How can Manufactured Homes Cost Less, but still be Stronger?

Many people naturally ask the question, how can a manufactured home cost less and yet still be stronger than conventional housing using on-site construction?

In less than a minute, the video above shows and answers that question.

Dramatic visual proof that factory building is stronger, not weaker, than conventional building is found on the page linked below.

The video that follows is one we found online. It is an interview being done with a man who had a home factory built. The home buyer clearly says he saved $100,000 versus building the same home conventionally and that he loves his new home.

There are many types of factory building, as we explained in a previous story linked here that also explains how older homes can be updated.

From modest homes to magnificent mansions, millions of Americans are living better because they live in quality homes built in a factory that cost them less than other older types of housing construction. Please check back as we add more videos to this information series. ##

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