and most of the nation. California is once more one of the top 10 states for new manufactured homes sales.

That’s true for good reasons! Manufactured homes are typically 15-50% less than similar size and featured conventional housing in a given market. In SoCal, that figure is often closer to that 50% savings level over conventional house building.

We asked our friends at ManufacturedHomes to share this video with us of Pacific Homes, one of the top retailers in that region. While this is clearly a commercial sort of message, we want you to see what a nicer MH Retailer looks like.

Don’t get me wrong. You may find quality service and professionalism at a retailer that has a very modest looking display or community. We aren’t in the business of recommending a specific community or retailer.

We do believe in public education! If you, a friend or loved one is shopping for a manufactured home, what we recommend is that you contact your local Better Business Bureau and your state manufactured housing association. Do your home work. When you do, you’ll find a reputable company and then that new home of yours will bring you the peace of mind, quality, appeal and savings that you want. ##

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