Celebrate National Home Ownership Month, with 26 Cool Prefab Cribs, a $1 Billion Dollar Hybrid Mansion, 4 Fun Videos

It’s National Home Ownership Month, and today we’ll celebrate it by sharing some videos that includes a sneak peak into a 27 story custom hybrid palace, that is home to one of the world’s richest men.


The private residence known as Antilia, was built by tycoon Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani for his family of four. Wikipedia says “Ambani is an Indian business magnate who is the chairman, managing director and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited, a Fortune Global 500 company and India’s most valuable company by market value.”

Forbes placed Ambani’s net worth at $40.6 billion USD (2018).

Construction this tall are routinely built using hybrid methods, which could be a mix of prefabricated elements, craned into place, with lavish custom features completed on site.


Speaking of lavish…

June is also the month of Flag Day, June 14.  That happens to be the day President Donald J Trump and myself were both born, although the president had a few years head start. Happy birthday, Mr. President!


The president’s personal residence, the Ambani home, and 8 others are in this next video. We’re not saying that prefab or modular building had anything to do with these impressive homes. But they are ten cool cribs for rich and famous people.

Then, there’s a quick, 5-minute tour of 26 different prefab homes. Notice the different styles and sizes? Who said prefab homes can’t have style?  By the way, as a related resource link at the end will show, the president’s family business has an interest in a world-famous elite prefab home builder.

Finally, there’s this video of people that span age and demographic groups, all of whom own factory-built homes too. In this next case, there are several different manufactured homes. See why one owner rebuked me.  Or why a veterinarian and single mom moved beyond the unjust ‘trailer house’ stigma to enjoying her own beautiful new manufactured home.  You’ll see the pride in each homeowner.

Each home owner tells a fast-paced, personal story. Those stories help highlight why manufactured homes are a smart option that could make millions of people potential home owners.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson recently said in Senate testimony that today’s manufactured homes are “amazing!” He’s right.  There are rich and frugal millionaires and billionaires who’ve picked manufactured homes as their own.

Enjoy, and do your part to spread the word by sharing how these stories on MHLivingNews celebrate how modern homes can be built in a factory, save time, money, are greener, routinely cost less to maintain, plus are safer and stronger by design.

That’s just the facts about factory-crafted home building. Wow! ##  (Lifestyle news, modular, prefab and manufactured home living news.  All third party images, content, are provided under fair use guidelines.)

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