Avava Systems model 264, photo credit, Sasha Moravec, Dezeen.

Curbed crows, Dezeen and Business Insider drill down on Avava Systems Bay Area PreFab Houses

In trendy, toney San Francisco, CA housing prices have skyrocketed in recent years. Trulia states that in the “San Francisco market trends indicate an increase of $25,000 (2%) in median home sales over the past year. The average price per square foot for this same period rose to $963, up from $959.”

Sunay Tripathi, the founder/CTO of Pluribus Networks and a self-described “Distinguished Engineer” says on Quora about building in the South Bay area of San Fransisco, “Assuming no thrills and frills, you can get a basic frame/sheetrock home up for $200-$250 sq/ft. This assumes non- custom windows, reasonable carpets, etc. It’s possible to go cheaper than this but at that point you are using a draftsman instead of architect, doing the GC work yourself and hiring cheaper contractors.”

A flat or small studio in San Francisco could buy a big house in most parts of the nation. Facts, photo credit at top credit RedFin. Map credit, Google Maps.

For those living outside of such pricey parts of California or other similar areas of the U.S., such sky-high housing costs might sound outrageous, and the role that local zoning and other public policies plays in driving up those costs are becoming a growing part of the discussion of affordable housing.  But MHLivingNews shares these facts above to set the context for pre-fabricated (prefab) Avava System’s Tiny Houses.

Avava Systems Britespaces model 264, as the name implies, is only 264 square feet. Obviously, the home would need a building site, such as the back yard of a larger house. Photo credit, Business Insider.

Absent that background, these flat-packed houses might seem costly indeed, but in the San Francisco Bay Area, these modest abodes are considered affordable.

Curbed Crows, while Dezeen and Business Insider drills down on Avava’s Bay Area PreFab Houses

A bevy of publishers – including Curbed, Dezeen and Business Insider – have shown their interest in San Francisco based start-up Avava Systems houses. Avava Systems calls their dwellings, Britespaces, and they can be built in four to six weeks. These are shipped flat-packed, and then they work with third-party construction crews to complete the build of the homes.

This spring the company launched three models ranging in price from $117,000 to $223,000, which includes permit fees, construction and contractor services.

Avava Systems Britespaces model 264, photo credit, Business Insider.

The model numbers reflect the square footage of each home: 264, 352, and 480. The first two are studios, the third is a one-bedroom home. The 264 is shipped in 64 boxes, as businessinsider informs MHLivingNews.

A variety of custom finishes and colors are available, says the producer of these homes. Bright LED lighting, and windows that draw in plenty of outside light lend the units their name, Britespaces. Photo credit, Business Insider.

Featuring concrete foundations and pine frames, the pre-cut components fasten into place, with the option to customize the size, finishes, window and trim color, cabinets, counters and flooring.

Think RV size…20 square feet for a bathroom, toilet, sink and shower?! That’s what they say at Avava Systems, photo credit, Business Insider.

The bedroom has a high ceiling, giving the feel of a larger space as does all the natural light from the large windows. The 20 sq ft bathroom includes a shower, toilet and sink.

High ceilings and bright lighting makes the space seem larger; sleeping quarters, work station and dining space in the model shown. Photo credit, Business Insider.

Each home can also include rooftop solar panels, a battery pack to store solar energy and an electric water heater. CEO Benjamin Kimmich intends to eventually design a dyi (do it yourself) home that anyone with basic handyman skills can assemble.

The home shown under construction, concrete foundation, pre-cut pine components make for a quicker build.

Affordable clearly means different things to different people in varied places.  Compared to these pre-fab homes, modern residential style manufactured and modular homes in most parts of the U.S. must seem like a dream, to learn more about those, click here. ##

(Photo credits: businessinsider/Curbed/Avava Systems–Tiny House)

Matthew Silver, 5 year veteran of MHProNews’ Daily Business News and periodic contributor to MHLivingNews.

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