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Tour guides on Kona Island – the ‘big island’ – in Hawaii suggest that about 90% of the waterfalls in the state are best accessed by helicopter. So part of what makes Akaka Falls State Park so appealing is that you can drive to the location, and then take the protective fenced walk-way to see the breathtaking views of these dramatic falls.


Akaka Falls is located about 11 miles from Hilo, west from the Hawaii belt road, route 19. 50 years ago, much of this park was trails through the rainforest like conditions, as the photo below reflects.

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Today the walking path makes this tour easier. You can find the beauty of local flora all around you as you take the walk to the falls.


Among the many sights here, you can also see the out of this world looking Banyan trees on your walk to the falls.


Wikipedia tells us that Akaka Falls is 422′ tall and that the name Akaka in Hawaiian means “A rent, split, chink, separation; to crack, split, scale.” You can see Kah?n? Falls on the walking path to Akaka Falls as well.


The falls plunge into a deep gorge that can be seen from several points along the loop through the park. Since it is not far from Hilo, there are lots of accommodation options nearby and many other possible destinations all within a short drive.

Remember the money that you save by living in a manufactured home can mean that you can enjoy doing more of the other things in life that are important to you. If travel is one of them, and you would enjoy the flight or boat ride to Hawaii, put Akaka Falls on your list of appealing U.S. destinations. ##


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