VOG – What? Why? Plus New Manufactured Home Resident’s Video Story

Some years back, Arby’s began a campaign that touted the idea that “Different is Good.” In fact, different can be good, bad or neutral. So let’s see what the 411 is on VOG use in manufactured homes – which certainly is ‘different’ – and why it can be good for millions of home buyers and already is for many home owners. We’ll also share a video of a lady who had just moved into her lovely new manufactured home that features VOG.

First, let’s explain that VOG is short for Vinyl Over Gypsum. It is one of two primary forms of interior wall systems, the other being finished (“taped and textured”) drywall. We’ll note too the growing use of painted drywall.

VOG, as the name implies, is a wall-paper-like coating over sheetrock (gypsum) panels. A similar matching covering is on the batten strips used between the VOG wall-board sections, to give it a more finished look.


Photo credit: 1 Creation Construction.

Different is Good

VOG has a number of potential benefits, including the fact that it doesn’t have to be painted! If it gets dirty, you can clean VOG with a damp cloth or a spray cleaner product such as 409 and a sponge. So the cost to maintain VOG in ‘like new’ condition is very low. Because it is sheetrock under that vinyl coating, it performs essentially the same as finished drywall in any other house.

Why use VOG?

The answer can be summed up with these bullet points.

With Modern MH, You Can Choose!

Millions have manufactured homes that feature VOG. Once people ‘understand’ the benefits and value, the appeal and interest in VOG grows. But the beauty of the modern manufactured home is, that the with many factory home builders, the home buyer can select a model home with finished drywall or VOG. It gives you an option to do something different!

A video interview with the resident of a new home featuring VOG

This video will showcase an appealing new home. Jean Green will tell you in her own words why their family are happy in their new home. You will see cutaways of their manufactured home during the interview with Jean.

The home buyer includes an electrician. As Jean explains, electrician are routinely around new ‘stick built’ (aka conventional home) construction, and so they especially appreciate they value found in their new factory-crafted home.

We’ll have more in our periodic series of video interviews with home owners and industry professionals in the days ahead. Check back or as they say in TV Land, “Stay Tuned!” ##

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