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Let’s start with a fact that will be a news flash to some. Reality TV can be quite scripted and staged. By contrast, what we are doing with our Inside MH Road Show segments is different! These are videos about real people, answering candid questions about their experiences in manufactured homes or manufactured home communities (also known by the dated terminology of ‘mobile home parks’). Yes, we edit out a clear stumble (we will start doing outtake videos, some of them are funny!) We do so to make the person interviewed (or me!, if I stumble! 🙂 look good, rather than distract from what would otherwise be a good interview.

We want those speaking to be able to tell their stories well and with their own words. Against that backdrop, let’s look at the story of Al and Joy Vollberg.

As Al explains in the interview above, he is a veteran. Al and Joy are also pet lovers. They left the city they lived in for many years, and moved to a nice sized town nearby. That happens to confirm facts found in a recent study by Pew Research, which stated that ‘the exurbs’ are seeing growth from those who are leaving cities and large suburbs for small town or rural life. You’ll hear Al and Joy describe why they made their decision.

VOG and Finished Drywall

In a recent interview, we had an explanation about VOG, one of the features in the Vollbergs’ home. VOG means Vinyl Over Gypsum. Think of it as a permanent vinyl covering over sheetrock, like a wall paper. The VOG panels have a batten strip covering them, a faster way to build that still gives you the benefits of sheetrock. You don’t have to ever paint VOG, but you can if you so desire.

Some prefer traditional finished and painted sheetrock, others like VOG. Either one is available from most manufactured home builders. Finished sheetrock is normally a few thousand dollars more, just consider the advantages of each before you custom order or buy your manufactured home. The Vollbergs opted for VOG, but the video home tour we will show on this page is finished drywall.



Let’s draw towards the close on the headline note. These are real interviews with real people that experience life changes of all kinds. In this interview, if you watch closely, you can see the pain of loss for this couple, as they talk about beloved pets that died, but they also describe what happened that brought new life into their home. They talk as well about the joys and easier living they’ve discovered since buying their new manufactured home in a land-lease community operated by UMH Properties.

The Vollbergs did what you are doing now. They went online. They did their research. Then, they went inside actual homes before they made their decision. As Alan Amy from LA said in a recent interview, you want to touch and feel the home inside and out. This Vollberg Inside MH Road Show video interview will tell you why they decided on what they did, and what their thoughts are about modern manufactured home (MH) living.

Like hundreds of thousands of others, Al Vollberg knew about conventional construction. They sold a conventional ‘site built’ house in order to buy their MH.



Where ever you are in the U.S. or Canada – or in the growing number of places in Australia or England that also have their versions of manufactured homes and communities – there are great reasons to consider the MH option. Do look at websites. Do your drive-by. But make sure you step inside a few homes. See, touch and feel for yourself.

We did another interview that will go live in a few weeks here on MHLivingNews. A retailer explains that if you happen to encounter a retailer or community that doesn’t get your motor running, the answer isn’t to stop there. The answer is to go onto another who is a better fit for you! Find the retailer or community in your target location that fits your needs, wants and lifestyle goals.

On this last road trip, we interviewed households that ranged from modest to 7 figure net worths. What they all have in common is that they have discovered that manufactured home living gives them a great lifestyle that is greener (eco-friendly) and is proven by government, university and insurance studies to cost less green to buy, maintain, heat or cool.

When you do, you may be like the dozens of singles, couples and families we’ve interviewed who say why contemporary MH Living is good news for them. ##

l.a.tony_.kovach-publisher-manufacturedhomelivingnews-com-mhpronews-com-mhc-md-com-1By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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