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Inflation Roaring, Affordable Housing Needed Spotlight-AARP Report ‘Manufactured Housing as an Affordable Option for Older Adults’ plus ElderGuru’s Look ‘Conservative Alternatives’ to AARP


The AARP Public Policy Institute published a report that merits a closer look, given the fact that inflation is roaring and there is widespread agreement that affordable housing is in great demand. Nearly half of all Americans living in manufactured homes are over 50, said AARP, which cited the sources for their data. AARP’s report below is largely favorable to …

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The Great Awakening, Billions Lost to Cons Annually, People of Good Will Who Want to Know, Share the Truth – Documentary Film Festival, Get Hooked Learning Vital Facts and Fascinating Solutions


“Consumers reported losing more than $5.8 billion to fraud in 2021, a 70% increase over the prior year, the Federal Trade Commission [FTC] said Tuesday. Almost 2.8 million people filed a fraud complaint, an annual record.” So reported CNBC on 2.22.2022. When you do the math, the average scam was for about $2071.43. When millions have been victimized by fraudulent …

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Puzzling Facts Explored-With 14 Year Highest Production Levels, Why Relatively Few Manufactured Homes Sold? Urban Institute Manufactured Housing Redux – March 2022 Data


During a well-documented affordable housing crisis, manufactured housing has finally risen beyond the 100,000 new homes produced threshold in 2021. The last time the manufactured home industry collectively produced over 100,000 homes was in 2006, when 117,373 new HUD Code manufactured homes were produced. A look at the most recent state and national level manufactured home production and shipment data …

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‘Monopolies Inflict Harm in Many Ways’ ‘Merger Guidelines are a Free Pass’ – Historic Lessons in ‘Sabotaging Monopoly’ Economics in DoJ/FTC Guidelines by Prof James A Schmitz Jr, Sr Economist


Professor James A. Schmitz Jr.’s formal comments letter to the Department of Justice (DoJ) include the following observations: “monopolies inflict harm in many ways. These include: A. Monopolies sabotage and destroy markets. They typically destroy substitutes for their products, often those that would be purchased by low-income households; B. Monopolies also use their weapons to manipulate and sabotage public institutions …

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Stagflation Turns to Economic Contraction as Foreclosure Filings Rise Sharply – What Should Manufactured Homeowner and Shoppers Know?


Financial and news media site Zero Hedge ran a headline that raised the following concern. “Is The US Going To Transition From Stagflation Directly Into A Full-Blown Economic Depression?” Authored by Michael Snyder via, Snyder opened with, “Should the fact that the U.S. economy actually contracted during the first quarter actually surprise any of us?  Since the start of …

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‘How the Many Can Defeat Corporate Money’ What Manufactured Home Community Resident Groups Can, Should Consider Doing to Pushback Against Predatory Manufactured Home Community Operators


Preface. As a disclosure, this writer has spent about half of my adult life living in manufactured homes. From Texas to Wisconsin, Illinois to Oklahoma, I’ve owned and lived in several HUD Code manufactured homes I was happy to have my friends and colleagues come to visit. I’ve also spent numbers of nights in later model mobile homes (late 1960s …

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Battle Over ‘American Dream for All’ – Obama, Biden, Trump, Rahm, Reagan – Kleptocracy, ‘The Big Lie,’ Paltering, ‘Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste’ – Joe Biden’s Stunning Dark Grace to USA


A possible tidal shift is underway in America. It is the battle over the future of the American Dream, as will be unpacked from the facts, evidence and viewpoints that follow. In the wake of 4-decade high inflation, a largely open southern border, foreign policy disasters in Ukraine and Afghanistan, domestic policy woes in fuel, food, housing, automotive, and more …

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Cui Bono? America at War, Millions Don’t Grasp Cost, Harmful Wartime Deception, Misdirection Impacting You, Family, Friends – Castles & Moats – Quotes by Bernie, Warren, Trump, Gates, Buffett – Op-Ed


“Forget what they told you. If you want the truth, follow the money,” said author Roxanne Bland. On the one hand, the American Dream is alive, with numbers making their case in favor of that belief. On the other hand, millions believe the American Dream is under attack and that access to that idealistic dream is limited and uneven at …

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What Is the Truth? The Truth About the American Dream, Battle of Good vs. Evil, Passover, Triduum, Good Friday, Easter Sunday – In Relativistic Era, Discerning Facts, Evidence, and Opinion


What is truth? In a relativistic era, the question of truth ought to be one of the hottest topics. One reason that lies, half-truths, paltering, misdirection, and deception have occurred so often on the full spectrum of human existence – including, but not limited to housing and the American Dream – is because many have incorrectly been taught to think …

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TANSTAAFL, Inflation and the Looting of the American Dream – Example of Learning How to Think, vs. Learning What to Think – Practical Lessons in Affordable Housing and Beyond


Before getting into TANSTAAFL, Inflation and the Looting of the American Dream, a brief preface is warranted. It is the editorial view of our publications that news is a mix of good things that occur alongside troubling issues that also take place. In a more perfect world, pointing out how to achieve the good is important. But so too is …

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Manufactured Housing Institute Cheerleader Suzanne Felber “Lifestylist” Exposed MHI’s Errant “Image Campaign” Why True Education, Info on Manufactured Home Living Vital in Affordable Housing Crisis


On June 26, 2016, Suzanne Felber, posted via LinkedIn this statement. “One of the biggest issues that manufactured housing has always had to overcome was image. Now that their homes have been built to federal HUD specifications for over 40 years, the days of “trailers” and “mobile homes” are long gone.” Felber had a valid point. But Felber, who has …

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Shock! Trinity Broadcasting Network Owned Lakeside Park Estates Residents Told Community is Being Closed, All Mobile Home, Manufactured Home, and RV Residents Must Move; Shoppers Alert


‘The best argument against Christianity are the bad behavior of Christians,’ so goes an old saying. It is an understandable notion. But it is based on a false premise, as Jesus himself picked 12 apostles, one of who betrayed Jesus and ten more fled the stark scene of his crucifixion. Christians can behave badly, because they and all have free …

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“Lies, Damned Lies and DOE’s ‘Energy’ Rule” – Construction News Today said re: Manufactured Housing Institute – ‘MHI Does Not Represent Entire Manufactured Home Industry’ – MHARR, TMHA Insights


This article will include two different items provided courtesy of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), the Texas Manufactured Housing Association (TMHA), Construction News Today, and other sources that merit being paired as they are below.   MHARR – ISSUES AND PERSPECTIVES  BY MARK WEISS MARCH 2022 “Lies, Damned Lies and DOE’s ‘Energy’ Rule”             Well, the various …

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‘The War Launched in Ukraine by Russia is ‘Good News,’ Dem Claims’ – ‘Now we have a very specific reason for rising gas prices’ – Unpacking Realities of Rising Gas, Housing, Food & Other Prices


George Orwell wrote about the dystopian fictional world of Double Speak. In the classic novel 1984, Orwell illustrated how definitions and reality were constantly being re-written by the all powerful state. For some who read that as a teen as part of a high school English class decades ago, that may have seen too absurd to believe. But now, numbers …

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‘MHI [Manufactured Housing Institute] Will Grant Request Via Prayer’ Mayor Pro-Tem Ivory Mewborn on Affordable ‘Plant A Home’ – Millions Are Waking Up to Surprising, Sobering, Yet Hopeful Realities


“Just-released statistics indicate that HUD Code manufacturers produced 9,110 homes in January 2022, a 7.5% increase over the 8,476 new HUD Code homes produced during January 2021.” So said the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), in new statistics released on 3.3.2022. The data for December 2021 revealed the most new HUD Code manufactured homes – wrongly called ‘mobile …

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