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Affordable Living! Before and After Video, Remodeling a 1972 Mobile Home, Under $5,000

The need for affordable housing is serious.  Former President Jimmy Carter has publicly commented on the crisis recently. From that same era, Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Gerald Ford spoke favorably about mobile homes as much needed affordable living.

The HUD Code for manufactured homes went into effect on June 15, 1976. The homes built before that date that look like the one in this story are a true mobile home.

Here’s your short guide to terminology. Trailer houses, started in the 1930s. Mobile homes, in the 1950s to the early 1970s. Then came manufactured homes after 6-15-1976.  

Those built to the federal construction and safety standards, that had a red HUD label affixed to the tail end of the home are a manufactured home. The graphics further below help clarify definitions too.

There’s about 2 million of those older mobile homes in the U.S. today. Those mobile homes often sold originally for only a few thousand dollars.

Some buy an older mobile home that’s not been well maintained and fix them up, to obtain affordable housing.  Some, like the man that did this video, do it as an investment, for rental property.  Others buy an older home, and have it fixed up for themselves.

While the amount will vary by location, demand, condition of the home, and who is doing the work, the one in the video posted here was reportedly under $5,000 total.

The video shows before and after.  The video opens with the before, which isn’t appealing at all.  So watch the entire video, because the surprise is in the reveal after the two week remodel.  The difference is impressive.

Of course, an owner of an older mobile home or early model manufactured home may also want to do updates. The principles used are similar.

Here’s your short guide to terminology. Trailer houses, started in the 1930s. Mobile homes, in the 1950s to the early 1970s. Then came manufactured homes after 6-15-1976. 

We’ve worked with community owners, for example, who’ve completely ‘rebuilt’ a home from under ten thousand, up to the low twenties.

With the demand for affordable housing growing, don’t overlook the opportunities possible in updating your own mobile or manufactured home (MH).

The video with quality control professional Gretchen Vogel shown below gives you a sense of the realities, vs. the stereotypes, about those who live in a mobile or manufactured home.

Others who don’t already own a factory-built MH may want to consider buying one and updating it before they move in.

The money you can save via affordable living can be life-changing, especially if you invest that savings wisely.

It’s obvious that the less you spend on housing, the more you have for everything else in your life. To learn more, see the related report, linked below. ## (Lifestyle news, fixer-uppers, commentary, and analysis.)


Submitted by Soheyla Kovach, co-founder of MHLivingNews. Learn more in this mainstream media report, linked here.

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