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Looking for a new place to visit? Texas is the the second largest state in the union, has a good economy, is #1 in manufactured housing sales nationally and has hundreds of attractions. The River Walk is ranked by many as the #1 most popular place to visit in the Lone Star state. Let’s see why as we take a brief overview of this charming and lively U.S. destination.


The Paseo del Rio Association was founded as a non-profit in 1968 to promote, protect and preserve the San Antonio River Walk.


You’ll find restaurants, shops, hotels, condos, sights and sounds along this fabled and often romantic walk-way.

The River Walk is below ground level, so bridges cross overhead as you stroll or take one of the river taxis for a tour.


Not far from the River Walk is the Alamo. The first time you visit, it is easy to almost miss, because it seems much smaller than seems in the movies! But if you are at the River Walk, take the extra time to see this critical piece of the Lone Star State’s history too. “Remember the Alamo!” See where 186 Texans bravely fought an army of thousands in their fight for independence.

Palm and other trees, ducks, plants and flowers are all part of the beauty of this serene yet often lively place.


Should your travels take you to Texas, make sure that the Paseo del Rio – the River Walk – is one of the stops you will set aside a few hours to enjoy. Once you experience it’s charm, beauty, sights and sounds you will want to come again and again. ##

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