Dramatic Video of a Manufactured Home Hit by a Tornado and High Winds

This three and a half minute video should be an eye opener for millions of Americans.

As you can see in the raw footage, commentary and text in the video above, this manufactured home was first hit by a tornado and then was subjected to high sustained winds for over half an hour. We captured the best parts of that raw footage for the video above. This is dramatic visual evidence of just how structurally strong a manufactured home is when it is properly installed.

You’ll actually see two factory built homes that were hit in the video above.

The contrast that follows is not apples to apples, But the video below is example of how a conventionally constructed site-built house is destroyed by a tornado in just seconds.

The Des Moines Register posted this video above of a conventional house blown apart by a strong tornado (estimated at an EF5). An ATM surveillance camera at the First State Bank in Parkersburg, Iowa, captured this raw video footage of the house across, as it was hit and destroyed in under 30 seconds.

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Let your friends, family and associates see for themselves how strong and durable today’s manufactured homes are. As the first video vividly proves, proper installation is a smart idea. ##

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