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Ready for a destination that is something super-different? A place you can tour almost faster than a speeding bullet, have fun more powerful than a speeding locomotive, with someone able to leap tall buildings in a single boundand is still affordable for all ages?


 As DC Comic book and movie fans know, the Superman saga is set in a place called Metropolis. The actual town called Metropolis is located near the Ohio River, in southern Illinois’ Massac County. Wikipedia tell us this city of 6,482 (2000 Census) was named as the “Hometown of Superman” by DC Comics on On January 21, 1972.


 Clark Kent would certainly feel at home here, as he has a telephone booth and Lois Lane both nearby.


 Superman would also feel right at home next to the courthouse, where his giant statue symbolically defends “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”


Metropolis is just 3 miles west off Exit 37 on Interstate 24. Before you get to Superman Square and the 15′ tall bronze, full color statue of Superman there, you will find on the south side of the road an even taller statue of Big John. Big John is about twice the height of Superman and has stood in front of a local grocery store since the 1960s.

 Unlike most of our other U.S. Destinations showcased so far – which you could spend many hours or even days visiting – unless you plan to go gambling at nearby Harrah’s riverboat casino, 45 minutes to 2 hours is about all you need to have fun taking some pictures or getting souvenirs of the Man of Steel and his official home town.


 Among those who have visited and were photographed with Superman’s statue is Barack Obama, as you can see in the photo shown below.

During our stop on a Saturday afternoon in August, there was a steady stream of tourists who came to take photos with Superman, or have pictures taken with the cutouts by the Superman Museum and gift shop. Visitors also checked out other downtown attractions associated with the DC Comics super hero.


Metropolis also has nice wall murals, like the ones pictured below. On the museum, there are large images of Super Woman and other DC Comics personalities. The Superman Museum and gift shop has tons of memorabilia, Superman suits and all of the trinkets fans and tourists could possibly desire.


 Wikipedia tells us that:


  • On June 9, 1972 the Illinois State Legislature passed Resolution 572 that declared Metropolis the “Hometown of Superman,” the comic book superhero who is based in the fictional city of Metropolis.
  • The city holds an annual Superman Celebration held the second weekend in June.

  • The local newspaper is named The Metropolis Planet, inspired by The Daily Planet, the fictional paper in Superman’s Metropolis.

 The Superman Museum and gift shop also has a second statue shown below that has The Man Of Steel leaping “Up, Up and Away!” as he seemingly begins to fly away.

If you are traveling through the area, this was a fast and fun stop that was certainly worth it. ##

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