TANSTAAFL, Inflation and the Looting of the American Dream – Example of Learning How to Think, vs. Learning What to Think – Practical Lessons in Affordable Housing and Beyond

Before getting into TANSTAAFL, Inflation and the Looting of the American Dream, a brief preface is warranted. It is the editorial view of our publications that news is a mix of good things that occur alongside troubling issues that also take place. In a more perfect world, pointing out how to achieve the good is important. But so too is revealing corruption, which includes how bad behavior may slyly harm others. We as trade media alternate without a set schedule between a good news story that may be followed by a more troubling report. As any clear-thinking adult of sound mind and body knows from experience, that’s life. Good and bad stuff happens, sometimes under the same roof and certainly within the same profession. That being reality, we do not have to expose each and every bit of corruption operating in affordable manufactured housing, nor do we have to tell every good news story in our industry, much less in the broader American landscape. Because we are not gods, nor do we pretend to be divine or even angelic, in the natural order it is possible to say all the good or all the bad and the meh in between. We do the best we can based upon our current configuration of MHLivingNews and our MHProNews sister-site. But what we can do is select topics that exemplify important and practical issues. We can in the course of reporting, analysis, and commentary share with readers how to think, instead of ‘what to think.’  By sharing authentic information, providing context, and then presenting an expert analysis a visitor reader arguably gets far more than the click bait so many other sites offer. Perhaps that’s why our typical visitor, per third party data, reads several articles per visit. People like yourself from all backgrounds and walks of life find food for thought that can help you improve your life.

That said, let’s pivot to TANSTAAFL first.

It was around junior high school that my classmates and this writer was taught the simple yet profound concept of TANSTAAFL, which is an acronym that means “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.” As soon as someone sees that, some will agree but others might object and say, ‘but I’ve personally had several free lunches or free samples of this or that.’ Thus a brief explanation of TANSTAAFL is warranted.

The reason “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” is insightful because someone has ALWAYS paid for that meal (or whatever else seems to be ‘free’). Our 15 year old son understands this, because he was taught this. Nothing is free. Someone always pays.

Politicians often use the term ‘free,’ but what they ought to say is that you may not be directly charged for that so-called ‘free’ item.

As an example of TANSTAAFL being used in politics. there is a new round or what amounts to bribery of a class of voters being discussed in Washington, D.C. Some student loans may be ‘forgiven’ or promised ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. But how would that occur? Other taxpayers, indeed every American household, would directly or indirectly be paying for that student loan forgiveness because the money needed to make that happen isn’t free. If you are a student or have a student with college loan debts, it certainly would sound tempting. But as the article that follows on Inflation and the Looting of the American Dream helps explain, ‘printing’ the money needed for any government program.

As longer-term readers of MHLivingNews and MHProNews know, we have an agreement with WND that allows us to republish their articles that we think make sense for our audience. Given the importance of inflation, which per various polls is now considered to be the #1 topic in America, this article that follows – while it has a political bent – also shares some commonsense insights on the issue of the true causes of what is known as inflation. There will be a commentary, analysis, a video, and additional information from MHLivingNews that follows.



Bidenflation unmasked: ‘Muggers, armed robbers and hit men’

David Kupelian exposes the hidden evil lurking beneath today’s runaway inflation

By David Kupelian


Thanks to the theft of the 2020 election (and yes, that radioactive truth bears repeating, since it’s now officially forbidden to acknowledge what most Americans believe to be true, that the last presidential contest was rigged), Americans are stuck with one of the most corrupt, dishonest, and definitely the most cognitively disintegrating presidents in the nation’s history.

Also, as Newt Gingrich recently put it, “the dumbest person ever elected vice president” in Kamala Harris. After that, next in line for the presidency is Nancy Pelosi. Enough said.

So, let’s see how our top leaders explain the current runaway inflation that is already seriously stressing millions of American lives and businesses and threatens more catastrophic consequences in the near future.

Here’s what an angry and exasperated President Joe Biden barked out on Friday, March 11: “I’m sick of this stuff! The American people think the reason for inflation is government spending more money! It’s simply not true!”

We won’t spend time on Kamala Harris, whose comments on virtually all vexing national issues are embarrassing and often idiotic, including her take on inflation.

But two days after Biden’s claim that galactic government over-spending (requiring the Fed to create large amounts of new “money”) doesn’t cause inflation – which is similar to arguing that driving while drunk doesn’t cause drunk driving – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doubled down on Biden’s claim, attacking those pointing to Democrats’ drunk-on-power spending as the main inflation culprit and insisting, incredibly, that “the government spending is doing the exact reverse, reducing the national debt! It is not inflationary.”

Yes, she actually said that.

Pelosi even blamed rapidly rising prices on Vladimir Putin – even though the Russian dictator invaded Ukraine just weeks ago on Feb. 24, while “Bidenflation” has been boiling over since shortly after Biden took office in January 2021.

As usual, whatever America’s progressive ruling elites fervently claim is the truth can reliably be assumed to be precisely the opposite of the truth.

In reality, Americans are being progressively crushed by rapidly rising prices for virtually everything, including the most urgent necessities of life, and it is the Biden administration’s fault. Though the stratospheric rise in gasoline and diesel prices grabs most of the headlines, an equally shocking rise in food prices, electricity, home heating oil and pretty much everything else is likewise bedeviling the entire population.

Put another way, Americans are rapidly becoming a whole lot poorer, as inflation destroys their savings and earnings.

The main reason for this, notwithstanding the self-righteous denials from Biden, Pelosi and the “Democrat-media complex,” is the “hidden tax” of inflation, which is largely a creation of out-of-control and power-mad government. Under Biden, the federal bureaucracy has spent far more money than it has taxed or borrowed, and has therefore pumped enormous amounts of new “money” into the U.S. economy via the Federal Reserve. During the same period, the administration has created massive economic dislocation by ruinous and politically motivated pandemic lockdowns, encouraged people not to work by offering endless government “relief” and “stimulus” programs, and has purposely crippled America’s huge oil, gas and coal industries in almost cult-like obedience to a bizarre environmental ideology that claims the world will become uninhabitable for humans in a few years if fossil fuels aren’t eliminated.

Do all that, and you’re guaranteed to get sky-high prices, not just for fuel, but for everything.

Today’s actual inflation rate, despite the government’s official rate being pegged at 7.9% as of the end of February, is arguably double that percentage. The official rate is calculated in large part based on the consumer price index. But economists note that the CPI, configured by the same federal government that is creating the current inflation for its own benefit, intentionally underestimates the rate of inflation. After all, the price of construction materials in the U.S. increased well over 20% during 2021, the retail price of beef is up 21%, corn is up 39%, wheat 37%, coffee 108%. Indeed, Americans today are paying far more than an annualized 7.9% price increase for virtually everything they are purchasing.

Can you think of anything you buy regularly that hasn’t increased in price more than 7.9% over the last year? Of course not.

Let’s go a little deeper and ask why all this is happening. If inflation is viewed only through an economic lens – citing the various contributing economic and monetary factors, from government spending and low interest rates to supply-chain issues and pandemic lockdowns – the larger and deeper truth gets lost.

What is occurring in America’s economy today must be viewed in the context of the ruling Democrats’ total obsession with, and addiction to, permanent power, as well as the larger globalist dream they share of “the great reset” and the radical “green” agenda. In short, to America’s Democratic Party leadership, which has largely been taken over by the hard-core revolutionary Left, everything is about power and privilege for themselves and the unattainable and impossible (not to mention totalitarian and tyrannical) utopia they dream of leading.

Historically, whether considering hyperinflation nightmares like Weimar Germany, Venezuela or Zimbabwe (where President Robert Mugabe famously issued hundred-trillion-dollar bills), or societies plagued with less extreme inflation, the cause is always the same: A lawless government wants to spend money it does not have for the sake of increasing its power. So it simply prints much more money (however complex and deliberately obfuscating the mechanism it employs for creating, “borrowing” and spending the new “money” into circulation), which naturally dilutes the value of the rest of the money out in society, i.e., the wealth people actually earned and saved through years of hard work and personal sacrifice.

Inflation, as legendary economist Thomas Sowell put it, “is a way to take people’s wealth from them without having to openly raise taxes. Inflation is the most universal tax of all.”

President Ronald Reagan, whose moral clarity and strong leadership brought the Carter-era high inflation to an end, expressed this truth more colorfully: “Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man.”

“Mugger?” “Armed robber?” “Hit man?” Was Reagan joking or exaggerating about inflation and those who create it?

No. It’s the very nature of corrupt oligarchs, whose goal is always to profit personally for the sake of their own wealth, power and privilege, to exploit and essentially steal from the middle class, whom they pretend to represent and care about, but secretly detest.

Why detest them? Because the middle class – which works hard and sacrifices and raises families and contributes to society and obeys the nation’s laws – is America’s repository of goodness, Judeo-Christian morality, love of country and honor for their forbears, including those who fought, bled and died to protect their nation.

The would-be oligarchs, the “great reset” crowd, the global socialist dreamers not only don’t care about all of that, they have contempt for it.

After all, these are people whose lifeblood is privilege and corruption, starting with Joe Biden, whose family members are openly engaged in lucrative and utterly corrupt multi-million-dollar influence-peddling “business deals” and payoffs involving the world’s most corrupt nations, including both China and Russia, not to mention Ukraine. What could go wrong with that?

Likewise, Nancy Pelosi’s corrupt dealings and insider trading are well known, the New York Post recently revealing: “Nancy Pelosi is scrambling to quash bipartisan efforts to ban stock trading by congressional lawmakers – even as she and her husband have raked in as much as $30 million from bets on the Big Tech firms Pelosi is responsible for regulating.” Ditto many other Democrat icons, including of course the Clinton family and their lifetime of epic political corruption.

If stripped down to the naked truth, America’s ruling elites are inextricably intertwined in a vast money-and-power machine of self-interest among the political, cultural and technological elite. They are today’s aristocrats, looking down contemptuously on the deplorable peasants.

But instead of Marie Antoinette saying, “Let them eat cake,” they cry, “Let them drive Teslas.” The contempt, however, is the same.

Moreover, since it is their core operating system to lie, steal and break the law – after all, to render their political power permanent they are willing to engineer a full-scale foreign invasion of the United States of America by millions of illegal aliens who will one day vote for them in return – they think nothing of financing their dreams by imposing the hidden, and ultimate, tax of inflation.

Every right-thinking person recognizes that today’s Democratic leadership class lies spectacularly and continually. Ultimately that’s because, on some level, their deceit is intended to enable them to take something that doesn’t rightfully belong to them. That’s called stealing.

Stealing your wealth. Stealing your elections. Stealing and repurposing your government and vital institutions. Stealing your country. And if necessary – as the sad fate of the Jan. 6 political prisoners has made clear – stealing your life. ##

MHLivingNews note: we subscribe to the Whistleblower and have given them as gifts to others. It is a beautifully laid out and informative monthly that is a fine companion to the free WND websites. RE: the TAANSTAFL poster used in our featured image at the top, you can buy it for classroom or other uses at this link from Society6.com. It is a fine illustration that makes a key point and is shown under fair use guidelines for media.

IMPORTANT WND NOTE: The preceding was adapted from the introductory article in the March 2022 issue of WND’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, edited monthly by David Kupelian. The issue (available in both print and digital versions) insightfully explores the rapidly growing runaway inflation being visited upon America by the Biden administration, and is titled “THE LOOTING OF AMERICA: How the elites are robbing everyone else through runaway inflation and skyrocketing prices.”

Despite the efforts to blame Putin’s invasion of Ukraine for inflation, federal data makes it clear that inflation began to shoot up following Biden’s taking office. Recent polls indicate that most voters aren’t buying the White House claim that Putin is to blame for U.S. inflation soaring since Biden took office. Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.

Additional Information, more MHLivingNews Analysis and Commentary in Brief

Early into the Biden White House era on our MHProNews sister site, we said that inflation would take off, given his administration’s policies. That in fact came to pass. How did we know? Because of TANSTAAFL. The laws of economics can be simple, just like gravity is simple. You don’t have to be an economist in order to realize that creating ‘more money’ artificially by borrowing would devalue every dollar. Some elites can profit through that, but for many if not most, it is largely harmful.

In housing, we’ve seen record rates of year over year housing increases. If the Biden team were so smart, why are there policies causing fuel, food, cars, and housing costs to explode?

What has occurred under Biden’s regime was entirely predictable. That is why in the above preface, the principle of TANSTAAFL was stressed. It isn’t just because Biden is a Democrat, a politician of any party that makes false promises should be held to the same account. We’ve critiqued President George W. Bush (R) as well as President Barack H. Obama for specific poor policies.

President Donald J. Trump was far from a perfect human being. But to his credit, the deposed 45th president never claimed to be some saint. Candidate Trump in 2015-2016 honestly said that he benefited from the political system which he was then seeking to expose and end for the benefit of the American people. Trump laid out specific policies that editorially we knew that from practical lessons of history and economics that if they were implemented they would be superior to the plan that then candidate Hillary Clinton advanced. We also knew about the apparent corruption of the Clinton family, as well as the apparent corruption of the Biden family. When faced with imperfect choices, in politics, you vote for the ‘lesser of two evils.’

Several of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s statements are insightful ‘quotable quotes.’ This is one of them. Critical thinking is NOT a bad thing, it is a USEFUL concept once it is properly understood. Too many are being indoctrinated into various types of ‘group think.’ That can be problematic. Learn how to think, learn some basic concepts that are as dependable as gravity or 2+2 = 4, and you will be miles ahead of those who don’t have the benefit of those concepts.


There are never perfect candidates to pick from. Furthermore, a candidate may be good and later become corrupted once elected.

Was the 2020 presidential election stolen? There are several documenteries and other pieces of evidence that claim the answer is “yes.”


Two such documentaries are posted above and below.

There has long been other evidence-based claims that have since increased in stature due to further developments.

The Navarro Report is one of the downloads linked above. While it may seem to some that it is ‘over’ – this is nevertheless relevant to not only the 2020 election but possible future contests too. To see this graphic in a larger size, in many browsers, you can click on the image above and follow the prompts. To read the Navarro report, click here


WND is arguably quite correct in repeatedly warning about the treacherous, deceptive, and corrupt behavior of the current regime that occupies the White House and controls both the U.S. House and Senate. The 2022 midterms, as this is being written, will soon have important primaries taking place. Then, in about 6 months, the election will take place on Tuesday, 11.8.2022. Depending on your state, there is often early voting available.

Sometimes bad things happen that can wake up millions of people in short order. That is what may be ‘the dark grace’ of the Biden-Harris team.

As a publisher, we don’t claim perfection. But we will not deliberately misread our readers and visitors. We have taken ‘politically incorrect’ stands numerous times, but also with evidence and common sense. Time and again, that has paid off with accurate reporting when far larger publications with bigger staffs and deeper pockets gave inaccurate or harmful news or commentary. How was that done? By understanding the lessons of history, simple concepts like TANSTAAFL, and how to think.

Because once someone understands TANSTAAFL, it becomes easier to spot that gimmick being attempted by politicians, businesses, or whomever else.




Check out the linked reports to learn more. Because even if you never own or buy a manufactured home, you can benefit from the no-charge lessons learned here. That’s “Intelligence for you MHLife© here were “We Provide, You Decide.” ©.


Postscript: WND also did a story on the tweet and video by “Rock Icons” that follows, saying in part: “Johnny Van Zant, lead singer of the group Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Donnie Van Zant, best known as the former guitarist and songwriter for the group 38 Special, went public with “Sweet Florida,” a song that combines praise for [Governor Ron] DeSantis and mockery of President Joe Biden with the kind of infectious sound that stays in the ear long after the music stops.”





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