Illinois Professional Couple Discover their Getaway Home near Florida’s top Beaches

Meet Cathy and her husband Bruce Reimenschnedier. They are retired, successful business professionals. They own a conventional house in a subdivision, another place on the Fox River in Illinois, and now they own a manufactured home in a quiet, modest community tucked away on a side street that’s not far from the beaches and activities found in the St Pete/Clearwater/Tampa Metro.

Cathy and Bruce don’t fit the typical stereotypes and statistics people hear or read about those who live in a mobile or manufactured home. Some of their neighbors are people of modest means, while others are like themselves – people who have enjoyed rewarding careers and now they are ready for an active lifestyle in a home that doesn’t make a lot of demands on their time or treasure.

This video returns us to Highland Mobile Park, where you’ll get a chance to connect with Cathy, and see what the appeal was for them in moving into a nice home in the modest yet appealing community they now call home. Be your housing preference for a place that’s large or small, fancy or modest or something in between – when you’re home costs less, you can do more with everything else in your life. ##

L. A. “Tony” Kovach at an MH educational session. Tony is one of the most recognized experts on MH today.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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