A shout out to Brad, Len and Laurette at jetBlue!

When you fly around a lot on business and assignments, it is not unusual for a company to send you ‘coach.’ Those of you who fly coach (most of America..) know that flying isn’t nearly as much fun today as it was prior to 9.11.2001. So it is with a strong measure of thanks that we share this shout out to Brad, Len and Laurette who were the flight attendants  on jetBlue for a recent and enjoyable flight experience!

It was a trip back to Tampa from New Jersey’s Newark airport. If we’ve flown jetBlue before, it must have been years ago, because it doesn’t come to mind.


The seats were better, the cabin more comfortable, there was no up charge on the luggage and they offered real free snacks. You also received a can of your choice of cold beverages, not just 1/3 of a can in a cup that’s mostly filled with ice, as happens on so many other airlines today.

The rate was comparable to other airlines, which means that it saved us money due to the freebies. Plus, Brad, Laurette and Len we’re always eager to serve with a smile, friendly word or even an appropriate joke.

Based on this experience, we will chose jetBlue on our next flight, and this shout out is a sincere one, is not paid and we hold no stock or financial interest in their company!

Keep up the good work. ##

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