Hong Kong Flu, Event 201, COVID19, Crimson Contagion, WHO and Bill Gates Foundation “Conspiracy Theories”

Polling reflects the notion that millions of Americans want to know who is responsible and accountable for the COVID19 “Crimson Contagion” that has swept the U.S.  News articles by both left and right wing media outlets ‘debunking’ concerns about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ties to the outbreak have been labeled “conspiracy theories.” What they often have in common is a failure to address facts such as Event 201, intelligence reports, or the Hong Kong Flu.

India backed calls this week for an independent investigation of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and the World Health Organization’s (W.H.O.) response at the World Health Assembly (W.H.A.) annual meeting now underway, the Times of India and right-of-center Breitbart reported on Monday.

India joins an international coalition of 116 member states – out of a total of 194 – putting forth the draft resolution for review at the summit for the W.H.O.’s decision-making body. This puts the resolution close to the two-thirds majority needed to pass. The vote is scheduled for Tuesday,” wrote Gabrielle Reyes on 18 May, 2020.

These issues are medical as well as political. As Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Öz (“Oz”) recently observed, “When you mix medicine and politics you get politics.”

The only way to sort out the truth from the spin and political grandstanding is to look at facts instead of mere opinions. This report will explore in a step-by-step fashion facts that are often obscured by others on both sides of the left-right media and political divides.




In no particular order of importance, let’s begin with the Hong Kong Flu.

No social distancing during the Hong Kong flu. There were some temporary closures, but for the most part, life went on. Those aren’t recommendations, but rather, historical facts.


The Hong Kong Flu

First the right-of-center New York Post and then the British Daily Mail did articles on the Hong Kong flu of 1968-1969. Those publications made several interesting points.

Per the Daily Mail:


  • QuoteMarkManufacturedHomeLivingNewsThe 1968 Hong Kong flu pandemic (caused by the H3N2 virus) killed 100,000 Americans and 1 million people worldwide virus was spread in the US by troops returning home from Vietnam War
  • More Americans died from the Hong Kong flu pandemic than the combined number of US causalities in the Vietnam and Korean Wars-  it also killed so many people in Berlin that corpses were stored in subway tunnels
  • As of today, H3N2 was deadlier than COVID-19 which has a current death toll of 315,000, though it is expected to surpass the number of those killed during the 1968 pandemic
  • Both Tallulah Bankhead and CIA Director, Allen Dulles died of Hong Kong Flu and the virus also infected President Lyndon Johnson as well as SeaWorld’s famous killer whale, Shamu
  • The Hong Kong flu pandemic raged on through early 1970 without any government mandated closures, stay-at-home orders and restrictions on public gatherings
  • NYC declared a state of emergency but kept schools and businesses open – 400,000 people attended Woodstock in 1969 and festival organizer Joel Rosenman said ‘there were no containment measures to defy’
  • Amid growing outrage over state closures – some experts say that that the 1968 pandemic puts the current COVID-19 shutdowns into perspective
  • The H3N2 virus still exists today and re-surfaces during flu season every year”


Hold those thoughts in mind as we press on to organize other facts.



Operation “Crimson Contagion”

It was the left-of-center New York Times that first brought to MHLivingNews’ attention the 2019 pandemic response drill code-named “Crimson Contagion.”

Per the NY Times, “The [Crimson Contagion] draft report, marked “not to be disclosed,” laid out in stark detail repeated cases of “confusion” in the exercise. Federal agencies jockeyed over who was in charge. State officials and hospitals struggled to figure out what kind of equipment was stockpiled or available. Cities and states went their own ways on school closings.” That sounds eerily akin to what has been occurring.

However, MHLivingNews didn’t stop with the NYTimes report. Instead, we pressed on to federal source material. Assistant Secretary For Preparedness and Response Robert Kadlec, MD, told Congress via an official document dated December 4, 2019 his report on pandemic response that spoke at some length about the Crimson Contagion pandemic drill.

The 2019 Crimson Contagion pandemic response drill that involved states, cities and the federal government was discussed as part of this report.


That abstract of the full report to Congress from Dr. Kadlec that cites Crimson Contagion is linked here. Note that in the video below, Kadlec in that hearing estimated trillions in economic harm, but the figure he gave has already been dwarfed.



Place that December 4 date into this abbreviated timeline for context.

  • It was on “Dec. 10: Wei Guixian, one of the earliest known coronavirus patients, starts feeling ill.”
  • It was not until “Dec. 27: Wuhan health officials are told that a new coronavirus is causing the illness.”
  • It wasn’t until December 31 “that China tells the World Health Organization’s China office about the cases of an unknown illness.”
  • On that same date that “Wuhan health officials confirm 27 cases of illness and close a market they think is related to the virus’ spread.”
  • Left-of-center ABC News reported on April 8, 2020 that U.S. “Intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as November.”


That report was initially denied, perhaps because it said that President Trump was briefed via his daily intelligence report in early January 2020. It was more recently revealed that president was briefed, but that occurred later in January, close to the date that the U.S. Chief Executive ordered travel from China to be closed on January 31, 2020.

The above is important for several reasons. One is because research from the University of Southampton in England said that had the viral outbreak been contained a few weeks earlier, some 95 percent of the contagion would have been contained.




These facts and evidence beg questions. For example,

  • given that U.S. intelligence services are on the lookout for viral outbreaks, besides other international threats, why did it take roughly 2 months to brief the president?
  • Furthermore, why didn’t any in Congress who received Dr. Kadlec’s pandemic response report raise the alarm in a very public way in early December 2020?

Hold those thoughts as additional information is gathered below.



Event 201 – October 2019

The Center for Health Security.org said this, “The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201

That same webpage said, that Event 201 was “a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.”

In recent years, the world has seen a growing number of epidemic events, amounting to approximately 200 events annually. These events are increasing, and they are disruptive to health, economies, and society. Managing these events already strains global capacity, even absent a pandemic threat. Experts agree that it is only a matter of time before one of these epidemics becomes global—a pandemic with potentially catastrophic consequences. A severe pandemic, which becomes “Event 201,” would require reliable cooperation among several industries, national governments, and key international institutions,” says that same page on the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security website.

Bill Gates on April 3, 2015 did a TedX talk entitled “The next outbreak? We’re not ready.” Gates’ Ted talk went viral after the COVID19 outbreak. It has had 28,806,724 views as of 9:42 AM ET on 5.19.2020.



Gates has spent years involved in pandemic response through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Where was the early warning from Gates – say, in December 2019 – since he is such an ‘expert’ on this topic? Note that questions aren’t ‘conspiracy theories,’ nor are facts conspiracy theories. Science is based upon asking questions with an open mind until the truth is finally found.

Hold those facts in mind. But before we press ahead to gather more insights, let’s see what media bias is all about, according to AllSides.

Media bias and polarization are destroying us. News, social media and search results have become so narrowly filtered, biased and personalized that we are becoming less informed and less tolerant of different people and ideas.” So says the All Sides YouTube page with this video.



Rephrased, AllSides has a concept similar to what Sharyl Attkisson’s left-right media graphic shown previously does, as is posted further above. While there are differences between the two infographics, they are generally in agreement.

With that noted, AllSides says the following about the media digital outlet, The Epoch Times. The reason that this is important will become clearer further below.



QuoteMarkManufacturedHomeLivingNews“August 2019 Editorial Review

On August 28, 2019, AllSides conducted an editorial review of The Epoch Times. An editorial review is when the AllSides editorial staff — which includes people from across the political spectrum — reviews the works of a source and comes to a general consensus on its bias. These reviews always include a diversity of individuals covering the range of bias from left to right. The team determined The Epoch Times has a Right media bias.

The AllSides team found The Epoch Times is clearly critical of left-wing ideas and policies such as open borders, the sexual revolution, abortion, and multiculturalism on its news and opinion pages. It writes favorably about freedom of speech, gun rights, immigration control, and other topics. It is openly critical of the Chinese Communist Party.

An independent review by an AllSides Staffer in April 2020 found that The Epoch Times maintains a right bias, and that overall, The Epoch Times reporting is factual. Its headlines are generally free from sensationalism, a type of media bias. In The Epoch Times’ COVID-19 coronavirus coverage, the paper calls the coronavirus “The CCP Virus,” or the “Chinese Communist Party Virus,” inviting others to join them, writing, “The name holds the CCP accountable for its wanton disregard of human life and consequent spawning of a pandemic that has put untold numbers in countries around the world at risk, while creating widespread fear and devastating the economies of nations trying to cope with this disease.”

During the Aug. 2019 editorial review, The AllSides team found The Epoch Times does not employ much spin, another type of media bias, as evidenced by the paper providing full coverage of Democratic policies and proposals and quoting left-wingers in full in its reporting. For example, an article about 2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s comments on abortion included the politician’s comments in full, not phrases or short snippets. Likewise, AllSides noted that The Epoch Times often quotes President Trump in full and with accuracy, devoting multiple paragraphs to feature his comments in their entirety. This is in stark contrast to many U.S. media outlets, which quote only small portions or phrases of politicians’ comments, in order to spin the story in a misleading way.”


With that tee-up that establishes the credibility of the source, here is an investigative report by Joshua Philipp for the Epoch Times and their NTD video-media sister operation about the origins of the Wuhan virus. It is just over 54 minutes, but it is quite fast-paced. A range of experts are interviewed. So, while it is a news report, is flows much like a crime drama might unfold. Maybe that’s why over 11 million people have viewed the various versions of this “The Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus” video?



If someone wanted to sum up key points from their video report are these points.

  • There is scientific and reporting evidence that the virus originated in a lab in Wuhan, China known as the Wuhan Institute of Virology. That is a BL4 level lab, which Wikipedia describes like this. “Biosafety level 4 laboratories are used for diagnostic work and research on easily transmitted pathogens which can cause fatal disease.”

The website for the Wuhan Institute of Virology has the following listed as ‘partners’ for their research. Note that the World Health Organization (WHO), several American organizations including the U.S. Government has supported this Wuhan, Chinese lab.




Note that all of the points above are facts and evidence from mainstream sources. Various sources are cited and are presented in their own ‘voices.’

Rephrased, there are no conspiracy theories here. That same principle will apply to what follows as well.

From Communist China, WHO and from U.S. health officials, there has been a tragic number of inaccurate, conflicting or false information. Of the same source has had to change their statement days or weeks later, but by then, harm was being done.


World Health Organization (WHO) and the Gates Foundation

The WHO’s #2 source of funding is the Gates Foundation, per WHO’s own report. See that at the link here.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been among the top funders of the World Health Organization (WHO). Typically, when someone or some organization gives large sums of money, reporting is part of the deal. Are we to think that the WHO didn’t give Gates and/or his foundation information that may not have been made public? That’s a question, not a conspiracy theory. See the WHO funding document attached here.


Note that the WHO is one of the funding sources for the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Hold those thoughts, as MHLivingNews presses on gathering key facts for readers. Readers are reminded that the WHO initially said the virus could not be transmitted human to human. That was just part of the misinformation that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives globally, plus trillions of dollars in economic harm in the U.S. and around the world.

The Hill reminds readers that “on April 14 that his administration would pause funding for the WHO pending a review of the entity’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.”

On 5.18.2020, President Donald Trump published on Twitter the following. “This is the letter sent to Dr. Tedros of the World Health Organization. It is self-explanatory!”

That letter from President Trump Letter to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus lays out, step-by-step, a timeline of events. It makes a clear case that the WHO was taking China’s side over the interests of all other countries, even though China has reportedly failed to live up to the commitment to warn other nations when a pandemic occurs.

That letter from President Trump to Dr. Tedros is linked here as a download.


As the Hill reported, President

  • “Trump criticized the WHO for praising China’s domestic travel restrictions but later questioning his administration’s international travel restrictions. The president also cited the WHO’s assertion in January that the virus could not be spread through human-to-human transmission.
  • “Throughout this crisis the World Health Organization has been curiously insistent on praising China for its alleged ‘transparency,’” Trump wrote, an ironic criticism given Trump also praised China and its president for their transparency in a Jan. 24 tweet.
  • The president has turned the WHO into a frequent target for criticism as the coronavirus pandemic ravages the U.S., infecting more than 1.5 million people in the country and killing more than 90,000 as of Monday night.
  • “It is clear the repeated missteps by you and your organization in responding to the pandemic have been extremely costly for the world,” Trump wrote in Monday’s letter. “The only way forward for the World Health Organization is if it can actually demonstrate independence from China.”

The left-of-center Washington Post reported on 4.30.2020 that “Bill Gates is wrong. China’s coronavirus coverup is not a ‘distraction’…Yet the Chinese Communist Party is still working full time to cover up information about the outbreak and the Chinese government’s own failures…”

The UK Daily Mail said, on April 26, 2020 that “China did a lot of things right at the beginning, like any country where a virus first shows up,” the Microsoft co-founder told CNN on Sunday.” Put differently, Gates has been defending China and blaming the U.S. president. But since when does someone get mugged and then blame the victim instead of the mugger?

Let’s further note that to the extent that the White House was arguably blinded sided, that hit was a hit on the vast majority of Americans. Isn’t it foolish to defend a foreign actor that most of the world thinks is responsible, but then attack the president who acted shortly after getting the information he was able to act upon?


Dr. Anthony Fauci…

Right-of-center Fox News Channel (FNC) cablecast “Watters’ World,” on 4.11.2020 featured National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci said misinformation came out of China when the coronavirus outbreak began.

When Watters asked if China misled the world, Dr. Fauci said, “You know I don’t know where missteps went. Only thing I know with the end result was that early on we did not get correct information. And the incorrect information was propagated right from the beginning because you know when the first cases came out that were identified, I think on December 31st, in China, and we became aware of this, they said this was just animal to human period.”

Fauci added, “Now we know retrospectively that there was an ongoing transmission from human to human in China probably at least a few week before then. And then when we finally did get the virus here it became clear when he started looking at what was going on that that was misinformation right from the beginning. So who’s ever faults that was, you know, we’re going back to take a look at that when this is all over but clearly not right information that was given to us.”


Summing Up and MHLivingNews Analysis

Based on the sources shown above, the following are facts and evidence, not conspiracy theories.

  • The Wuhan Virus (also known as COVID19, China Virus, CCP Virus = Communist Chinese Party Virus, novel coronavirus, etc.) has its known origins in Wuhan, China.
  • Viruses have for over a century often been named according to the place of origin. The Hong Kong Flu, MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome), Ebola and so on are named based upon a location. Some might think it ‘politically incorrect,’ but it’s not inappropriate to follow a pattern that has been followed globally for over a century.
  • The handling of this virus from the early days has been problematic. There is clear evidence that China and the WHO helped ‘cover up’ the threat of the viral outbreak.
  • Event 201 and Crimson Contagion are two of several such viral outbreak drills that have been held for years by various organizations.
  • The nation of Taiwan warned the WHO of the risk in late December 2019, but the WHO ignored those warnings. Compared to other nations, even though Taiwan is close to mainland China, because Taiwan sealed off travel from China early on, they have experienced very low rates of infection and death. Their economy has not been as harmed as dozens of others around the world have been.
  • A mainstream investigative reporter told MHProNews that “I think the amount of individuals tied to the Wuhan labs could be staggering. There’s a lot of potential corruption involved. As for [Bill Gates and the] Gates [Foundation] and the WHO specifically, I think it still needs investigation, but they do seem to align themselves closely with China.”
  • Another comment from a mainstream journalist said in part, “…Although I do think a lot of corruption will be exposed around these issues within the next several months.”


MHLivingNews and our business-daily MHProNews sister site see the following boiling down to these concerns that merit serious impartial investigations.


  • No leader is better than the information they are given and when that information is provided. A range of sources indicate that President Trump didn’t get clear information until late January. Even after that timeframe, conflicting information has been produced by U.S. medical ‘experts.’
  • By contrast, Bill Gates has been immersed in pandemic research for years.
  • Furthermore, public officials in pandemic response and U.S. intelligence were aware of this problem early on and should have responded according to their training.
  • There is an argument to be made based upon the evidence that Gates and the Gates Foundation knew early on and only responded publicly after the pandemic was already loose.
  • Each of the Five Eyes spy organizations all pin the blame on China for failing to warn the world.




Summed up, there are people in the United States government, in the healthcare field, and in the U.S. intelligence sources that should have acted early to warn Americans and the White House. To the degree that people knew and failed to act, the ‘blood that is on the hands’ of various ‘professionals’ is on those who knew and didn’t act in the public interest.

There’s also evidence that suggests that certain individuals, in private enterprise and in the federal government knew what was coming and began to ‘cash in’ via stocks bought/sold and in other ways.

So, Communist Chinese leaders in Beijing, along with the WHO, and some Americans are implicated and potentially culpable. That merits serious and independent investigations.

Those aren’t conspiracy theories, those are facts and deductive conclusions based on those facts. When billions of lives have been upended, including most Americans, the evidence should be followed closely.




The argument can be made that this pithy insight from the late Senator William Proximire applies to business too.


As closing notes, this is an affordable manufactured home living focused website. Gates has over a decade of ties to Berkshire Hathaway, and Warren Buffett. Buffett sits on the Gates Foundation board as a trustee along with Bill and Melinda. Berkshire Hathaway has as subsidiaries Clayton Homes, 21st Mortgage Corporation, and Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance (VMF). They have a controversial history in our industry, as some of our other reports explore and detail.


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On 12.3.2019, following the FHFA Listening Session address and meeting, father and son hit the Hill to do various meetings with those on both sides of the political aisle. While everyone was friendly and professional, Congressman Green’s team was outstanding. This photo op was thoughtfully offered to take a picture of Tamas Kovach behind the desk of Congressman Al Green (TX-D). One of several fun photos.

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