Nicole Barker compares her Modular Home with conventional construction 

Nicole and her daughters are delightful, as this short video with them reveals. The timing was terrific: their family were in Springfield, MO for some shopping when the interview coordinator called them, and we just happened to be set up in a model that was just like the one they bought about a year ago. 

Nicole explains that her and her husband are professionals who did their home work on purchasing a factory-crafted home.  For those looking only for good looks and a great price, you can cut straight to the video.  For the others that like more meat and potatoes details…

Stop and think. That tablet, smartphone, laptop or iMac you are viewing this on, was made in a factory too – right? Would you rather your internet-ready device was assembled on your kitchen table by a bunch of different people of varying skills in shifts, or in a production center with supervisors, inspectors and years of on-the-job experience typical for those doing the work?

How much more would it cost if all internet ready devices were built on location in each users home, vs. doing them all at a factory and then shipping them out, ready for use? 

It’s about Sharing the Truth

It is not my goal to argue or debate with people we interview – we want the expert’s or home owner perspectives, and that is why we interview them. The vast majority of people we talk to who own a modern manufactured or modular home, love their home.

That said, let me clarify an important point from this video.  The home Nicole purchased is a modular home, and she did a great – and accurate – job of explaining that modular homes are built to the same code as conventional housing. 

As we’ve explained in other videos and articles, manufactured homes come in entry level – or residential styles. They may function the same, but the looks and finish materials can be different; just as the look of an entry level Chevy Spark is different than a Cadillac SRX. Each serves a unique need! Some need that lowest cost Chevy – just as some need that entry level manufactured home. Some can afford and want that Cadillac SRX, some want or can afford an upscale manufactured or modular home.

The kitchen shown here is a different style cabinetry than Nicole’s, the one in her home is larger. You can see her kitchen model in the video above.  The quote reads –  ‘The truth is always more powerful and stronger than love, because the love becomes powerless in the absence of truth. – Anuj Somany.

Manufactured homes are built to the federally preemptive HUD Code for manufactured housing. Manufactured homes and modular homes can come from the exactly same production center.  

Both manufactured and modular homes can be financed as a land/home package with a mortgage made at the same rates as conventional housing.

Manufactured homes have numerous financing options, some not available on conventional housing, for more details, click image above or this link here. Image credit: WikiCommons.

Financing Factory-built Manufactured or Modular Homes

In fact, you might say the only way to finance a modular home through a typical lender is as a regular mortgage. With a manufactured home, they can be financed as a land/home combination (mortgage), or as home only loan, which in the second case allows it to go in a land-lease if desired.

Not to step on anyone’s toes, but not every appraiser is educated to understanding that a manufactured home is as or more durable than conventional housing construction.  That said, senior FHA lenders tell me that about 8 times out of 10, they get a good appraisal on a manufactured home. Almost any modular home appraisal will get the needed value. 

That’s an educational issue, for the appraisers!  But it is up to the factory built home industry to take an active role in that educational process.  We encourage industry pros to be more pro-active on such educational efforts, because it is good for the home owners, good for the home shoppers and good for everyone else in the professional mix too.

Politically Incorrect!

Let me be politically incorrect for a few moments. As a trade publication, we are like Car and Driver or PCWorld, Better Homes and Gardens or any other trade publisher in the following respect. We begin with the premise that the products and services we write and do videos about are in fact serving an important role in the market. That’s also self evident, that’s why some 20+ million people own manufactured homes, or a million plus own modular homes.  Good homes, good value. 

The reason these factory built home industry producers continue to grow is because those who come in and see first hand, “get it” about the value, and they want the looks, appeal and savings for themselves.

That said, we believe that you don’t have to stretch the truth in any way about factory built homes (or any other product or service). We strive to find reputable firms when we do interviews, not those that get a poor BBB or other independent rating.

Thus the interviews you see are BOTH ‘pro-industry’ and pro-consumer! That’s not a contradiction!

So when I see some mainstream media report that takes a cheap shot at factory-built housing, I think – they either have an agenda, are ill-informed or both. I’ve offered to publicly debate those who take those agenda-driven cheap shots, they have routinely declined. Why? If the truth is on their side, why should they duck a live video discussion?

The insulation seen in the walls of the home under construction behind Dennis Raper are formaldehyde free. 2″x6″ exterior walls, brimming with insulation.  Photo from Sunshine Homes production facility in Red Bay, AL.

America needs quality affordable homes. Modular homes are part of that picture, and so are manufactured homes.

Know someone shopping for a new place?  Have them do their home work. The more you learn, the more you will see the wisdom of factory-crafted home building.

The logic of getting a home made in an indoor production center is so clear. That car you ride in, was it assembled in your driveway, or in a factory? The clothes on your back, 99% of the time in America comes from a production center, a clothing factory. Why not your home too?

Join us again througout 2016, for more reports and more INSIDE MH Road Show interviews with real professionals, real home owners and true independent experts who have taken the time to learn about manufactured and modular homes, and have come away – loving this option.

And thanks for making us the #1 trade publication in manufactured home living news. ##

L. A. “Tony” Kovach at an MH educational session . Tony is one of the most recognized experts on MH today.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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