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Bill Matchneer, retired Federal official, talks about Modern Manufactured Homes – Inside MH Exclusive Video Interview

Bill Matchneer, JD, is no stranger to manufactured housing. In his own words, Bill was the “Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Regulatory Affairs and Manufactured Housing at HUD. I manage the Office of Manufactured Housing Programs which is responsible for the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, the Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards and the Manufactured Home Dispute Resolution Program.” He came to HUD in 2002.


Matchneer later transferred to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or CFPB. He has had hands on involvement in manufactured housing for about a dozen years as a federal official. It is against that backdrop that we wanted to ask this expert about his views and understanding of modern manufactured homes.

In this Inside MH exclusive shared with, you’ll hear some powerful insights on manufactured homes from someone “who has been there,” as he says in this video. Recently retired from federal service, he is free to say what he believes and experienced. ##

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(HUD Building photo credit – Politico, Bill Matchneer photo credit – MHLivingNews)


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