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HUD Secretary Ben Carson and Senator Thom Tillis Discuss Affordable Housing and Manufactured Homes, Video

Readers should deliberately allow the words spoken by Senator Thom Tillis and HUD Secretary Ben Carson, MD, about manufactured homes, and pre-HUD Code mobile homes to speak for themselves in the video that follows.



MHLivingNews is pairing the Secretary Carson and Senator Tillis video with a separate but related affordable housing focus group video, shown below.



These two videos are less than 7 ½ minutes total run time. Yet in those few minutes, as Secretary Carson and Senator Tillis observe, manufactured homes emerge as an important part of the solution to America’s growing affordable housing crisis.

The facts favoring manufactured homes broad use are as overwhelming as they are overlooked.

MHLivingNews won’t focus today on the question raised by the Urban Institute asked earlier this year. Their researchers also praised manufactured homes.  But in doing so, the Urban Institute asked in January this question: why aren’t more manufactured homes being built?

The Urban Institute report merits a separate look, which we plan in the near future.  But curious readers and researchers can check out the analysis published on our sister site, MHProNews, found at the end of this article, and  linked as a related report.

Several researchers and mainstream media have begun using a phrase MHLivingNews first shared in 2016.  It’s this. “The Solution to the Affordable Housing Crisis is Hiding in Plain Sight.”  It features an interview with a prior administrator of the HUD Code manufactured housing program.

“The Solution to the Affordable Housing Crisis is Hiding in Plain Sight”

Senator Tillis, and Secretary Carson are only the most recent professionals to spotlight that reality. No one video, no single set of verbal or written commentary is going to perfectly cover every question or issue.

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realize that the trailer houses built 70 years ago, evolved into the mobile homes built over 40 or more years ago, which evolved into the manufactured homes of today that Dr. Carson called “amazing.”

Trailer houses built 70 years ago, evolved into the mobile homes built over 40 to some 60 years ago. Since June 15, 1976, there have been no mobile homes built in the U.S. The fourth photo above is a modern manufactured home, which HUD Secretary Carson’s agency regulates for quality and safety. Dr. Carson called them “amazing.

The points made in this third video also complement the first two.  Americans must realize there are ‘entry level’ manufactured homes being built today, that serve a necessary purpose for the millions who could never afford a conventional house.  There are also residential style manufactured homes, which are like that that Dr. Carson described – you often can’t tell the difference between them and site-built homes.

Yet they are half the price of conventional construction, per U.S. Census Bureau statistics.

Home seekers don’t have to wait for Congress, local, state or federal officials, or some big media blitz to tap into the solution for the affordable housing crisis.

The solution to quality, appealing, affordable homes are as available as the closest, reputable manufactured home retail operation.  One of those award winning operations that we’ve interviewed is posted in the video above.

In our expert experience, there are many honest retailers with a good track record of satisfaction. Better Business Bureau reviews are just one of the ways we’ve encouraged readers to do their homework, to make sure they’re doing business with a good, solid company.

There are solid reasons why the rich, famous, and frugal millionaires – and reportedly a few billionaires – own a manufactured home of their own.

If it’s good enough for those who can buy anything that they might want to live in, shouldn’t it be good enough for you or me too?

Our family has lived in several manufactured homes over the years. I’ve personally owned 4. Three of the four, when sold, netted a profit.  I think that’s enough said for today, don’t you? ## (News, interviews, commentary and analysis.)

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