Modern multi-sectional manufactured home. Still credit from Northwest Pride video.

From Florida to Northwest Pride – Video Views of Modern Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Home Living News is far from alone in producing videos focused on the MH Lifestyle. Companies, individuals and MH Associations are among the many which have also provided video insights and commentary that promote a better understanding of this contemporary, eco-friendly, quality, affordable living option. We’ll share two different videos in this article, the second one from Florida the one below from the Pacific Northwest.

Still credit of a modern manufactured home from Northwest Pride video.

Northwest Pride” was a joint effort by the Washington, Oregon and Idaho MH Associations and member companies. So while their video has a pro-MH agenda, it is one that ought to be seriously considered by anyone shopping for a new home. After all, before someone spends hundreds of thousands of dollars for housing, shouldn’t they first consider the option that provides a beautiful, multi-generational home for far lower initial and ongoing costs?

We picked this video for today because it includes many different styles and models, as well as a look inside a production facility. It should be noted that when appreciation is being discussed in this video, an accurate view on the subject would be to say that a MH appreciates, holds value or depreciates for the same reasons as conventional housing does. Those factors include local economic, market conditions and the location – plus how well a home is cared for – are all important in protecting or enhancing the value of any house, manufactured homes included. I’ve personally owned 4 MHs, and sold 3 of them at a nice profit. By contrast, nearly new brick houses that were well kept that I’ve also owned over the years didn’t hold their value at the time they were sold; due in part to economic conditions at those times.  We’ll plan to tackle the subject of the wisdom of spending less on your house, so you can invest the difference in liquid investments.  That’s what many savvy housing shoppers will do in greater numbers, after the big housing downturn of 2008.  It still makes sense to own, since you pay for the place you live either renting or buying, so you may as well build equity.  

The video above also touches on financing. We like to emphasize for our readers that – broadly speaking – you can get home-only lending or “land home” packages that work like a traditional mortgage. Each offers unique advantages, and you could talk to an MLO at a local retail center or an MH lender for a clear understanding of the benefits each may offer you.  

The Northwest Pride video also talks about custom ordering a MH, those who want to learn more about that will find the video and interviews about an MH Design Center at this link here of interest.


The Florida Manufactured Housing Association produced this video some years ago. What I found interesting in this dramatized production was the fact that during the year that 4 hurricanes hit the state of Florida, modern MHs built and installed to the standards of 1994 or newer actually performed better than many conventionality built houses or commercial buildings.

You’ll also see on this Florida video interviews with actual owners of homes that weathered a 145 MPH hurricane. Mentioned too is the fact that the only 2 deaths in MHs (there were more who died in other forms of housing) were in pre-HUD Code ‘mobile homes,’ not in modern manufactured homes.  This underscores the facts we’ve presented last year that NBC News and the Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) showcased on a video linked here.

Grab your favorite beverage, and sit back for a few minutes.  Watch, learn and enjoy. ##

l.a.tony_.kovach-publisher-manufacturedhomelivingnews-com-mhpronews-com-mhc-md-com-1by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.


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