The Oath, The Pledge, and Defending the American Dream of Home Ownership

My name is Soheyla Kovach, and I became a U.S. citizen in 2019. I have spent about half my time in the U.S. living in modern manufactured homes, and the other half living in conventionally constructed housing. I left my homeland, which I loved and still love, over 15 years ago looking for a better way of life here in the United States of America. The American Dream was a magnet that drew me to the USA, just as the American Dream has attracted millions of others who came before or after me from nations around the globe.

To become a citizen, you have to qualify and take a test. That test requires a study of history as well as the foundational principles of the U.S. system of government. Then, on the day you become a citizen, you listen to live a video talks. Finally, the moment arrives when you take “the Oath” to support and defend the USA against all enemy forces “foreign and domestic.”

Public officials, military, and law enforcement take a similar oath to defend the USA against enemies “foreign and domestic.”

Last summer, President Donald J. Trump provided a video of himself and a group of people from around the world who became citizens as part of a “Naturalization Ceremony.” They took that oath on camera. For those who have never witnessed a swearing in ceremony, it is worth watching. Millions already have seen this video, but millions more have friends and family come to their own citizenship ceremony. It is a big deal becoming a U.S. citizen.



I took that oath seriously. Millions of others have too. Perhaps, some might be more cavalier about their own oaths. But for U.S. military or law enforcement, they literally put their lives on the line when they take their oath.  This is the version of the oath of office from the U.S. Senate website: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

I will circle back to that oath later.

Then there is the Pledge of Allegiance. There have been several versions of the Pledge, the most recent version, says the U.S. History website, was formed during the threat of communism to the U.S. and the world in 1954.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

In 31 words, that current version of the Pledge says much.

Tony, my husband, said they used to say the Pledge of Allegiance in public school. Numbers of schools still do. Among several points made, “The Pledge” is a reminder that the USA is not a pure democracy, as it specifies that America is a Republic. There are specific reasons the nation’s founders wanted America to be a Republic. For instance, socialists and communists have historically used – or abused – purely democratic systems in places around the world to advance their agenda as part of their long-range quest to take power.

What is the difference between a pure democracy and a republic?  Good question.

A brief description is that a pure democracy is majority rule. But what happens if the majority wants to oppress a minority? In a pure democracy, the majority oppressing a minority is possible. It is not only possible, such abuses of power occurred numerous times throughout world history. There are also historic examples when a minority abused a majority. The founders, who knew much about history around the world well, did not want to switch abuse by the British crown to be changed for abuse by Americans seeking to control others in the colonies that became the first of the United States.

Thus, the founders decided to establish a republic: not a monarchy, not a democracy.



In a republic like the USA was established to be, there is a constitution that limits and defines the powers of the government. By limiting government power, the U.S. Constitution protects individual rights, even against a majority. For instance, the Bill of Rights, the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution, guarantees several individual rights, plus guarantees certain “state’s rights” against the power of the federal government. A copy of the Constitution and the various amendments is attached here as a download. It includes a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Note that every one of the 50 states has their own constitution, in addition to the U.S. Constitution.

With that background in the contrast between democracy and a republic in mind, it should then be noted that the U.S. does have democratic elements. There are ‘democratic’ votes taken for candidates, and on the state or local level, votes regarding various ballot/legal initiatives. In those votes, the majority rules. But by constitutional law, those votes for whatever or whomever are not supposed to infringe upon the U.S. Constitutionally protected rights of “We the People.” By law, all of those who run for office and win take an oath of office to support and defend the Constitution, here is that oath again for clarity and emphasis.

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

For believers, there is no higher power than God, who billions globally believe created the universe, including planet Earth. The founders were not all Christians, but they were routinely believers in a Creator God, and these were educated men who did not mind ‘bucking the system.’ Many don’t realize it, but the Big Bang theory was devised by a priest, Georges Lemaître, that was also into science. There is no tension necessary between science and faith if both are properly understood. So, invoking God’s name in an oath is supposed to be as high a standard has one can imagine for swearing or affirming a statement. In court, it has been routine for centuries for testimony to be upon oath or affirmation “so help me God.”



What does this have to do with home ownership or the dream of home ownership? Plenty.

Without a dependable rule of law, society itself becomes problematic. This is why historically; America was often one of the most productive nations on earth. It was only in more recent decades, as more and more regulations and laws were layered on, that other nations with fewer regulations began to pass the USA in productivity.

From voices across the left-center-right, there are those who have been sounding the alarm for years about how the American system has become increasingly “rigged.” It is difficult to argue against that, when Democrats and Republicans alike, or those from minor parties and those with no political affiliation, say that the system is “rigged.”

They cite similar facts, but approach the problem with quite different solutions.

To be blunt, members of both major parties are often corrupt. They have routinely sold out to so-called special interests. As MHLivingNews has previously noted, in our industry, there are billionaires who are turning America into a feudalistic society. Who says? Again, intelligent people from across the left-center-right divide.



If the system is rigged, does that extend to elections? The honest answer is not always, but sometimes, sadly yes. There was an election in North Carolina that was re-run last year (2019) because of election law violations. See the screen capture below. For those who claim that there is no such thing as election fraud, they are either ignorant, charlatans, or liars.



The Heritage Foundation has updated their election fraud evidence database of “recent” cases. There are over 1100 convictions nationally. This is no myth, it happens.

In the wake of the November 3, 2020 election, there have been about 1,000 people from across the political spectrum that have signed affidavits of their personal awareness of alleged election fraud in this election. People in politics or mainstream media, regardless of which party they come from or what media outlet they represent, that say there is no evidence are either blind, not looking, spinning, or lying. Those who try to silence those who believe in the evidence of fraud by calling them names should realize by now that name calling has not deterred very many supporters of candidate-turned-President Trump. After 4 years of almost nonstop naming calling, more minorities, more women, more of everyone apparently voted for President Trump – because over 10 million more votes where cast for him in 2020 than 2016.

Name calling may cause people to be a ‘silent majority,’ but it does not stop them from voting and acting as they think best.

The vast majority of Republican voters and a sizable minority of Democratic voters believe that the evidence of election fraud is compelling. As one person colorfully put it, imagine if a some people in a classroom getting ready to take a test locked the teacher out during the examination. The problem students in that imaginary classroom did not let the teacher in until after the test was finished. Those who locked the teacher out, no surprise, did very well during the test. Would that test be counted? Of course not. It would be tossed, and a new test would be given to the entire class.  Yet, in key battleground districts in key battle ground states, there is visual evidence of poll watchers being blocked from monitoring votes.  That is all the proof that is needed that the odds of fraud are high. After all, there is no reason to hide vote counting if it is being done honestly, is there?

That said, there are pages of evidence of voter fraud in various lawsuits and reports. One is the Navarro report, which is linked here. It summarizes how disputed votes in key states flipped the election away from President Donald Trump to former President Barack Obama-era VP Joe Biden. It is worth noting that a recent Gallup survey showed President Trump as the most admired man in America. Barack Obama came in second. Joe Biden, who Democrats claim won the election, came in third? It is one more tangential piece of evidence that the election results are absurd on their face. Notice that this poll was taken post-election.


But the key question is, what can be done about an apparently stolen election?

Plenty. And believe it or not, “We the People” can do much to make sure that this attempt to ‘steal’ the 2020 election is stopped.

The infographic below sums up the legal principles and the practical and Constitutional solution.

The Navarro Report is linked here. It summarizes and illustrates specific examples of election fraud in 2020.


You can contact find the contact for your lawmakers through this page below.


How to Contact Your Elected Officials


My suggestion? Call them and message them. Do both.  We have, so we can look you in the proverbial eye and say, please do so too.

The Voter Voice page set up below is one tool that makes contacting your lawmakers easy.


That form letter on the Voter Voice website can be modified. Here is how mine, just sent this morning, read.

copy of Soheyla Kovach emailed letter to lawmakers

The Joint Session of Congress and the formal ratification of the Electoral College vote is quickly approaching on January, 6, 2021.

As your constituent, I’m asking you to help ensure the integrity of the general election by challenging the electoral vote in states where the count is still in dispute.

All legal votes must be counted, no more and no less.

Since the judiciary has not sought to investigate evidence of fraud, you and your colleagues as legislators must now do your Constitutional jobs and seek to remedy this crisis. You took an oath of office to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I am asking you to explicitly state in public before January 6, 2021 that you will take a stand against the apparent election fraud. The Navarro Report and other evidence speaks loudly. But perhaps the most common sense and powerful examples of fraud are votes being tallied while poll watchers were blocked or where counting occurred without poll observers. That is not only often illegal, but it is clear evidence of bad intentions.

Liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald has made the case that an authoritarian regime is coming if the Biden-Harris ticket takes office.  I and my family oppose authoritarianism. The obvious way to stop it is to #StopTheSteal, and accept only the alternative Trump-Pence electors that 7 battleground states have submitted.

We will speak out and act according to law until our elected officials do their jobs and #StopTheSteal.

Please stand for election integrity, promptly and publicly. Thank you.

Soheyla Kovach,

Osceola County, FL

## End of email from Soheyla Kovach to lawmakers. ##


When you send that message, you get a confirmation of your message after you enter the confirmation code. Mine looked like this, but yours will vary according to who your U.S. Senators are and who your U.S. Congressman is.


You have communicated with the following:

  • Senator Marco Rubio (email)
  • Senator Rick Scott (email)
  • Representative Darren Soto (email)


As noted, if you use that online tool from VoterVoice, you’ll get a request to enter a confirmation code that will go to your email or cell phone via text. Make sure you use that to cause your message to actually be sent.

An untold number will be going to the U.S. Capitol to protest in the #JerichoMarch #StopTheSteal event on January 6, 2021. For those that can, that’s no doubt useful. Note that the video below was posted over a week before November 3, 2020.



But for those who can’t, and even for those who do, this will come down to elected official realizing that they must do what We the People want, not what the elites who are rigging the system want. Someone might like or dislike the Biden-Harris ticket, this is not about that. Rather, this is about honest and fair elections.



Just as voter fraud is no myth, and those who claim that are either ignorant or are trying to sell you something bad. There are few things you can do that are more important than to let your lawmakers know that you want to see them protect the American Way of life. If elections can be stolen, then our property rights and all other rights are at risk too.



To learn more, see the linked reports.



As a woman with a higher education that came to America searching for the American dream, that Pledge of Allegiance and the Oath to defend the Constitution are taken seriously.  We work and pray to help other see the light. But to make sure that lawmakers do what is right, they must feel the passion – feel the heat – from voters like myself to encourage them to buck their big donors and protect election integrity and the American way.

James T. Harris, on talk radio, reminded people today that the lockdowns for COVID19 were only supposed to last for 2 weeks when it was instituted last March. In our part of the country, the restrictions were lifted fairly quickly, but other parts have not been so fortunate. Are we to think that it is just a coincidence that the billionaires, huge businesses, big media, and big tech benefit while small businesses that are part of the heart of the American Dream are being throttled or killed off?

One need not look beyond 2020 to see where we are headed, but history sheds light that should make everyone that loves America to politely but clearly let lawmakers know that they will tolerate election fraud. Once the #StopTheSteal is successful, the next step is to fix the rest that still needs help in America. ##

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Our little guy isn’t so little any more. Left-to-right above Mrs. Santa are Tamas, L. A. ‘Tony’ and Soheyla Kovach.

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