How a Professional Couple saved $100,000 on a New Home in Tennessee

Jerry McKibben is an engineer, and his wife Karen spent years doing customer service. As you’ll learn in this video, they’ve owned conventional housing, as well as lived for a time in a pre-HUD Code mobile home that was on the property where they planned to build.

Now retired, Jerry and Karen did their home work. Jerry approached home buying in the way that an engineer who has owned houses before could do – with a keen eye to the details that make for a quality home. Karen, who pays the couple’s bills, wanted a home that was an energy saver.

They will say in their own words what led them to buy a Sunshine Home at Arrowhead Home Sales in Paris, Tennessee. What you don’t know from this video, is that Arrowhead offers a variety of homes from a number of different builders, and that their location is on the ‘mobile home row’ (sic) where manufactured and modular home retailers are lined up for home buyers to shop and compare.

Still from the video on this page. The video features model home interiors as well as shown construction details.  Video credits are shown at the end of this episode.

Regardless if this is your first or 50th Inside MH – The Road Show video, what you’ll discover will confirm that millions living in contemporary manufactured housing don’t fit the stereotypes that some in the media or involved in public policy project.

This is a yet another successful upper middle class couple. They could have purchased a conventional house and had it custom built. But after doing their home work, they came to the conclusion – why pay more, when they could get as good or better quality, stylish appeal, energy savings and save serious money by buying a manufactured home?

Home shoppers near Paris TN, or anywhere in the U.S., ought to listen to what the McKibben’s and their friends have done. Find a good retailer or community in your desired market. Step inside their models and compare the quality and value. You’ll be glad you did. ##

Becki Jackson was touring the model home that you see in this video, where Inside MH was wrapping up an interview. Tony spotted the state seal on Becki’s jacket, and asked her if she would be willing to sit down for a video interview to share her insights. Every still is from the video on this page.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

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