MH Posters that Speak a Thousand Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, so too can a poster speak volumes with the right photo and a few select words.

The first poster includes a quote from Warren Buffett, who has invested billions in manufactured housing. When Buffett speaks, investors, public officials and millions listen.

government-wants-high-quality- low-cost-housing-and-manufactured-housing-provides-that-product–warren-buffett-(c)2013-lifestyle-factory-homes-llc-

The next poster includes a quote from Sam Zell, founder of giant Equity Lifestyle Properties (ELS). ELS is the largest player in the manufactured home community sector.


Zell and Buffett are among the most successful investors in American History.

In an interview with MHProNews, UMH CEO Sam Landy said, “…they would saythis is the best business there is. People need quality housing at a reasonable price. We provide that. We provide a better product than apartments, townhouses, condos and single family homes for our customers. Apartment rents have been increasing. Single family home buyers now need down payments once again.”


No surprise that UMH Properties is growing. The firm has doubled its holdings since 2009.

ELS and Warren Buffett’s investments in manufactured housing continue to grow as well, as have numerous others who understand this sector and can foresee a robust future.

Cavco Industries is another firm whose family of brands has seen steady growth, even during the downturn of the last few years. The poster, photo and quote from their company chairman suggests why.


“I think we all know the reasons factory built makes sense: control of quality, reduced raw material waste, energy efficiency, rising labor costs, the lack of available labor in some areas, inefficiency of on-site construction for modestly priced homes built individually or even in small developments. The list goes on. MH cannot be all things to all people, but included among the many markets we serve are the two largest and fastest growing demographics, the baby boomers and the millennials. There is opportunity for everyone to work with these promising markets.” – Joe Stegmayer, Chairman, Cavco Industries.

It has been about 50+ years since ‘mobile homes’ like the one below have been built. But some just have not kept up with the times! Some are stuck on old terminology and their minds are stuck on those same older units, which by the way, served then and some still do, millions of people well.


It is as if someone was talking about 50 year old rotary phones instead of modern smart phones.

Articles by unbiased academics and experts, such as Harold Hunt, PhD from the Real Estate Center are part of the process of changing that old image.


As more home owners, companies, home shoppers and investors share the modern reality, vs. the news from decades ago via social media, word of mouth and other ways, manufactured and modular home building will grow anew into an ever more powerful part of the housing market. ##

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