The evolution from old crank phones to smart phones is akin to the evolution of trailer houses to mobile homes to today's manufactured homes.

Evolutionary! From Trailer House, to Mobile Home to today’s Manufactured Homes

This evolutionary article will make the point in less than 250 words. Would you call an old crank-style wall phone a modern smart-phone? They’re both phones, but the technology and quality then and now are so different! Yet millions today make that kind of mistake about the trailer houses and mobile homes of yesteryear and today’s manufactured homes.

The crank style wall phone on the left is akin to the trailer house shown in the photo below. Just as old crank phones evolved into today’s smart phones, so too has manufactured homes evolved from the trailers houses and mobile homes of yesteryear.
1952 Rebel trailer house, so small and light you could pull it with a car.  Photo credit, Bob Vahsholtz.

Above is a photo of a 1952 Rebel model trailer house, below of a 1960’s era Richardson mobile home. The trailer could be moved by many cars. The mobile home was larger and heavier, but was easily moved by truck, thus the name “mobile home.”

1960s era Richardson brand mobile home, larger and more livable than the trailer house, but could still be moved by a truck. Photo credit Bob Vahsholtz.

There have been no mobile homes built in the U.S. since June, 15, 1976, when manufactured housing began production! The evolution from trailers to mobile to manufactured homes is akin to the path from a crank phone to a smart phone. The durable quality, energy efficiency, proven safety and beauty of contemporary manufactured homes is there for anyone with an open mind to see.

A modern single-section manufactured home like the one in the photo above could be 30,000 +/- pounds, the wheels and axles are routinely removed once installed on a buyer’s home site. They are not ‘mobile,’ it takes special equipment and trained personnel to properly install such homes. Photo credit,

When you, a friend, associate or loved one gets ready to make your next housing decision, why not consider today’s manufactured homes?

The home above is a Cape Cod style home. Modern manufactured homes can be installed over a basement, or can be two levels above ground, as shown. A typical multi-sectional (aka ‘double wide’) manufactured home can be 50,000 to 70,000 + pounds, a home like the above, even more. They are transported to a building site via specialized equipment and are not ‘mobile.’ Photo credit

The video above was filmed at the UMH Homes and Properties Model Home Village and Design Center, see a related Inside MH Road Show video to learn more about customizing manufactured homes, linked here.

Let me suggest something common sense to do when curious or actively shopping for a manufactured home. Don’t just do an online search or a drive by, step inside one being sold by a reputable MH retailer, developer or land-lease community in your area. See, touch and experience them first hand. When you do, odds are good you’ll be glad you did. ##

LATonyKovach-Louisville-2015-mhpronews-com-275x156-11By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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