CBS News Reports on “Mobile homes: More than just a box on wheels” A look back and the Modern Realities

CBS News’ recent Sunday morning show report on Mobile homes: More than just a box on wheels” was a remarkably fair look at the past as well as the new realities of the manufactured home industry.



While CBS’ used outdated terminology in most cases – not clearly making the distinction between the mobile homes that have no longer been built since June 15, 1976 – and modern manufactured homes, still the report showcases the quality and appeal for millions in today’s factory built homes.


The video above starts with a commercial
then has the featured news report by CBS.

Manufactured homes today, the CBS report notes,



  • are “affordable luxury.”
  • The future of what the ‘trailer’ can become is pretty remarkable.”
  • Right now, very trendy” – said realtor, Kirk Murray.
  • Marty King, a contractor who lives in Paradise Cove, says “I definitely have to remind myself its a mobile home park.”
  • That these homes appeals to the rich and famous, not just the blue collar or retirees.

CBS News’ Mark Straussman deserves credit for taking a positive step towards a more balanced look at what a growing number of experts, investors, public officials, businesses, educators and home buyers believe is the wave of the future in affordable luxury, modern manufactured homes. ##

(Photo credit: Office of Mobile Design–Jennifer Siegal standing in front of one of her homes, still and video credit, CBS News)

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, publisher MHLivingNews and, Insider MH host, MH industry consultant and expert.

Report by L. A. “Tony” Kovach

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