Who knows Manufactured Home Reality the Best?

Sometimes it helps to ask and answer a simple, straight forward question. Who knows contemporary manufactured homes the best?

The obvious answers are:

> Those who own them and

> Those leaders who work in the ranks of manufactured housing, day-by-day.

This is why telling the story of modern manufactured homes via video interviews of experts and home owners are so helpful. A sometimes skeptical public is searching for answers as to how to make their housing dollars go father. MH is a key answer, but it is one that is too often overlooked.

As I write this, our video man Charlie Drake and myself are in Michigan. We are doing the latest round of Inside MH Road Trip video interviews, while the ladies in our lives hold down the fort, so we could talk to MH home owners at 3 different locations. We’ve interviewed some local civic and business leaders and those connected with the locations where the homes are located.

We also finished the first of three inside looks at home production centers tours planned. The first of those three was videoed earlier this week. It could be eye opening for millions!

MH Owners, Telling their Stories

As I interviewed a woman who glowed about her new home and neighborhood, I asked, what can she say that is bad? She thought for a a moment. Paraphrasing, she said there could be more community events.

I let the management know, buy frankly, it was not a bad thought! Because what it suggests is that lady likes the events they already do, and she would enjoy even more.

MH Living doesn’t have to be perfect to be good. No one who lives In a conventional house or apartment expects perfection. Why should we expect it from MH?

My smart phone doesn’t do everything, but it does more than enough to make me happy I own it. The same is true for the manufactured homes I’ve owned over the years.

Interviews with MH Experts and Home Owners

I was talking to a small group of MH lenders. One of them asked (paraphrasing), Tony, are you going to allow just anyone to be in these videos? Will you showcase just any MH retailer or MH community?

My answer was, no, of course not. We strive to show those who are seeking to do manufactured homes in a positive, professional manner. We want to showcase those who are taking good care of their customers and residents.

As some of those we interviewed said, shop around before you buy. Just as not every car dealer would be a good fit for you, not every MH Retailer or MH Community would be a good fit for you either.

Evan Atkinson Interview, Williams-Burg Square.

We will bring you more video interviews with the MH home owners and pros who know first hand the quality and value they enjoy next week.

Until then, let me share a common theme, one that a VP from a major international company and her retired postal engineer husband told me yesterday; that very successful couple loves their MH. They and others have said, people shopping for a home need to take a good look. People need to get past the stereotypes.

One medical professional – a DMV, or veterinarian – told me yesterday that before she bought her MH, she did careful shopping. She looked at the model she wanted many times. It was less costly than the high end apartment she was living in. It was more beautiful and far less investment than the older, conventional housing in the school district she wanted to live with her son.

Paraphrasing what that doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) told me, she called her parents to inform them of her interest. They replied, “Oh, no, your not going to buy a mobile home a live in a trailer park!’ She explained, a manufactured home isn’t what they think. Come out, look.

The parents did look. They love their daughters’ new home, and the MH Community it was located in. The DMV and her son love their home and neighborhood too. She was happy to sit down and tell her story.

Are you or someone you know shopping for a new place to live? See for yourself. Seek a good MH retailer or MH Community. Check out the appeal and value for yourself. More interviews, including Do It Yourself (DIY) videos are coming soon! ##

l.a.tony_.kovach-publisher-manufacturedhomelivingnews-com-mhpronews-com-mhc-md-com-1By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

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