The First Mobile Housing? Gathering Together to Give Thanks

What native Americans called a “teepee” were not the original “mobile home,” and they certainly weren’t made in a factory. Wikipedia says that “tipi (also teepee) is a tent, traditionally made of animal skins upon wooden poles. Modern tipis usually have a canvas covering.”

This is a site about affordable housing. There are millions around the world at this moment that won’t have a decent meal or a safe shelter to call their own for the day. That’s true regardless of what day you read this.

Hundreds of thousands of those without decent or any shelter are living in America. For all that you or we have that others don’t but could or should, we give thanks. For those who lack what is needed, we need to strive to solve that with intelligence and compassion.

There are millions in America that could own a home of their own, but because of various causes for misinformation or manipulation, they don’t. For those that do own or have a safe shelter, we give thanks.

The focus group episode below includes actual video footage of residents who own, live, and love their homes is below.  It sheds light on the realities vs. the myths and stigmas. Other than the meal and $20 in gas money to drive to the location where the focus group met, they were not rewarded for speaking their minds. It is unrehearsed.



The First American Thanksgiving?

There a numbers who have been led to doubt God or hate aspects of their own nation and its history. The historian in me can honestly say America has never been perfect, but then people are imperfect. There is no surprise then that not a single nation on earth has ever been perfect.

The Christophers have a motto I respect. It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Here, we strive to light candles of truth to drive out darkness. We must strive to understand each other and that happens in part based upon our mutual experiences, education, differences and similarities – plus the willingness to engage. From there, we can bridge gaps and accomplish so much.

We need to understand our common and unique histories.

Paraphrasing something that Ronald Reagan said – knowing he was an imperfect person, just as you or I are imperfect – applies to this theme. My 80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy. There are those that hate what we do here on MHLivingNews, but far more love what we do. Lord, for all those whom in your wisdom you saw fit to create, we give thanks. That includes those who are not yet behaving as friends.

Prager U has made videos we might disagree with elements of, but they have overall done a fine job of creating short videos that inform routinely based upon researched information. The one on the first Thanksgiving is among them.



With the spirit of seeking truth and justice, happy Thanksgiving to all.

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