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Mary Zokoe talks Martin Motor Sports, Community Guidelines, More! Inside MH Road Show Video

Just off U.S. 131 is Martin MI. The race track on the opposite side of the superhighway has been there for some 50 years. The Martin schools now have a prominent, new, award winning leader, who will be featured in an upcoming video interview. And in the appealing, residential style manufactured home community of Dover Farms, where we interviewed a high ranking executive with an international company and her retired engineer husband, lives Mary Zokoe, an independent insurance agent. She is featured in this Inside MH Road Show video.

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As have so many others we’ve interviewed, Mary lived in conventional homes for many years. In her own words, she will explain why she approached manufactured home living with some concerns at first, and then what won her over. How does she feel about her home today? “I love it,” says Ms. Zokoe.  She’ll explain the advantages she’s discovered.

Mary addresses common questions and issues that people might have who have not deeply explored modern manufactured homes. She explains in this video why background checks of potential residents and why guidelines for living protects the values of residents homes and makes for a peaceful, appealing place to live. Spend a few minutes with Mary Zokoe, and you’ll walk away with new insights into why over 20 million Americans call manufactured homes, their home.

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L. A. “Tony” Kovach at an educational session during the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show. Tony is one of the most recognized experts on MH today.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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