Manufactured Home Quality Control – Inside MH with Brent Bolding at Sunshine Homes

We all love to see a great looking home! This article and the videos will show you appealing homes. The first video will share an Inside MH Road Show  look at how those great homes achieved such a high level of quality.

Photo credit, Sunshine Homes Inc., Red Bay Alabama. Sunshine produces homes that serve states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, the Carolinas and parts of Florida.  A video interview with Sunshine Homes retailer Alan Amy is linked here.

Let’s start this article differently than many others. We talk about quality and durability in manufactured housing, but that claim needs facts to support it! This video interview with Brent Bolding – Plant Manager at Sunshine Homes Inc, Red Bay, Alabama – gives you the unique, reality-based perspective from the man in overall charge of quality control at a production center. In the 3 days, we plan to have a video interview with a professional, independent housing inspector, a man named Tim Bunch. That will give you an entirely different look at the same topic.

Bunch inspects conventional ‘on-site’ construction as well as manufactured homes. We’d highly recommend you watch this video with Brent Bolding and then watch the Tim Bunch video while thinking about what you’ll learn from Terry. When you do, you’ll get a powerful perspective on why today’s manufactured homes are quality homes that are built tough, are safer (yes, a properly installed manufactured home is safer) and more energy saving than comparable conventional on-site construction.

Great Looks, True Quality

In the recent “The Condo Killer!” video, you saw and heard about a great looking home at an amazing price point. The home you’ll see in the video below came from the same manufactured and modular home production center that plant manager Brent Bolding supervises.

For those new to MHLivingNews, let’s briefly explain that a manufactured home is built to federal standards that supersede (preempt) local building codes. Modular homes are built to state or local building code. You should not use the term manufactured home or modular home as if they are the same, each is unique. There are many similarities, but a few differences (example, modular homes can have their ‘carrier’ removed, while federal law currently requires manufactured homes keep their steel frame, even though the running gear is routinely removed). Both manufactured and modular home building give you the quality found in factory-based production.

We want to thank John Bostick – CEO of Sunshine Homes – and his team for giving us such unprecedented access to his people and home building center. As another ‘teaser’ for what is upcoming, one of the team members that John suggested we interview was a chain saw wood carver! You’ll see that video coming soon, along with many others from our popular, recent Inside MH Road Show  series. Thanks for checking back to see them. ##

L. A. “Tony” Kovach leading an educational session.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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