Kid Rock, Famous Manufactured Homeowner and President Trump Supporter Rips “Far Left Socialist Liberals and Media”

Multimillionaire performer Kid Rock has been featured several times on MHLivingNews. He defies the stereotypes about our homes and other mistaken notions too. His given name is “Robert James Ritchie, better known as Kid Rock and occasionally Bobby Shazam,” says Wikipedia. The video below features his manufactured home in his hit single, Podunk. It also shows Bobby’s Rolls Royce and private jet.

Note to parents. This video is suggestive and mature in content, so preview it before your youth watch it. It has been viewed over 40 million times. In the Kid Rock style it celebrates the often hard working people who live in manufactured homes, but also in other types of lower cost housing.



In the wake of numerous calls by voices in media, politics, and in Hollywood to “deprogram” supporters of President Donald J. Trump, local and national news highlighted Kid Rock’s tweet that pushed back.



To those not familiar, and to give a sense of the entertainer, is this recent donation statement he made supporting independent businesses that have been harmed by the economic fallout from the COVID19 pandemic.



Also as a notice to new readers, MHLivingNews has periodically shown reports by those who supported Democratic candidates. While a given report may have this or that focus, our reports strive for overall balance and accuracy.




A periodic reader sent the following two videos to suggest this topic. The video that follows gives several examples of the kind of statements being made on news channels such as CNN or MSNBC. But for clarity not made in this video report below, others in media, politics, and beyond have covered this growing call to “deprogram” Trump supporters too.



As noted, that same reader sent this next video, which shows a few minutes of footage by anti-Trump activists. As the narrator and tweets shown after that part of this next video reflects, that anti-Trump video was heavily edited, to take statements and events out of context. But by doing so, that anti-Trump makes President Trump and his ‘army of followers’ appear to be made up of ‘racists’ and ‘white nationalists.’ An interesting tweet the narrator shows is from a non-Trump supporter that says that the language and tactics advocated in this anti-Trump video are dangerous and frightening.



They claims also happen to be wildly untrue. Here are some of the reason-based evidence.

The leftist, anti-Trump Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) estimated that there are an estimated 5000 and 8000 members of the KKK in 2015. The total number of such groups they put at about 190 nationally. If someone took the larger estimate of 8,000, that would work out to be about 42 members per group. Given that there were some 74 to 75 million known votes for President Trump in 2020 – and using the current ‘official’ number of 74,223,744 – those 8000 misguided souls would be only 0.000108 percent of the total of all Trump voters. And that is presuming, which is far from a given, that all of those 8000 were Trump supporters. Given that President Trump has ‘disavowed’ support by any racist group dozens of times over the years, it is hardly a given that racists are presumably a Trump supporter.



By contrast, President Obama-era Vice President Joe Biden was ripped by fellow Democrats for his problematic and direct ties to racists, a prominent Democratic Klansman, and his history of seemingly prejudiced remarks and harmful policies. Watch.




Federal officials have already noted that Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists, who are leftists not conservatives, were involved in the Capitol breech that is being used as an excuse to “impeach” President Trump and to target his tens of millions of supporters.




Compare that estimated 8000 KKK members to what left-leaning Wikipedia says is “An estimated 15 million to 26 million people participated in the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests in the United States, making it one of the largest movements in the country’s history.” Out of hundreds of pro-Trump rallies, there were no riots. By contrast, BLM and Antifa activists, who were supposedly anti-Trump and thus more pro-Biden-Harris, have caused billions of dollars in property damage, dozens of deaths, and thousands of injuries. That is not to excuse what occurred at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Rather, it is to begin to put it into context.

Then, there is the fact that BLM and Antifa advocates infiltrated the Trump supporters who were already at the Capitol. The evidence shows that those listening to President Trump at the Ellipse on the National Mall did not have time to make the journey before the Capitol breech occurred.



See the screen captures above and below for added context.



MHLivingNews recently reported on a lawmaker who was arrested by the FBI in a manufactured home, for his being in present in the Capitol Breach.




The ramifications of what is occurring in our segment of affordable housing and in our nation are many. If powerful forces, working behind the scenes, can purportedly rig an election and attempt to frame the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, after he specifically said he wanted his followers to peacefully protest, that is an outrage against the judicial process that should concern all people of good will.




What is also certain is that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited a manufactured home community after a storm, gave comfort and praised those resident living there. He visited the Villages in FL several times during his campaign. The Villages is a mixed used community that includes large numbers of mobile and manufactured homes.




We are living in troubling times. It is good to see voices like Kid Rock’s pushing back against this trend to silence Trump supporters. That effort to silence dissent is simply un-American.





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