Deer Valley Homebuilders (DVLY) CFO Steve Lawler-Inside Manufactured Housing Video & Home Tour

“As an industry, we represent all levels of home building,” said Steve Lawler, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Deer Valley Homebuilders, Inc. (DVLY).


We spoke with Steve and his associate Chet Murhpree, General Manager of Deer Valley Homebuilders in a recent Inside MH Road Show to their production center in Guin, AL. What Steve meant by his statement quoted above is that there are a range of manufactured homes (MH) built by the industry. MHLivingNews  simplifies that “range” by explaining there are entry level and residential styles of manufactured homes.   While I’m not crazy about MH analogies to cars, it can be useful to think about the wide range of vehicles available: from those basic, tiny subcompacts, to large or luxurious vehicles, and all in between.

That kind of range exists in today’s Manufactured Homes. Deer Valley as a company has targeted that “upper end” MH and modular home market.  They are looking for the customer who could buy a conventional house, but realizes the amazing quality and value found in modern MH.

The laid-stone look featured in this fireplace and found in some kitchens of a Deer Valley Home gives a home a terrific, high-quality appeal, while adding warmth and charm.

Comparing entry level to residential style MHs, consider this example.  There are MHs you can find that have plastic sinks instead of ceramic, stainless steel, elegant glass sinks or others. A plastic sink works, it does what sinks are supposed to do.  But for the buyer with a bigger budget that wants more eye appeal and those added extras, they can buy a home like Deer Valley’s which won’t have plastic sinks, and still saves the home buyer about half the cost over a similarly appointed, upscale, residential style home.

But all of those homes – entry level to elegant – must meet or exceed the construction, energy and safety standards found in every HUD Code manufactured home.

One reason I like to share a few comments with every video is that sometimes an expert says something that is technical and thus may need an explanation for those new to this type of factory-crafted home building.  When Lawler talks about the “HUD Code being a minimum set of standards,” that’s true and that same thing can be said about any code.  A code is a set of requirements.  A code means “you can’t do less than this, you can do more than this.”  The HUD Code for manufactured housing has proven to produce a quality, energy saving, safe home.  So keep that in mind when you listen to all that Steve shares!

You’ll learn from this Inside MH video interview with Steve Lawler some of their history and ways they save homebuyers money without sacrificing quality.  Deer Vally focuses on a “heavy built house” with maximum energy saving features. You’ll also see cut-away video to a sharp DVLY during this interview and more.  Enjoy! ##

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L. A. “Tony” Kovach at an educational session during the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show. Tony is one of the most recognized experts on MH today.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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