Manufactured Housing – Greener Savings by Design – Earth Day Opportunities Missed?

While not all media outlets acknowledge the debate in the same way, there is a dispute about the effect on climate from so-called greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) as to how much that may impact the climate in possibly harmful ways.


That said, where there is strong consensus is that energy efficiency, clean air, and clean water simply makes good sense to pursue. Common-sense steps have and can be taken to preserve the environment.  That’s a largely non-partisan point, in as much as members of both major parties, independents – and others who are not particularly politically motivated -naturally prefer a healthier nation obtained through clean air, water, and greener home building.

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) Executive Director Steven Nadel sent a message today to Manufactured Home Living News.  ACEEE are strong believers that “our planet is threatened by a changing climate. Energy efficiency is a critical tool for addressing this threat…”

They also said that “Energy Efficiency is Great News for Earth Day.”  That’s specific point is one that virtually everyone could agree with.


StevenNadelACEEEExecutiveDirectorPhotoManufacturedHomeLivingNewsIn their statement, Nadel noted that:

  • The International Energy Agency assumes that energy efficiency is the largest contributor to reaching the Paris climate targets, with 44% of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions coming from efficiency.
  • A recent NRDC study found that energy efficiency could reduce US energy demand by 40%, which would make a significant contribution to reducing GHG pollution by at least 80% by 2050.

California is a state where mandated energy efficiency is housing, unless changed, will take effect in 2020.  Again, these quotes or points aren’t posted to take sides in the climate debate, but rather to spotlight various perspectives on the merits of energy savings.

That said, the ACEEE messages sparked this question.  What has the manufactured housing industry’s ‘leaders’ done this year to promote how green manufactured homes are?  We did an online search to answer that question.

The answer?

Sadly, not much.  See the screen capture done today shortly before noon Eastern, below.


We searched for non-news articles too. There were posts from years past, but none were dated today. If so, that’s an ‘Ouch,’ an opportunity missed.  So, let’s try to make up for it here on MHLivingNews.


Manufactured Homes and the Environment

in the various video clips shown below are from home owners and professionals talking about their various insights and perspectives. One of the points made by is by millennial and manufactured home owner Lindsey Bostick.  She stressed how green manufactured homes today are.  Bostick wanted a greener home, because she is among those who are environmentally concerned. She also wanted the most home for the money, because it was her money being used to buy and maintain the home.



Properly designed homes can be greener, while saving money in a significant fashion.

Building indoors yields more quality and material control than building outside does. A common statistic used by a HUD Code manufactured home producer is that material costs are reduced by some 30 percent due to less waste or theft, plus easier and more recycling of unused materials.

A HUD Code builder emailed today to make these points on labor savings too. “30% versus say 13% labor” comparing conventional building vs. manufactured homes, which means a “17% advantage on like size homes.”

Labor is a funny thing…You cannot see it, but if you pay less because of it then you get more value… what you spend for your money on items you see such as carpet, cabinets, windows etc.,” said that senior manager.

No rain, sleet or snow falls on the construction process,” adding: “Homes are inspected… on the production line…by outside third party as well as company employed inside inspectors.” Further, the manufactured home Industry buys by the truck and train load of materials… not hardware store runs. No theft on work sites either…It happens.”

If there is a hint of pride in that executive’s statement that follows, it ought to be respected.  “Our industry is the best kept secret for what we do.”  The photo below is from a different production center than the source providing the quotes shown.  Energy savings is a widely desired goal, not just for this or that company.


The insulation seen in the walls of the home under construction behind Dennis Raper are formaldehyde free. 2″x6″ exterior walls, brimming with insulation, are among features we found in touring the Sunshine Homes production facility in Red Bay, AL. It is one of several production centers MHLivingNews has toured over the years.


Back to Energy Savings

Manufactured homes are routinely built ‘tighter’ than the same-sized conventional single-family housing unit. A manufactured home must also withstand the rigors of movement down a highway at ‘interstate’ speeds of some 60 miles per hour.  Most states don’t ask for transported manufactured homes to pull off the road unless wind speeds make transportation a possible hazard to others.  Thus, each manufactured home goes through straight-winds roughly equal to that of an EFO or EF 1 tornado.

Put differently, HUD Code manufactured homes are also much stronger than most realize. But let’s pivot back to energy.

An article linked below was written by Harold D. Hunt, Ph.D., with the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.  In it, he outlines his research findings on the energy efficiency of modern manufactured homes. To make the point that today’s HUD Code manufactured homes are different than the mobile homes of yesteryear, he titled it with the clever phrase, “Not Your Grandfather’s Trailer House.”  Hunt addressed at length points about Energy Star and other greener-by-design topics.



The point is that manufactured homes may cost 50 percent less per square foot to buy.  They are stronger, more durable – and yes – this form of single-amily home building is greener too.

Don’t forget.  If you are shopping for a manufactured home and/or a land-lease community to live in, do your home work on that specific company and location. As a flashback to remind Americans that most Americans who live in a manufactured home love their home and community, the video below is an apt reminder from clearly successful people.



So, on Earth Day, celebrate the value and how much greener modern manufactured home construction is. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (Lifestyle news, commentary, and analysis.


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