‘No Shame’ – Fact Checks: ‘The 100 Largest Mobile Home Park Owners in the U.S.’ by ‘MobileHomeU, MobileHomeParkStore Data Compared to MHPHOA’s Largest U.S. MH Community Owners List

The “No Shame” part of the headline will be explained near the end of this report and analysis. That said, flashback to 2015 when The Guardian reported that Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS) had “nearly” 140,000 homesites for their residents who owned either a pre-HUD Code mobile home (MH) or a post-HUD Code manufactured home (MH).  Needless to say, ELS has added sites since 2015, both by acquisition and by developing new manufactured home sites. But on the so-called “Mobile Home University” (MHU) ‘up to date’ information that follows, some 8 years later, they still used that outdated 140,000 homesites claim for ELS. Yet, their website indicates their information is ‘the most up to date available,’ which implies periodic updates. RHP Properties is another example shown on the following list by MHU. In an RHP press release on September 19, 2022 that states that they have 79,585 homesites in 30 states. But on their obviously not updated listing on MHU, which is also found on the MobileHomeParkStore website, RHP’s rank and site count is still based on a claimed total of 57,800 MH homesites. MHU and the MobileHomeParkStore are associated with Frank Rolfe, Dave Reynolds and Brandon Reynolds.  Their data in this example that follows is not being updated. When asked about this issue via email, they declined comment. By contrast, MHPHOA, an apparently volunteer organization which says it is operated by manufactured home community residents for the benefit of other manufactured home community residents, has a listing of their own of the largest manufactured home community operators in the U.S. That MHPHOA list, shown below, apparently provides superior information that spot checks reveal are far more accurate/current than MHU’s or their MobileHomeParkStore sister site.  This report will provide the information from both of those sources and will compare, contrast, fact check, and provide related commentary and more information that could prove useful for an array of individuals and entities seeking information about so-called ‘mobile home parks’ (MHPs) and manufactured home communities (MHC).

This first list that follows may well have updated their own site count, as ‘Frank and Dave’ associated MHP Funds in their list says they have 29,071 home sites. In 2015, according to left-leaning Wikipedia, “As of 2015, the partners were ranked as the 6th largest owner of mobile home parks in the United States. Operating as privately held MHP Funds, they own about 11,000 lots in over 160 mobile parks.” That may logically suggest a self-serving nature to this information, if they update their own data but not that of others.

So, the first list that follows is provided with a clear disclaimer that the information is demonstrably NOT UP TO DATE. Is that false advertising? To answer that, one must recall their claim in an advertisement that “We have the most accurate and up-to-date information on the mobile home park industry.” Odd that someone in the manufactured home industry would use the phrase, “mobile home park industry” instead of ‘manufactured home community‘ profession. Part of the footer on their list says: “We have tried to be as accurate as possible, but we cannot attest to the validity of any of the information, as it is 100% reliant on others. We look at this list as a perpetual work in progress, to be amended and revised as necessary. For corrections email” Apparently, some of their claims are not so. Some graphic evidence for these remarks is linked here.

Once someone reviews the data from “Frank and Dave” for-profit generated information (not that MHLivingNews is editorially against ethically earned profits) “most accurate and up-to-date information” to the second list by volunteer-driven nonprofit MHPHOA at, the second one is clearly superior in several ways.

So, first the claims about ranking and site-count according to Frank, Dave, and Brandon associated operations followed by information from the resident volunteers at MHPHOA. See for yourself which is more accurate and useful “We Provide, You Decide.” ©


Notice: this fact check should NOT be construed as an endorsement of
Frank, Dave, Brandon, MHU, the MobileHomeParkStore or any of their other enterprises.

Third-party images or content are provided under fair use guidelines for media.

Note 2: Do not depend on the accuracy of the information that follows from MobileHomeU and/
or the MobileHomeParkStore. The evidence suggests that any given data point may be years out of date.

Rank Community Operator Lots Owned
1 Equity Lifestyle Properties 140,000
2 Sun Communities, LLC 92,500
3 RHP 57,800
4 Yes! Communities 43,813
5 MHP Funds 29,071
6 Hometown America 20,540
7 UMH 15,500
8 Carefree Communities 12,823
9 Laurtrec, LTD 11,980
10 Kingsley Living 11,600
11 Continental Communities 11,532
12 Zeman Homes 9,865
13 Kort and Scott Group 8,423
14 Harmony Communities 7,375
15 Heritage Financial Group 7,215
16 Inspire Communities 7,116
17 MHPI 6,923
18 Nodel Parks 6,732
19 Ascentia 6,620
20 Garden Homes Management Corporation 6,376
21 Follett Investment Properties 6300 est.
22 American Manufactured Communities (AMC) 5,919
23 Sierra Corporate Management (Aka Kort And Scott) 5,900
24 Cascade Community Management 5600
25 Asset Development Group (Aka Home Source One) 5,500
26 Park Advisors, Inc. 5,495
27 Richard Kellam Associates 5300 est.
28 Uniprop 5100 est.
29 Denmark Management (Aka Elmcrest Partners LLC) 5000 est.
30 The Carlyle Group, Inc. 5,000
31 Murex Properties 5,000
32 TREAD Companies 4,369
33 5005 Properties, Inc 4210
34 Ravinia Communities 4055
35 Cook Properties 4000
36 Millennium Housing 4000 est.
37 Tunnell Companies, Lp. 3800 est.
38 Hurst and Son 3622
38 Brookside Communities 3500 est.
39 Rudgate Communities 3,484
40 Brandenburg, Staedler, And Moore (AKA Brandenburg Properties) 3,441
41 Three Pillar Communities 3256
42 Chesapeake Mh Sales/Lakeside Park 3,200 est
44 HCA Management 2,750
45 SSK Communities 2,300
46 Affordable Communities Group, LLC 2,281
47 A.L.S. Properties/Hart Custom Homes 2,265
48 TCC Management 2,205
49 Johnson Gail Real Estate / Horner And Associates / MHP Management Services Corp 2,152
50 Parkbridge Capital Investment Group 2100 est.
51 American Mobile Home Communities 2,100
52 Bertakis Development 2,057
53 Anclote Holding Company, Inc. 2005
54 Jennings Realty 2000 est.
55 Laguna Asset Management / Vista Casa Manufactured Homes 1,950
56 Rimco Properties 1,940
57 Steiner Communities, Inc., LLC 1,920
58 Park Avenue Partners 1,804
59 Hanover Group 1800 est.
60 Alan Larson/Kentwood Real Estate 1700 est.
61 The Bedrock Group 1700
62 Gore Investments 1,678
63 Genesis Communities 1600 est.
64 Familia Limited Partnership 1600 est.
65 Lakeshore Communities 1600 est.
66 Harshaw Asset Management 1600 est.
67 Cambridge Investors, LLC 1,500
68 Park Avenue Asset Management 1,479
69 Cohron’s Realty/Manufactured Homes 1,425
70 Lansdowne Equity Ventures 1,400
71 Bessire And Casenhiser 1400 est.
72 DWG Corporation 1300 est.
73 Ashwood Communities/Flood Homes, Inc 1300 est.
74 Park Management Specialists Corp. 1,300
75 Harper Parks/Harper Homes 1,253
76 Brenton Homes 1203
77 MHP Innovations (aka Crowell Homes) 1200
78 State Street Group 1200
79 Star Management 1200 est.
80 Real Estate Investment Partners 1200 est.
81 Manufactured Housing Properties Inc. 1,134
82 The Temple Companies 1100 est.
83 Four Leaf Properties (Acquired Dominion Ventures) 1,039
84 The Goldfinch Group 1,021
85 Us Parks Investments 1000 est.
86 Jaffa Parks 981
87 Goldman Park Group LLC 934
88 Leary Management Group 925
89 Concord Management 903
90 Parkside Holdings 900 est.
91 Crown Communities 873
92 Peterson Investment Ltd. 800 est.
93 Cape Point Enterprises, LLC 800 est.
94 Liberty Common Manufactured Home Communities (Now Owns Riley Homes’s Communities) 780
95 Capital Cashflow 779
96 Gonzalez Escarcega Investments, LLC 738
97 Real Estate Acquisitions USA 718
98 Orangewood Lakes 700 est.
99 FR Communities 700
100 Sierra Communities 700 est.


As one more fact check on the above, the ‘Frank and Dave’ associated list claims that publicly-traded Manufactured Housing Properties Inc (MHPI) has 1134 total homesites. By according to that firm’s own site, “As of February 13, 2023” are the following insights.

Current Portfolio Statistics:

  • 55+ communities containing +2,500 home sites.
  • Portfolio occupancy 90%

Obviously, the list above is not being kept updated.  That said, let’s pivot to the apparently far more accurate information produced by MHPHOA.


One of MHPHOA’s footer comments that follows their list below says: “WEBSITE FOR RESIDENTS: The MHPHOA is NOT affiliated with any mobile home park owners and/or mobile home park management entities. We are both outspoken and anonymous mobile home residents, past and present, just like you, experiencing similar injustices, who want to help.” While they are focused on California, a significant amount of information on their site – such as this list below – is insightful beyond that one state. MHPHOA is short for “Mobile Home Park Home Owners Allegiance.” While the odds are good that 4 out of 5 of their members live in a manufactured home instead of a mobile home, the organization is quite apparently providing more accurate and up-to-date information in what follows then those firms associated with Frank and Dave. While MHLivingNews has only spot checked information above and below, based on those spot checks, MHPHOA appears to be more accurate than the one from MHU et al.

For possible updates to the following listings, go to the MHPHOA website on that linked page.

Note that beyond apparently more accurate data, MHPHOA’s list has more information than MHU provided.

For example, MHPHOA points out that and have interconnected corporate relationships (sister companies). Or that and are both part of the same ‘vertically integrated’ family of brands.  Note that the while the data for ELS is closer than Frank and Dave’s, however, they have seemingly included the combined MH sites (the majority of their portfolio) with RV sites. That said, on this date ELS shows precisely that same total, per this online search, as MHPHOA does. Score one for the volunteers, and zero for MHU et al.


EquityLifeStylePropertiesELS-170,250SitesScreenshot 2023-02-23 123351-MHLivingNews-


Following their list, there will be additional information and an analysis in brief.


Third-party images or content are provided under fair use guidelines for media.


# Name Address City State Zip Prop Sites Verified Website
1 Sun Communities Inc 27777 Franklin Road, Suite 200 Southfield Michigan 48034 662 226,600 11/21/2022
2 Equity LifeStyle Properties Inc Two North Riverside Plaza Chicago Illinois 60606 445 170,250 11/21/2022
3 RHP Properties 31200 Northwestern Highway Farmington Hills Michigan 48334 370 80,100 11/21/2022
4 YES! Communities 1900 16th Street, Suite 950 Denver Colorado 80202 295 55,850 11/21/2022
5 Roots Management Group 16400 Dallas Parkway Dallas Texas 75248 235 38,800 11/21/2022
6 Horizon Land Management 2138 Espey Court, Suite 1 Crofton Maryland 21114 173 34,900 11/21/2022
7 UMH Properties Inc 3499 Route 9 North, Suite 3-C Freehold New Jersey 7728 137 26,075 1/24/2023
8 Inspire Communities 11335 Gold Express Drive, Suite 100 Gold River California 95670 127 26,025 11/21/2022
9 Hometown America 150 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2800 Chicago Illinois 60606 78 24,500 11/21/2022
10 The BoaVida Group LP 1914 Terracina Drive, Suite 130 Sacramento California 95834 225 23,250 12/23/2022
Elias Weiner
11 Havenpark Communities 51 West Center Street, Suite 600 Orem Utah 84057 80 22,000 11/21/2022
12 Lakeshore Management 8800 North Bronx Avenue Skokie Illinois 60077 91 20,000 11/21/2022
13 Lautrec Ltd 31550 Northwestern Highway, Suite 200 Farmington Hills Michigan 48334 32 19,150 11/21/2022
14 Investment Property Group 18006 Sky Park Circle, Suite 200 Irvine California 92614 115 19,000 12/19/2022
Brian L. Fitterer
15 MHP Funds LLC 110 Northwest 2nd Street Cedaredge Colorado 81413 165 19,000 11/21/2022
Frank Rolfe, Dave Reynolds
16 Newport Pacific Capital 17300 Red Hill Avenue, Suite 280 Irvine California 92614 120 18,125 11/21/2022
17 M. Shapiro Real Estate Group 31550 Northwestern Highway, Suite 220 Farmington Hills Michigan 48334 18,000 11/21/2022
18 Kingsley Management Corporation 4956 North 300 West Provo Utah 84604 16,000
19 Bessire and Casenhiser Inc 430 South San Dimas Avenue San Dimas California 91773 70 15,950 11/21/2022
20 Cal-Am Properties Inc 385 Clinton Street Costa Mesa California 92626 14,625
21 Meritus Communities (Inframark IMS) 32255 Northwestern Highway Farmington Hills Michigan 48334 13,975 11/21/2022
22 Stonetown Capital 720 South Colorado Boulevard, Suite 1150-N Denver Colorado 80246 100 13,000 11/21/2022
23 Flagship Communities REIT 467 Erlanger Road Erlanger Kentucky 41018 67 11,875 11/21/2022
24 Gelt Inc 18751 Ventura Boulevard, 2nd Floor Tarzana California 91356 28 11,475 11/21/2022
25 Zeman Homes 6547 North Avondale Avenue Chicago Illinois 60631 40 11,100 11/21/2022
26 Commonwealth Real Estate Services 18150 Southwest Boones Ferry Road Portland Oregon 97224 101 10,000 11/21/2022
27 Harmony Communities 838 West Hastings Street, Suite 300 Vancouver British Columbia V6C0A6 47 10,000 11/21/2022
28 ParkLand Ventures Inc 4501 Highwoods Parkway, Suite 270 Glen Ellen Virginia 23060 48 9,875 11/21/2022
29 Continental Communities 2015 Spring Road, Suite 600 Oak Brook Illinois 60523 28 8,800 11/21/2022
30 Ascentia Real Estate Holding Company LLC 2 West Dry Creek Circle # 200 Littleton Colorado 80120 39 8,600 11/21/2022
31 Newby Management 3310 US Highway 301 North Ellenton Florida 34222 50 8,050
32 Four Leaf Properties 600 West 22nd Street, Suite 101 Oakbrook Illinois 60523 8,000 11/21/2022
33 J & H Asset Property Management Inc 22880 Savi Ranch Parkway Yorba Linda California 92887 79 8,000 11/21/2022
34 Nodel Parks LLC 38505 Woodward Avenue, Suite 275 Bloomfield Hills Michigan 48304 30 7,875 11/21/2022
35 KDM Development Corporation 1080 Pittsford Victor Road, Suite 202 Pittsford New York 14534 7,500 11/21/2022
36 Riverstone Communities 6400 Telegraph Road Bloomfield Township Michigan 48301 70 7,500 11/21/2022
37 Windward Communities 380 Park Place Boulevard, Suite 225 Clearwater Florida 33759 21 7,500 11/21/2022
38 Garden Homes Management Corporation 29 Knapp Street Stamford Connecticut 6907 7,350 11/21/2022
39 Kort and Scott 320 North Park Vista Street Anaheim California 92806 41 7,100 11/21/2022
Lee M. Kort, Michael H. Scott
40 Westwind Enterprises Ltd 1515 The Alameda, Suite 200 San Jose California 95126 20 6,475 11/21/2022
41 Affordable Communities Group LLC 2054 Kildaire Farm Road # 413 Cary North Carolina 27518 40 6,200 11/21/2022
42 Santiago Communities Inc 1920 East Warner Avenue Santa Ana California 92705 43 6,000 11/21/2022
43 Choice Properties Inc 2265 Livernois, Suite 500 Troy Michigan 48083 11 5,850 11/21/2022
44 Les Frame Management 1635 Aviation Boulevard Redondo Beach California 90278 47 5,400 12/1/2022
45 Monte Christo Communities 3308 El Camino Avenue, Suite 300, Room 608 Sacramento California 95821 88 5,400 12/2/2022
46 Uniprop 280 Daines Street, Suite 300 Birmingham Michigan 48009 45 5,100 11/21/2022
47 Murex Properties LLC 12629 New Brittany Boulevard, Building 16 Fort Myers Florida 33907 20 5,000 11/21/2022
48 Ravinia Communities LLC 900 Skokie Boulevard, Suite 213 Northbrook Illinois 60062 5,000 11/21/2022
49 Star Management 1400 East 4th Street Santa Ana California 92701 36 4,975 11/21/2022
Pacific Current Partners
Saunders Property Company
50 Pacific Current Partners 1400 East 4th Street Santa Ana California 92701 34 4,900 11/21/2022
Saunders Property Company
Star Management
51 Thesman Communities 11100 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles California 90025 11 4,775 11/21/2022
52 Millennium Housing 611 Anton Boulevard, Suite 890 Costa Mesa California 92626 19 4,500 11/21/2022
George Turk
53 Caritas Affordable Housing 3 Park Plaza, Suite 1700 Irvine California 92614 30 4,325 11/21/2022
54 Storz Management Company 9152 Greenback Lane Orangevale California 95662 34 4,125 11/30/2022
55 Blair Group 2190 Firestone Way Lakeland Florida 33810 5 3,875 11/21/2022
56 Hurst & Son LLC 585 Bethel Avenue, Suite 202 Port Orchard Washington 98366 60 3,625 12/9/2022
57 Brandenburg Properties 1122 Willow Street, Suite 200 San Jose California 95125 14 3,500 11/21/2022
58 Monolith Properties Inc 3050 Fite Circle, Suite 210 Sacramento California 95827 36 3,375 11/28/2022
59 FollettUSA 3600 American River Drive, Suite 215 Sacramento California 95864 15 3,300 11/21/2022
60 Leasco Management Company 21 Natoma Street, Suite #110 Folsom California 95630 3,000
61 Santefort Real Estate Group LLC 732 North Cass Avenue Westmont Illinois 60559 10 2,950 11/21/2022
62 HCA Management Company LLC PO Box 7 Novato California 94948 15 2,750 11/21/2022
63 Manufactured Housing Properties Inc 136 Main Street Pineville North Carolina 28134 57 2,750 2/3/2023
64 Cabrillo Management Corporation 1495 Pacific Highway, Suite 450 San Diego California 92101 13 2,500 11/21/2022
65 ALS Properties 5501 Lakeland Avenue North Crystal Minnesota 55429 12 2,400 11/21/2022
66 Inland Venture Partners 2901 Butterfield Road Oak Brook Illinois 60523 25 2,400 12/19/2022
67 American Mobile Home Communities PO Box 414 Barrington Illinois 60011 15 2,100 11/21/2022
68 Parkbridge Investment Group Inc 139 Walnut Boulevard Rochester Michigan 48307 15 2,100 11/21/2022
69 Park Street Partners 27762 Antonio Parkway L1-435 Ladera Ranch California 92694 2,025
70 FR Community 1420 West Canal Court Littleton Colorado 80120 7 2,000 11/21/2022
71 The Requity Group 401 East Jackson Street, Suite 3300 Tampa Florida 33602 17 2,000 12/5/2022
72 Laguna Asset Management PO Box 2308 Laguna Hills California 92654 1,950
73 Discover Properties LLC 17602 17th Street, Suite 102 # 289 Tustin California 92780 16 1,575 11/21/2022
74 Nella Invest 2360 Lindbergh Street Auburn California 95602 12 1,525 12/23/2022
75 Cambridge Investors 3001 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 324 Troy Michigan 48084 1,500
76 Park Place Communities 1176 East Warner Road, Suite 201 Gilbert Arizona 85296 20 1,500 11/21/2022
77 TREAD Companies Richmond Virginia 8 1,500 11/21/2022
78 Cohron’s Manufactured Homes 9622 Pendleton Pike Indianapolis Indiana 46236 7 1,425 11/21/2022
79 Flood Homes Inc N7559 North Pioneer Road Fond du Lac Wisconsin 54937 10 1,300 11/21/2022
80 Living Well Communities 647 Camino De Los Mares, Suite 108/70 San Clemente California 92673 20 1,075 11/21/2022
Abraham Arrigotti
81 Goldfinch Communities 1905 Sherman Street, Suite 835 Denver Colorado 80203 10 1,025 11/21/2022
82 Affordable Communities Inc 7420 Greenhaven Drive, Suite 125 Sacramento California 95831 13 925 11/21/2022
Maurice Priest
83 Iron Oak Properties 660 4th Street, # 471 San Francisco California 94107 7 375 11/21/2022
84 Affordable Communities Fund I, LLC, ACF II, ACF III, ACF IV, ACF V 11/21/2022 See Havenpark Communities
85 Alden Global Capital 885 Third Avenue, 34th Floor New York New York 10022 11/28/2022
86 Apex Residential Management Inc 11/21/2022 See Kort and Scott
87 ARC Investments 9597 Central Avenue Montclair California 91763 12 11/21/2022
88 Ashwood Communities 11/21/2022 See Flood Homes Inc
89 Bedrock Communities 1177 Primrose Peak Drive Ruskin Florida 33570 19 12/2/2022
90 Brookfield Asset Management Inc 11/21/2022 See RHP Properties
91 Carefree Communities Inc 11/21/2022 See Sun Communities Inc
92 Cascade Corporate Management Inc 11/21/2022 See The BoaVida Group LP
93 Centerbridge Partners LP 11/21/2022 See Sun Communities Inc
94 Chesapeake Homes 7519 Lincoln Highway Abbottstown Pennsylvania 17301 10 11/21/2022
95 Commercial Real Estate Investors Inc 151 North California Avenue, Top Floor Oakdale California 95361 12 11/21/2022
96 Cove Communities 2999 North 44th Street, Suite 200 Phoenix Arizona 85018 36 12/2/2022
97 Crown Communities LLC 1712 Pioneer Avenue, Suite 2117 Cheyenne Wyoming 82001 16 11/21/2022
98 Elevation Capital Group 4675 MacArthur Court, Suite 500 Newport Beach California 92660
99 Federal Capital Partners 11/21/2022 See Horizon Land Management
100 Fischer Investment Group 3812 Scottsdale Drive Irvine California 92606
101 Forrest Street Partners 935 Forrest Street, Suite C Roswell Georgia 30075 5 12/6/2022
102 Garber Communities PO Box 580 Winter Park Florida 32790 12 12/2/2022
103 Good Life Communities 11/21/2022 See The BoaVida Group LP
104 Happy Home Communities 11/21/2022 See Gelt Inc
105 Havenpark Capital Partners 11/21/2022 See Havenpark Communities
106 Heartwood Partners 301 Merritt 7 Norwalk Connecticut 6851 11/28/2022
107 HomeFirst Communities 11/21/2022 See Windward Communities
108 Homes of America LLC PO Box 483 Bergenfield New Jersey 7631 11/28/2022 See Alden Global Capital
109 Impact Communities 11/21/2022 See MHP Funds LLC
110 IQ Mobile Home Parks 25-31 30th Road Astoria New York 11102
111 James Goldstein Los Angeles California
112 Jensen Communities 11/21/2022 See Sun Communities Inc
113 Keith Management LLC 1775 E Queen Creek Road #3 Chandler Arizona 85286 15 11/21/2022
114 Kodiak Property Management 11/21/2022 See Crown Communities LLC
115 Legacy Communities LLC 32313 Broadway Street, Suite 101 Sebring Florida 33870 75 12/23/2022
116 McDougall-Weiner Investments 11/21/2022 See The BoaVida Group LP
117 MHC Property Management LP 11/28/2022 See Equity LifeStyle Properties Inc
118 North Highland Partners 12/2/2022 See Roseland Communities
119 Platinum Acquisitions LLC 11/21/2022 See Kort and Scott
120 Resident Owned Parks Inc 11/21/2022 See Affordable Communities Inc
121 Roseland Communities PO Box 42074 Arlington Virginia 22204 8 12/2/2022
122 RV Horizons Inc 11/21/2022 See MHP Funds LLC
123 Saunders Property Company 4040 MacArthur Boulevard # 300 Newport Beach California 92660
Pacific Current Partners
Star Management
124 Sierra Corporate Management Inc 11/21/2022 See Kort and Scott
125 Silver King Companies 10679 North Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard # 103 Scottsdale Arizona 85259 13 11/21/2022
126 Skya Ventures Inc 11/21/2022 See Gelt Inc
127 Smith Management LLC 1 Engle Street, Suite 201 Englewood New Jersey 7631 12/2/2022 See Alden Global Capital
128 Steiner Communities 401 South Albany Avenue Tampa Florida 33606 8 11/21/2022
129 Stockbridge Capital Group 11/21/2022 See YES! Communities
130 Strive Communities 11/21/2022 See MHP Funds LLC
131 Tarrant Capital IP LLC 11/21/2022 See MHP Funds LLC
132 Tecolote Investors LLC 11/21/2022 See FollettUSA
Matthew N. Follett
133 The Blackstone Group LP 11/21/2022 See Roots Management Group
134 Treehouse Communities 11/21/2022 See Roots Management Group
135 Vineyards Management Group 11/21/2022 See Roots Management Group
136 West Coast Mobile Home Parks Inc 1700 South El Camino Real, Suite 404 San Mateo California 94402 60 12/2/2022
Richard Delaney
137 Western Management LLC 1654 The Alameda, Suite 100 San Jose California 95159
138 Westland Real Estate Group 520 West Willow Street Long Beach California 90806 17 11/21/2022


Note that Manufactured Housing Properties Inc. (MHPI), part of our spot-check of ‘Frank and Dave’s’ data is reflected in the listing above.  Once again, MHPHOA’s information appears to align with that of the source company. In those spot checks, score another for the accuracy of MHPHOA, still zero for ‘Frank, Dave,’ et al.


Additional Information with More MHLivingNews Analysis and Commentary in Brief

There may be some larger community operators that don’t deploy predatory practices. That said, as MHLivingNews has previously researched and pointed out, each of the companies that were spotlighted by HBO’s viral video errantly dubbed “Mobile Homes” on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver were all Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) members.



Our MHProNews sister site has pointed out the apparent hypocrisy in evidence in MHI’s so-called code of ethical conduct and the actual behavior of several of their larger brands.




The consolidators of the manufactured home community sector who engage in what numbers of their own residents’ often call “predatory tactics” seem to have no shame. Their aggressive tactics toward often vulnerable residents who prior to their making an acquisition may have been making timely payments for years can suddenly thrust someone toward eviction. As MHPHOA and other community resident advocate groups have noted, due to the high cost of moving a manufactured home, plus the limited to no practical alternatives in a given area to move to for those who might have the resources necessary, a kind of localized monopoly is created. Who says? Ironically, it is suggested by ‘Frank and Dave’ themselves (see quote graphics below).


A Cautionary Tale for Those Shopping for a Manufactured Home Community

A key reason to organize these two lists is to provide a resource for possible shoppers to utilize to know who to do business with and who not to do business with. While it would be too much to say that every MHI member is predatory, numbers are. They are routinely (but again, not always) those who are actively engaged in consolidation. Best advice? Check out the various reports for a given company that you are considering doing business with on both MHLivingNews and MHProNews. Use the search tool. Since management, information, and understanding change over time, look beyond a single report. An hour of research here and with other reliable sources can help prospective buyers in a manufactured home community headaches and heartaches.



To those considering entering the manufactured home industry, as an investor or otherwise, consider carefully who you want to associate or invest with.  For instance, if a company has a problematic reputation with their own client base, and often with their own employees, what level of discomfort and angst should the next person feel? If, for example, Brandon, ‘Frank and Dave’ can’t keep their own pages up to date, as they apparently suggest, what other information do they have that is unreliable?

Books could be written on this topic of avoiding predatory land lease community operator’s vs. the benefits of selecting one of the thousands of ‘mom and pop’ businesses that routinely work very well with their typically happy residents. But the last bigger point for now is this. Why is it that MHPHOA keeps their names anonymous? It is apparently to protect their members from possible retaliation by the management of the properties they live at. MHLivingNews/MHProNews have said for some years that the Hobbs Act is one of several possible laws that ought to be explored by legal advocates on behalf of manufactured home community residents who are working to protect each other.

Quoting their home page once more for emphasis: “WEBSITE FOR RESIDENTS: The MHPHOA is NOT affiliated with any mobile home park owners and/or mobile home park management entities. We are both outspoken and anonymous mobile home residents, past and present, just like you, experiencing similar injustices, who want to help.”  Our publication editorially tips the hat to those who authentically seek to benefit manufactured homeowners and shoppers. The flip side to that is that we seek to expose those who sabotage or otherwise prey on the trusting, vulnerable, and who in some instances ought to be investigated, charged, and hopefully sent to prison for a long, long, time. ##

Notice: the graphic below can be expanded to a larger size.
See instructions below graphic or click and follow the prompts.


HobbsActCornellLegalInformationInstituteLII-18 U.S. Code § 1951-MHLivingNews
Note: depending on your browser or device, many images in this report and others on MHProNews can be clicked to expand. Click the image and follow the prompts. For example, in some browsers/devices you click the image and select ‘open in a new window.’ After clicking that selection you click the image in the open window to expand the image to a larger size. To return to this page, use your back key, escape or follow the prompts.


There is little doubt that some new legislation that is properly written could prove useful to current and prospective manufactured homeowners.  That said, as another rule of thumb, it is surprising how often rigorously enforcing existing laws could provide more rapid relief to residents and others who are disadvantaged by a system that appears to be rigged in the favor of consolidators.  One of the most important ‘asks’ that MH residents should have for any public official is to press state and federal officials to vigorously enforce existing laws.



Some of the reports that feature information about Frank, Dave, and other so-called “predatory” tactics and business practices by manufactured home community operators.  Shoppers, as a rule of thumb, look for independently owned businesses as opposed to larger corporations that are busily consolidating others. Other tips, facts, and evidence-based insights are found in the reports that are linked.


AP, Denver Post Rips Rolfe, Reynolds, New Manufactured Home Resident Protection Law Implementation – The MOAT – Consumer and Advocacy Alerts, Facts Checks, Analysis


As MHLivingNews and MHProNews have reported for some years, much of the evidence of so-called “predatory” behavior can be traced back to specific brands that use “moat” and other immoral and/or illegal techniques that trace back to Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) members. We’ve publicly called them out in public to their faces, as the federal comments reports linked here and here indicate.

GSMOL’s Michelle Smith’s Cautionary Tale and MHAction, Key Manufactured Home Insights, Revisited


Impact Communities – What Frank Rolfe, Dave Reynolds, Taught Beyond Mobile Home U; Manufactured Housing Institute and National Communities Council

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All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested in the discussion of manufactured housing-related issues in our 12.3.2019 meetings. But Texas Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included a copy of the Constitution of the United States and other goodies. MHProNews has worked with people and politicos across the left-right divide.

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