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Letter to President Trump on Race, Billionaires, Economic Injustice, Affordable Housing, Manufactured Homes, and Advancing the American Dream

President Donald J. Trump,

It is clear that the mention of your name causes rapid division between people of good will. You have strong supporters and strident opposition.

What those who seek the truth should wonder, what is real, false, or somewhere in between?

Where do you as president and a candidate for reelection stand on the authentic issues of the day?

What will be done for small business and job opportunities?

What will be done about wealthy inequality, the impact of international trade and relations, or the apparently growing power and wealth of the super-rich?

What will be done for affordable housing, contemporary manufactured homes, and to advance the American Dream for people of all backgrounds?

Rephrased, do you stand for the everyday people of our nation or do you stand with those who you said yourself in the 2016 campaign have rigged the system in their own favor?

Before going deeper, as a disclosure, we have worked with people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and political affiliations. I am an independent as is my wife, Soheyla Kovach. Soheyla was born in Tehran, Iran. She received her medical education in Europe. My wife’s father was a successful builder before he passed away. We have a son about the same as age Barron, but he isn’t nearly as tall as your young man. I was the first in my parental family born here in the U.S. Dr. Francis J. and Elizabeth Kovach my parents. They were well educated people of faith who believed in civil rights before it became popular. They were Kennedy Democrats who later became Reagan Republicans. My siblings run the gamut, one of whom strongly opposes you.

In our home, we watched every Democratic debate and we have watched numbers of your rallies and talks over the years. We get news from sources across the left-right divide. We have contacts across the country and also get word directly from people living in Iran.

That said, it seems to me that every adult is known in part not by words only, but instead by their deeds. People are known by what supporters and detractors have to say. In fairness, we have those who jeer us or cheer us on too.

Independent journalist Sharyl Attkisson has advised that in this era of “fake news” that one should “Check your facts” and “Follow the money.”

That savvy advice from Attkisson we seek to do, day by day, as we report on issues impacting our profession, residents, and home seekers that bring millions of visits annually here to MHLivingNews and to our MHProNews sister-site.



About Presidential Tweets and Comments

To be candid, we understand those who think you or your tweets to be at various times controversial, caustic, and combative.

I also get why with a largely hostile media and the “deep state” opposition that includes members of your own party may cause you to feel that it is useful or necessary for you to do what you do.

It seems to me that many Americans get it wrong, but it is understandable why. There are so many sources of what amounts to propaganda. It is easy to see why some believe the subtle mix of truth, half-truth and falsehoods that are woven together that benefits those who speak it and those who pay them, to speak it.

My wife’s family lived through a revolution in their country. My parents lived under the Nazis for a time. They told me that they knew they were getting propaganda, but it wasn’t until after World War II that they realized how much propaganda they were being fed. They were Christians who helped feed hungry Jews during the war. They lived in the shadows of the old Soviet Union, so they understood socialism and communism from close up.

You recently said, it is going to get worse before it gets better. That is arguably true.

Let me recap a few of the things you argued in the 2016 election cycle.

  • You have said for years, long before announcing your run, that the trade deals that they U.S. was in were bad for the interests of American businesses, workers, and taxpayers.
  • You argued that open borders undermined those who were already here legally.
  • Not unlike some on the left, you said that allowing international-minded American based-businesses to leave the U.S. to manufacturer elsewhere without consequences was unjust.
  • You said that American leaders from both major parties let Americans down in the Middle Eastern wars and in the struggle for fair trade with China or other countries.
  • You didn’t pull punches. You named names in both major parties like Presidents George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama. No wonder you have had strident opponents from both the Democratic and Republican parties.
  • You said you would bring manufacturing and investments back to the United States.
  • You promised jobs, jobs, jobs.
  • You pledged to stop the practices that had bled Americans dry of the wealth that was rightfully that of the middle and working classes.
  • You promised to help people of all backgrounds and made specific pleas to Black, Hispanic and minority voters.
  • You took strong stances against nations that harbor radical Muslims, for the safety of our nation’s citizens.
  • You promised to uphold the law and protect Americans from threats foreign and domestic.

There is more, but that is a reasonable summary. Perhaps my favorite part of one of your 2016 speeches that you gave shortly before the election was the one in the video posted further below.

Now, let’s see what your opponents say.

  • Your opponents call you a racist.
  • Most of the top billionaires oppose you strongly.
  • Much, but not all, of the mainstream media opposes you. They often happen to have ties to those same billionaires and their conglomerate corporate interests.
  • Those who follow the news, as we do, realize that the allegations of collusion by your campaign with Russia came up with some process crimes or unrelated charges to the 2016 campaign. But not one American was charged with something that the investigation set out to prove. After tens of millions spent investigation and over a million documents reviewed about you and your campaign, the open minded should wonder why was there so much smoke but no hard evidence against you or your campaign? By contrast, why are those in the FBI who pushed that effort now facing the possibility of criminal charges themselves?

My dad was a philosopher who taught us to use reason and think objectively. My mother was educated and read and told her family about people like Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals.

I asked an anti-Trump former Republican we know three questions via email recently. The following are the actual questions and his reply.


“Q1) Have you or your wife ever been wrong about something? [I know I have…]

Of course.

Q2) Have you or your wife ever been wrong about something you were previously convinced you were correct about? [Millions for centuries believed in a flat earth…they were wrong.]

Of course.

Q3) Agree or disagree as it fits you. Donald Trump and/or his supporters is/are responsible for all of the ills and turmoils that have occurred in America since his 2015 announcement that he would run for the presidency.

Of course not.

Please stop trying to proselytize me.”


I have no idea if he and his wife will come around or not. But gaslighting is real and the silent majority need to engage with those who don’t see things clearly. The persuadable voters will decide the election and the future of our country for decades to come.

I should add that I studied history for years besides my career in business and over a decade in publishing. I earned awards in history and strive to look at the past not just what someone is saying at the moment. While I’m not a psychologist or sociologist, I have read about the various methods that are used to manipulate people. One of those manipulation methods that I will return to shortly is the Big Lie.


Mr. President, it is my contention that if you are a racist, you are a miserable failure at it.

You have far too many Black, Hispanic, and other minority leaders who stand strongly by your side. By contrast, those who claim they love minorities have often for decades run the cities and states that are precisely where redlining and other problematic activities have for too long occurred.

Furthermore, prior to the global COVID19 pandemic, minorities, or all working- and middle-class Americans of whatever background were gaining in personal income at a more rapid rate than your Democratic or Republican predecessors.  Who says? Both CNN and Fox News reported data.





Next, it seems pretty coincidental that the people that point the finger of blame in your direction have three fingers pointing back at themselves. If you’ve ever said the N word, so to has your opponent and other Democrats. It wasn’t Democrats who passed the voting rights act, it was Republicans who did that job.




Where Republicans Have Missed and Hit

As a professional, I think the Republican Party has done a poor job of marketing their track record.  First, prior to your administration, they were wrong to be for unfair trade, often missed on immigration, and other stances with foreign countries that hurt American workers. The GOP was also wrong to be led into the wars in the Middle East.

That said – all of which you personally opposed – in terms of the human rights for people of all backgrounds, it was Republicans who led the charge for equality for all Americans for well over a century, starting with Abraham Lincoln and the abolitionist movement.

The GOP also fought for women’s right to vote. While you have touched on these things they still need to break through. That means that as a brander, your campaign and your surrogates should hit hard on.


Promarket says the following about the GOP platform on trade in 1892.

We believe that all articles which cannot be produced in the United States, except luxuries, should be admitted free of duty, and that on all imports coming into competition with the products of American labor, there should be levied duties equal to the difference between wages abroad and at home.”

That is far more reasonable trade policy. It is also similar to what you as president have been doing in recent years.

The same source said that it was in “1900 that the Republicans mentioned competition in a domestic sense:

Republican platform, 1900 (William McKinley v. William Jennings Bryan):

“…we condemn all conspiracies and combinations intended to restrict business, to create monopolies, to limit production, or to control prices; and favor such legislation as will effectively restrain and prevent all such abuses, protect and promote competition and secure the rights of producers, laborers, and all who are engaged in industry and commerce.”




We could go deeper into history, but it seems to me that what your policies and programs has been doing builds upon several key concepts that the Republican party of old was known for; and that despite what your presumptive opponent Joe Biden’s comments about racism, it is the Democratic Party that is the party of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), Jim Crow laws, that fought to keep slavery, and that had eugenicists like Margret Sanger who even Planned Parenthood is now admitting was a racist.

Breaking up the monopolizers, leveling the field between the smaller businesses and the giants who use cheap imported labor as often as they can, these are things your campaign should hit harder.

Mr. President, with all due respect, I think you should consider the following – which are all quite in keeping with what you’ve been advocating and working for since you began your race in 2015.


  • Make the Democrats defend their history of racism.
  • Make the Democrats defend their ties to the billionaires that have rigged the system and own much of the mainstream media and digital information or social media platforms.
  • Inform voters on the importance of antitrust law and push that hard.
  • Inform voters how billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, and others have used nonprofits to shelter their wealth while building their respective “moats.”
  • Inform voters how Democratic claims of “wealth redistributionnever occur.
  • Remind voters that there “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” (TANSTAAFL). Someone always pays. Those Democrats who promote socialistic style policies actually end up protecting the wealth of their billionaire backers while harming smaller businesses and thus the workers that they employ.
  • Because of robotics and high tech, the world of the future could tip into the hands of these new Robber Barons that are recreating the old so-called Gilded Age.
  • There are clear money trails between several of these tech and other billionaires and Black Lives Matter (BLM) nonprofit organization and Antifa that is causing so much trouble in the cities that makes living for minorities and others more difficult. Of course, black lives matter, but the BLM nonprofit leaders have said that they are trained Marxists.


Put differently, there are numbers of Democrats who are into the manipulative techniques of deception and misdirection. They are into the Big Lie. They often point the finger of blame for things that they themselves are guilty of doing.

You’ve convinced millions that there is fake news. The new message should be that repeating the Big Lie of deception and misdirection over and over makes it sound believable, even when their billionaire backed leftist claims are demonstrably false.

None of this means that every Democrat is bad or evil. But it does mean that voters have to look carefully at the history of each candidate and the history of that political party. We have professionally been bipartisan and pragmatic in working with all sides.

Not all of the top billionaires are Democrats, but most tend to be. Please have your campaign hit that hard and often.

The left whine about the system being rigged too. But what they deceptively don’t say is that they are in many cases the ones who rigged the system.

Please make it clear that getting rich honestly is fine. But getting rich dishonestly by rigging the system is not okay. That you will use the lawful powers of the federal government to bring those who have fomented civil unrest to justice.

Finally, it is disgusting to me that some Democrats are de facto taking the side of Communist China and people like Bill Gates, George Soros, and other leftist billionaires over their own citizens and national interest.

All of this is very much in keeping with what you said in your 2016 campaign and your efforts of roughly the past 3½ years.


  • You’ve done more for the smaller businesses and the working people than any president in decades.
  • You’ve kept your promises to protect seniors and their retirement benefits.
  • You passed criminal justice reform, made reform of the VA, started the wall and so many other campaign promises – despite fierce opposition.

Facts, facts, facts Mr. President. I’m not saying anything that you don’t already know. But your advisors need to know that some of us out here get it too. As you said, Republicans need to learn how to fight for what’s right.

You, your supporters, and your surrogates need to hammer away at these themes. Punch back when you need to, but make those routine appeals to Democratic, independent, Republican voters who are tired of the rigged system and the deep state swamp of Washington, D.C.

Last but not least, two things. You have all but said that you were blindsided by the Chinese and people in our own government in the Wuhan Virus matter. You are hardly alone. It has impacted every nation on earth. It is entirely human and prudent to say so plainly. That takes away Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schmuer, and former VP Joe Biden’s talking points and turns it on its head. Because the money trail and evidence lead back to the same suspects that are opposed to you at every turn.




Finally, you’ve never said that you are a saint. Your wife and fine family stood by you. People of faith have too. I think you will move hearts that move minds by saying that of course there are things that you might have done differently in hindsight. That is true for everyone.

But what you would not do differently is stand up for Americans and the path of affordable home ownership and the building blocks of small business that make the American Dream possible.

You’ve said much of this already and so has your campaign. But the message must be refocused to create the bright line distinction between phony socialists backed by billionaires that hate your guts because they are afraid you will break up their rigged system.

In some ways it is the 99.5% vs. the .5%. But that ½ percent has millions buffaloed into thinking that Democrats will save them. If so, why didn’t that happen during the Obama-Biden years?

The Good Book says that the truth will set us free. No need for hyperbole, sir. Just hammer away at the facts.

Faith, flag, family, freedom, and opportunity are the American Way. These are all traditional topics based on law and order. You are already a law and order guy.  No one is likely to win more than 51 percent or so of the popular vote, if that.  But you could win a historic landslide in the electoral college if your team hammers away at your strengths vs. decades of your opponents weaknesses.

My hope and prayer Mr. President is that you will win re-election by doing these things. Make the path to affordable home ownership possible for many, because home ownership is the most proven path to personal wealth creation, as HUD Secretary Carson has said many times.




You and Vice President Mike Pence have made a fine team. Kindly keep fighting the good fight.

Thank you for considering these thoughts. If you win re-election, please make it possible for our family to be there for your second inauguration, on behalf of the 22 million who live in affordable manufactured homes. Thanks too for your efforts on behalf of our industry, and kindly have your people look into the ways that the system has been rigged in our industry. If you do so, I predict you will win by a landslide.


L. A. “Tony” Kovach







Still from video, posted on the linked page. https://www.manufacturedhomelivingnews.com/we-as-a-nation-can-solve-the-affordable-housing-crisis-says-secretary-ben-carson-spotlighting-manufactured-homes-other-emerging-housing-technologies/


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On 12.3.2019, following the FHFA Listening Session address and meeting, father and son hit the Hill to do various meetings with those on both sides of the political aisle. While everyone was friendly and professional, Congressman Green’s team was outstanding. This photo op was thoughtfully offered to take a picture of Tamas Kovach behind the desk of Congressman Al Green (TX-D). One of several fun photos.

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By L.A. “Tony” Kovach – for MHLivingNews.com.

Tony earned a journalism scholarship and earned numerous awards in history and in manufactured housing. For example, he earned the prestigious Lottinville Award in history from the University of Oklahoma, where he studied history and business management. He’s a managing member and co-founder of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and MHLivingNews.com. This article reflects the LLC’s and/or the writer’s position, and may or may not reflect the views of sponsors or supporters.

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