Achieving the American Dream, with Quality, Appealing, Affordable Home Ownership

Holidays and memorials exist for many reasons. Reflection and recreation are among them.


The 4th of July is known as Independence Day in the USA. Why? What does it mean to be independent?

What did America’s founders want to be free from?

These are worthy questions for reflection and discussion on any day, including holidays.

Political, and economic freedom are influenced by housing for centuries.

Discuss this with your family and friends. Are those who live a subsidized housing, or are those who rent, as free as a homeowner?

Freedom includes the ability to choose.

Sterling Estates, Justice IL. Photo by MHLivingNews.

But shouldn’t choices be grounded in reality?  Choices should also be ethical and just. Are those who trust something demonstrably false as free as those who have accurate knowledge, and are willing to act upon those insights? Aren’t those who earn their keep entitled to enjoy the fruits of their labors?

The ideal of freedom is unseen. But Freedom – or a lack of freedom – are as real as what we can touch. The very notion of Freedom is a thought. You can’t touch thoughts, like you can a physical object.  Love, freedom, God – these are all among the non-physical. The soul that animates the human body isn’t physical.




The word ‘rebel’ can have a negative connotation to some, but the founders of America were all rebels willing to sacrifice for a just cause.

ironwood-justice-il--sterling-estates-kitchen2-manufactured-home-living-news-2-9When a political or social structure isn’t performing for the benefit of the many, it begs for re-evaluation and change. Who says? Those men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

The basics of life have been described as food, clothing, transportation and shelter. Those who grasp that life is more than the body would add that faith, family, friendships, and the quest for freedom are also necessary.

Manufactured homes arguably enhances the freedom of millions of Americans. Some industry professionals have used or pondered names like Liberty Homes, Freedom Homes, American Homes, Independence Homes, or uplifting names like Sunshine Homes to describe or brand  modern manufactured homes.

It’s a fact. Manufactured Homes can be one, two or even three levels (counting a basement). They are about half the cost of conventional housing. They are built to strict federal safety, energy, and quality standards. The U.S. Census Bureau says they are about half the cost of a conventional house in the same market.

The American Dream is about freedom, and a home that’s a family’s “castle” is part of the dream.

Property earned and protected by a Republic that’s governed by equitable laws are vital for a just and prosperous society. Equal opportunity and justice does not mean equal outcomes.

So long as our nation’s people can

  • freely earn whatever’s needed,
  • have the security of a good home they can call their own,
  • and can enjoy the fruits of their labors in peace,
  • America will be a beacon of inspiration for other nations.

The patriotic video posted below includes some images of manufactured homes.  Can you spot them?


Manufactured homes, and the mobile homes built before the HUD Code went into effect on June 15, 1976, have been an important part of the American Dream.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFBP) have both said that manufactured homes are lower in cost than even rent in most markets. HUD Secretary Ben Carson, who’s agency overseas the primary regulation of manufactured housing, recently praised today’s manufactured homes as “amazing” during Congressional testimony. Today’s manufactured homes can be thousands of square feet in size or as modest as 320 square feet, and all sizes in between. 

Who says?

People like President Gerald Ford are among those leaders who praised this industry by name, and said that it will always be necessary and useful for millions.

The 22 million who call a pre-HUD Code mobile home, or a post-HUD Code manufactured home as their home are proof that people of all age, economic, or social groups can enjoy an affordable, quality living in a home that fits their needs and budget.

Our family, like others, has owned and lived in conventional housing and several manufactured homes. Want freedom? ##

From our family to yours, happy Independence Day.  Left to right, Soheyla Kovach (pronounced “SoHeyLa” and “CoVatch” like a Watch with a V), left. Tamas (pronounced TahMash) Kovach, center. L. A. “Tony” Kovach, right. Photo by 83 Degrees media, see their story on our operation at this link here.

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