A Surprising Solution to America’s Quality Affordable Housing Crisis

Whether someone rents or buys, either way, they’re paying for the place they live.  The question for millions of Americans is, do you want to build equity via home ownership, or just watch that equity go to someone else?  Many think they can’t afford to buy, that they are ‘stuck’ renting, but that may not be true. Most can own a home today, in a surprising and positive way.

Everyone needs a place to live.  Recent reports indicate that some forty million Americans are renting. Studies by Harvard, Zillow and others indicate the fact that housing affordability is getting worse. With incomes not keeping pace for rising costs of living for roughly half the population, with net worth down from 7 years ago and some 11,000 boomers retiring daily, what’s the solution?

Crank up your audio level, hit play on the video below and find out.

There are many reasons for people to see this video, even if they aren’t in the market for a home now.  Most of us know and/or will meet someone making a housing change this year.  Shouldn’t they be exposed to some eye opening – and beautiful! – reasons to consider today’s MH? Shouldn’t public officials, realtors and others consider the evolution from the trailer houses  and mobile homes of 40+ years ago to today’s greener, energy saving, stronger, safer and lower-cost, permanently installed manufactured homes?

A Word About Cost

RossKinzlerWisconsinHousingAlliance-InsideMH-ManufacturedHomeLivingNews2com-When we show home pricing on a video like this, please keep in mind we report accurate retail prices, that are based on very specific facts, features included and an area of the country.

For example, kitchen appliances and standard window and floor coverings are included in most manufactured homes.  Upgrades like granite countertops, higher roof pitches, different exteriors or stainless steel appliances are often extra. Furnishings or decor are for illustration or demonstration purposes.

In other words, to know what a home like the ones shown in this or other videos may be in your desired location, we suggest you get the specifics from a local, respected MH builder/developer.

But know this – the U.S. Census Bureau says that nationally, a manufactured home costs about half of what conventional housing does.  The bottom line is that the savings shown are real.

A Word About Quality, Satisfaction

Recent federal and other studies demonstrate the quality and satisfaction with today’s MH, as do the dozens of interviews we’ve done in so many parts of the country with MH owners and experts. To learn more, check out other videos here on MHLivingNews, and/or go to a good MH retailer or community operation in your preferred area.KurtKelleyMobileInsurance-InsideMH-ManufacturedHomeLivingNews-com-

Our Inside MH Road Show features videos and interviews from a wide range of builders, such as the homes shown on this page, or the example linked above.

Don’t just do drive by, and don’t judge the book by the cover.  Even a modest looking exterior on an MH may have a spectacular interior.

Once you step inside a nicely appointed model home, to look, touch and experience the value yourself, you could join the growing ranks of Americans who love MH.

This is a practical solution for America’s affordable housing crisis. We don’t have to wait for some trillion-dollar program out of Washington, DC.  This is a solution that advances in building technology and free enterprise have made available to most anyone in the U.S..

Together, let’s save the American Dream.  We can do that by sharing the facts; by ending the outdated myths about modern MH. ##

L. A. “Tony” Kovach at an educational session for industry pros . Tony is one of the most recognized experts on MH today.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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