Amoo’s Restaurant, McLean, Virginia – Fabulous Persian Fusion Dining!

A mix of politics and business took us to Washington this past week, and for dinner, Soheyla – my better half – encouraged me to check out a ‘real’ Persian restaurant. Wow, I’m so glad she did! Since we’ve bragged about Olga’s Place in Westville, IN, we’re now happy to encourage those living or going near Washington, DC to check out Amoo’s Restaurant in McLean, VA.

Koobideh kabab at Amoo’s Restaurant, McLean, VA.


This award-winning establishment had a terrific mix of good service and great food and reasonable prices. Their pita is home made and bread fans will love it. The koobideh kabab is the best I’ve ever had, and we’ve been to Persian places in many towns and states.

When you go, let me suggest you save room for desert, because their saffron (zaffron) ice cream is “To Die For!”

Panoromic view of part of Amoo’s Restaurant.

We asked if they were planning on opening a place in Florida? Lo and behold, they told us they are opening a location in Gulfport – in the Tampa area – around August, which they said will be called Boca Bay Grille. If it is anything like what we found in McLean, we’ll be there on a regular basis.

Hats off for the fine family dining we discovered this week, when we found Amoo’s! ##

l-a-tony-kovach-manufacturedhomelivingnews-mhpronews-latonykovach-com-By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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