Pets, Vets, Single Parenting, Student Debt and The Manufactured Home Solution!

The story of Dr. Heather Short, DVM, could be the story of millions of Americans.  First, Americans love their pets, and they also trust their vets. The subject of student debt is no stranger to the headlines. Single parents are one of the largest groups in the nation today. Some 40 million are renting, and a survey last year by the National Association of Realtors ® (NAR) tells us 85% of those renters want to own a place of their own.SaddleBrookFarmsManufacturedHomeCommunity-InsideMHRoadShow-ManufacturedHomeLivingNews2com

But how?

Dr. Short’s story suggests the surprising solution for millions could be today’s manufactured home (MH).

In this video episode of Inside MH, Dr. Short tells us in her own words all the practical and emotional challenges she faced in considering the MH option. She shares her doubts, desires and question marks as she began to explore the MH option.

Dr. Short did not think that “trailer park” living would be for her.  Nevertheless, she was attracted by the beauty, value and common sense attractions to MH and the community lifestyle she found at Saddlebrook Farms in Oshtemo, near Kalamazoo, MI.


As we explained in an MHLivingNews article some time ago, “trailers” and “mobile homes” are the precursor to contemporary MH. The changes aren’t in name only, as a recent report by award winning Jan Hollingsworth proves MH is typically safer and stronger than conventional housing.

Based upon where she was, the vet in our Inside MH Road Show video is thousands of dollars a year to the good now. Dr. Short has a great place to raise her child. She loves her home and is building equity in a place she is glad to call her own.  The money saved can be used however she wants, including paying down her student debt.

As other Inside MH video interviews reveal, we have people from the working class to millionaires who have made manufactured home living their happy lifestyle choice. While it isn’t a fit for everyone, the MH option can be a fit for tens of millions today, and over 20 million are already benefiting from manufactured home living.

One of the screen captures from the video below, illustrates just some of the common sense advantages Dr. Heather Short’s lifestyle choice created for her and her child.  It should be noted that the advantages go beyond what is reflected above, other benefits are discussed during this video interview, shown below.

See what sincere and delightful Dr. Heather Short, DVM has to say in this video interview.

Then think about all those people you know who might think that they’re stuck in rent, or in a conventional housing situation that costs more than they want to spend.

The money saved creates less stress, and more lifestyle choices. It can create new hope for single parents, those saddled by student debt or for millions of others who want to live a better life.

Photo credits – Saddlebrook Farms – manufactured home community, Oshtemo, near Kalamazoo, MI.

MH isn’t a cure all, but it can pave the way to surprising answers.  It is a solution available to millions today.

Why not encourage those you know who are hunting for their next place to live to do what Dr. Short – an educated, prudent person – did?  Listen to her check lists, other tips and insights.

For those who do take her advice, they may very well discover the surprising place she is proud to call, her own home. ##

L. A. “Tony” Kovach at an MH educational session. Tony is one of the most recognized experts on MH living today.


By L.A ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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