Elected Official Explains Surprising Modern Manufactured Homes, Video Interview

James Hanning is the Wagoner County Commissioner, and the county’s board chairman. Before speaking on camera with MHLivingNews, Hanning consulted with the county’s legal adviser.

Hanning wasn’t going to make any endorsements. There were no canned or rehearsed lines.

What Hanning was willing and allowed to do is speak about his professional experiences over the course of several years with modern manufactured homes. Some of those insights will be eye-opening.

Part One

This is Part One of what will be a multi-part interview between Commissioner Hanning and Inside MH Road Show host, L.A. “Tony” Kovach with MHLivingNews.

The shaded area in red is Wagoner County, OK. The video interview was done in Tulsa, OK.

While the interview is running, the video of the home shown is the very home that Hanning and Kovach were in during this video interview.

James Hanning, Wagoner OK County Commissioner, to right. Inside MH Road Show host, L. A. “Tony” Kovach, to the top left. The home shown is where the video, shown below, was captured. As the interview runs, you get a visual tour of that two living area model home.

Hanning talks about windstorms, durability, construction standards, and more in this opening segment. He makes some surprising, insightful comments.

What this video and home tour reveals is what common-sense should tell any open-minded person about today’s manufactured homes.

This was filmed on location at Lifeway Homes, in Tulsa, Oklahoma in a model home built by Sunshine Homes from Red Bay, AL.

Screen capture from video shown above, another Inside MH Road Show video interview — text graphics added by MHLivingNews.

Enjoy the video, and watch for another episode from Hanning, plus other video reports, including one on location from another great American state. ##

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