For this Family, Manufactured Homes are a perfect family business

Les Sandlin, Wendy Korshak and Moe Korshak, owners of Dream Home Outlet officially opened their new manufactured home business on September 27, 2014.  The three are from the Cullman and Good Hope area in Montgomery, Alabama. The opening of new retail operations – such as Dream Homes, Wisdom Homes by publicly traded SearchCore and UMH Properties regional sales center– all suggest a brighter future for all sizes and types of manufactured housing businesses and their customers.


Moe Korshak told the Cullman Sense and MHLivingNews that, “The three of us decided to get out of the corporate structure and provide a better quality house with a better price for everybody,” said Moe.

Moe explained their selection of the manufacturer they would be working with, since independent retailers typically ‘represent’ one or more producers of factory-built homes. “They make a really good quality house at a really good price. And when we eliminate the corporate fees and the commissions the sales people make, we’re delivering a much better house at an incredible price.”


Dream Home established some beneficial partnerships with their new customers in mind. 

We have a deal worked out with Dream Home Furnishings here in town,” Korshak explained. “We don’t have any interest in their company and they don’t have any interest in ours but we’ve partnered together so they are furnishing our houses and helping us decorate them and we’re going to push their merchandise so it gives them another show or avenue for some more exposure. There are a lot of people buying new houses and wanting new furniture to go with them. It really works well for both of us.

Southeast Research, Inc. of Montgomery, Alabama conducted research on the image and satisfaction of manufactured home in Alabama, on behalf of the Alabama Manufactured Housing Association.

Their research was based on 400 heads-of-households who purchased a manufactured home in the state within the past three years.

The study concluded the following:

> Eight out of ten manufactured homeowners in Alabama are satisfied with their home

> 84% of manufactured homeowners have a high degree of pride with ownership of their homes.

> 99% of manufactured homeowners use the home as their primary residence.

> 92% of manufactured homeowners in Alabama described their home as a safe place to live.

Other research, such as the far larger sampling done by Foremost Insurance or the CBS Newsvideo report that interviewed millionaires as well as working and middle class manufactured home owners, all suggests the value and strong customer satisfaction in modern factory-built homes.

As manufactured housing continues its 5th year of recovery since the great recession, the interest and desire for modern factory crafted homes should continue to fuel the growth of new and existing companies in the manufactured and modular home arenas. ##

(Photo credits: Cullman Sense)

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