Troubling 2019 Production, Data, Related Reports on Manufactured Homes Announced

The are some 22 million Americans who live in a mobile or manufactured home. There are, per the Apartment List in 2019, about 111 million renters. Millions of conventional housing owners will at some point sell and want to upsize, downsize or make some form of housing change.

Each of those groups and others ought to ponder what this data means to them.

If this is your first report to see on Manufactured Home Living News (MHLivingNews), frankly, there are other reports that might make more sense for you to read first. Some of those will be linked below or in the ‘related reports’ after the byline. That said, we’ll some videos that will help explain why manufactured homes are superior to what the majority of non-manufactured home owners believe.



That said, owners of manufactured homes and those who are seeking affordable housing ought to sit up and take notice with respect to the data that follows. Why?


Notice, pricing on homes can shift day by day, sometimes, down, but generally up. The data shown is deemed reliable as of the time the infographic was first produced. Serious researchers should always double-check current information from reliable sources.


Because there is arguably evidence that the industry is being undermined from within for the purpose of allowing a few larger and ‘connected companies’ to absorb smaller firms that often treat their homeowners and residence better. We’ll link up pages of evidence to that concern too.



Let’s set the table with this additional insight, before moving into the meat of this report. Imagine for a few moments that you owned any other kind of home – a condo, single family, or whatever type of conventional construction. Then picture a sudden drop in the numbers of those homes being built. Would that be bad news or good news?

The short-term results could be mixed, but longer-term results would likely be problematic. America saw in 2008 tens of millions of conventional housing lose value due to market and financing disruption. New housing starts also plunged. A healthy market needs new construction for a variety of reasons for long-term market stability.

With that backdrop, this report will provide the following details.

  • Part I) Newly released data gathered on behalf of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as reported by the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR).
  • Part II) A recent statement by the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) with respect to new manufactured home shipment trends.
  • Part III) MHLivingNews Fact Check, Analysis and Commentary.

With that outline for this report, let’s dive in.


Part I: Latest HUD Code Manufactured Home Production Shipment Data


The following comments came from MHI’s recent email, which amounts to a plug for their ‘Congress and Expo’ annual event. It read as follows after our Part II heading.



Part II: Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Recent Report to their Members



Quote from MHI email on the date shown.

Join the CEO’s of Cavco, Clayton Homes and Skyline Champion as they take the main stage to discuss “Growing the Market” during our opening session at the 2020 MHI Congress & Expo.

After a 9 consecutive years of production and shipment growth the manufactured housing industry has leveled off. These manufacturing leaders will discuss their strategies on growing the market including expanding existing and developing new communities. They’ll also share how CrossMod homes are beginning to penetrate new markets that have previously restricted manufactured homes and the opportunity CrossMod homes represent for the industry to expand beyond 10% of the single-family housing market.


  • Bill Boor, President and CEO, Cavco
  • Kevin Clayton, CEO, Clayton Homes
  • Mark Yost, President and CEO, Skyline Champion

Register today to come and network, learn and connect with manufactured housing professionals.





Part III MHLivingNews Facts, Analysis and Commentary

MHI’s statement above about shipments being flat is not accurate. You could say it is spin, a lie, misleading or whatever – but the facts are simple. New manufactured home shipments declined. Recall their prior statement below.




Further recall the stills below from the MHI video which touted their accomplishments, momentum and success which has, as predicted, has now been removed from the MHI home page. For those who are not manufactured home industry professionals, keep this thought in mind. If MHI is willing to mislead and misinform their own members – which evidence like the below suggests – why would anyone be surprised if they try to mislead the general public or manufactured home owners?




MHLivingNews has stood almost alone in public-facing trade media in spotlighting the good, bad and the problematic in manufactured housing based upon evidence and fact-based expert analysis.

Affordable housing is a big issue.

Manufactured homes are the most proven form of permanent affordable housing construction.



Specific firms that routinely seem to have connections to or are members of the Manufactured Housing Institute have often behaved in problematic ways.


There are ethical and unethical companies in manufactured housing, just as there are honest and dishonest professionals in any profession you care to think about. That said, we warn shoppers and housing seekers about proceeding with caution when it comes to MHI member companies, see the related report linked here that explains the why behind that warning.


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Current manufactured homeowners, renters, and all other people of good will should dig into the facts shown to understand why this topic matters to the nation. There are good reasons why presidential candidates from both of the major parties have been campaigning in manufactured home communities. To learn more, see the related reports. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (Mobile and Manufactured Home Lifestyle News, news, commentary, fact-checks and analysis.)


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