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Baywatch Bombshell Actress Pam Anderson’s Famous Malibu “Mobile Mansion” Up for Sale, Photo Spread, Videos

Pamela Anderson choice of manufactured home living gave a new meaning to the term, “upwardly mobile.”


Anderson is one of several “rich, famous and frugal” celebrities, millionaires or billionaires who have at various times in their lives opted for a manufactured home.



Paradise Cove has attracted several stars over the years.  The locale has included Matthew McConaughey, Minnie Driver, and others, see related reports, linked at the end of this article.






Before you consider the price tag, keep in mind that part of the value of real estate is determined by its setting.  Or as real estate agents have said for years, “location, location, location.”  You can get a home similar to Anderson’s at a different location for a small fraction of the price.





But then, it wouldn’t be overlooking the sparkling, fabled waters, and sandy beaches of Malibu, California – not far from where Baywatch was first filmed.




The photo spread on this page of the home she lived in, now up for sale for a cool $1.75 million dollars, is from the LA Times, which has more at this link here, but doesn’t have the videos or details shown on this page.


The video from the Wall Street Journal makes it clear that Malibu isn’t the only place where luxurious manufactured homes are found.

The video is from ABC News, there’s no date on the original video, but it looks older than the posting date of 2015.

Anderson has been in the news for her reported relationship with WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. Her career took off with the TV series, Baywatch. At one time, her Baywatch was one of the most watched TV shows on earth.

And she lived in a manufactured home.

There’s a tragic stigma for too many about living in a home that arrived at the site on wheels.

But it’s comical, when you realize that virtually every house built in America had its components trucked to the building site. Do you want your home build in doors, our outside in the rain, snow, dirt and whatever else is found in local weather?

For a time, blacks were stigmatized in this country, as were Native Americans, Irish, Italians, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, Catholics, and on down the list.

The time for stigmatizing people or there housing choice ought to be over.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson, MD called the evolution of the mobile home to today’s manufactured homes “amazing.”

We’ve interviewed dozens of experts and home owners, who time and again lay to rest the false narrative of “trailer trash,” “trailer parks,” or other such unjust and inaccurate terminology.  Long time factory built home owner, the Rev. Donald Tye has said it is just as wrong to use the T word  as a slur about a manufactured home, as it is the n-word about a black man. Tye provided a nice life for his family, he says, in large part because they lived in a more affordable home.  Spend less on your housing, and you can spend more on everything else in life. That’s smart.


That said, back in the days when there really where new “trailer houses,” they used to be…cool! Hip, as the video below makes clear.  It just shows that perceptions can shift, and they can shift back again today toward modern manufactured homes.

It’s way past time for Americans to stand up to the false prejudices of all kinds, including against modern manufactured homes.

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